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Time to rock onscreen: Rock On Music Video Competition screening is TONIGHT

August 17, 2009

rockonmusicvideocompIf you stopped paying attention to MTV about the time it traded Simon Rex for Carson Daly (a Stihl-to-Craftsman upgrade in the world of tooldom), let the music video medium suck you back in tonight. Moxie Cinema is screening the competing videos in the Rock On Music Video Competition, where local filmmakers teamed up with local bands to produce videos for songs. It’s the last chance to catch the videos on Moxie’s big screen and it starts at 7 p.m. Also worth noting: One representative from each video team is required by rule to be at the screenings, so if you like what you see you’ll be able to tell them in person. With videos made for Bender, The Black Raven Creative, Defected, The Love Breakers, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, STRIP and Worba, there should be an enticing variety of videos to see. Tickets for this and all of Moxie’s other Monday shows are $6. Consider it the music video artform’s “hello again,” with the added incentive of featuring bands you’ve supported in your music scene… and with no VJs anywhere in sight.

The Show Report, 8/3: Primer 55, yo

August 3, 2009

Tonight Ozarks Live Productions brings Primer 55 and its unusual mix of rock, punk and hip hop to The Outland Ballroom with openers Extreme Hate Frequency, Six Shots Till Dawn and Fiera. Been a minute since you’re heard news from Primer 55? The band has reportedly been hard at work on a new album since January, tentatively titled The New American Gangsters, which does not have an official release date yet. Fans don’t need to wait to hear new tunes, though, as the band has posted three tracks from the upcoming album (which may or may not keep that working title) on its MySpace page: “Picture Frame,” “Flexin” and “You Can’t F*** With Me.” The last is an interesting sample/reworking of the guitar riff from Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”–not the first (or best) application we’ve heard, but solid and played on their own instruments, which should count for some bonus points. It should rock the house live, though, and that’s exactly what we’re anticipating tonight.

Also on your live music horizon:

* BringYourGreenHat at Ebbets Field

* Shawn Eckels and Marcus Chatman at Coyote’s Adobe Cafe

* Trash Angels at Dennis’ Place

* Sylabol7 DJs at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

The Show Report, 7/20: Another busy… Monday?!

July 20, 2009

That’s right, it’s Monday and you’re getting another Show Report. The Summer of the Show rolls on with concerts of both the one-night-only and weekly variety awaiting at the end of the day. You just have to make it through a day of work (ugh) to get to them. Consider these the carrot on a stick:


The Show Report, 7/13: Do you want to destroy my sweater?

July 13, 2009

surfwax_bandAlright, so they’re not playing “The Sweater Song”–at least, it’s not on their list–but Surf Wax America, the Weezer tribute band made up of Ilijah‘s Ryan Spilken, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin‘s Philip Dickey and Jonathan James, Josh Donelson from Jazzercise and solo artist Grace Bentley, will evoke memories of many other Weezer classics tonight at The Outland, paired with Our Cat Philip from Columbus, Ohio. If Rivers Cuomo knew it was going on, he would play with his mustache in approval… we think. Meanwhile, it’s Monday in the Localmusicverse, which means you can see these shows as well:


The Show Report, 7/6: Meet the other bookend. You’d better hold up.

July 6, 2009

MCMB11x17copy-2If you’re anything like us, you needed a moment or twenty to recover from Friday night’s terrific Drop Dead, Gorgeous/He Is Legend/Iseah blowout at The Outland Ballroom. Normally, having a weekend to recover would be fine; instead, this was July 4th weekend, and anyone who partook in a little explosion-filled patriotism Saturday was dragging a** yesterday and today. You’re just hours away from your next Forever Endeavor Productions-fueled wakeup call: Mychildren Mybride, What’s Left Undone, Cast Them Out and Beneath the Empire invade the Ballroom for the other half of FEP’s holiday-weekend concert bookends. MCMB rolls through town fresh from a set at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois two days ago, before joining locals What’s Left Undone, CTO (from Branson–no, really, they have hardcore in Branson) and BTE (Springfield). The show promises to be loaded with brute-force energy in spades, so come ready to throw down. You can sleep afterward… till the weekend, if need be. Okay, maybe not. The show begins early, with doors at 7 p.m. and music starting at 8. That should give you time to see some of the following when it’s over:


The Show Report, 6/1: When JV is NOT a demotion

June 1, 2009

JV All-StarsRemember in high school when coach would tell you were on the JV (aka junior varsity) team and you would watch from the sidelines while the varsity players played in The Big Game and got the glory and the girls/guys? Tonight’s show lineup is nothing like that. It will rock more, hurt less and involve fewer jock douchebags. (We would promise none, but you just never know.) Tonight The Outland Ballroom, which knows nothing of douchebaggery, brings you a JV experience more in its own style: Kansas City’s The JV All-Stars, along with Springfield Scene vets Benefit of a Doubt and The Magnificents! This is just Night One of your punk-ska double-shot, as more follows tomorrow night at Lindberg’s, but we’ll tell you more about that later. Tonight be prepared to leap about the Ballroom with aplomb. It all gets rolling extra early, with doors opening around 7 p.m.

There is more than this to your Monday, as you may–or may not–imagine. The first weeknight is enjoying a rejuvenation of sorts, and we’ll outline what’s up after the break. Read and attend… and party like a varsity star.


Spike up your Monday: JV All-Stars coming to The Outland Monday

May 28, 2009


Summer is officially here–we know by the lack of college students milling about–and in past years that has meant more open spaces left on concert calendars. Not so this year, apparently. Not only are show promoters giving Springfield’s most fervent show followers what they want, local clubs are taking initiative as well. The Outland throws its hat into that ring this Monday night–a loud-colored, possibly meta-studded hat. The rock club, which usually hosts a weekly trivia game on Monday nights, will play host to Kansas City-based pop-punkers The JV All-Stars, along with The Magnificents! and Benefit of a Doubt. We’re told there is also the possibility of a last-minute fourth act being added to the bill, though nothing is confirmed at this time. Regardless, the show will cost $5 to get in. Who can say no to an opportunity to dance on a Monday?!

Trash it up! Trash Angels at Dennis’ Place every Monday

May 25, 2009


When we went to see Trash Angels at The Daily Pub for a stop on our Forgotten Venues Tour, we noticed a large contingent of Dennis’ Place employees in the room checking out the show, as well. They must have liked what they saw; not only has Trash Angels become a regular in the rotation for Dennis’ Place’s weekly Sunday-night blues concerts, the band will also begin weekly shows every Monday at the bar on West Sunshine Street beginning June 1. This really is just further proof that the guitar-blues group is one of the hardest working acts in the city, with a different place to play almost every night. Seriously, click through and see for yourself.

SHOW REPORT: Your Monday Rock Fix with Rev Theory!

May 18, 2009

revtheorymay18Yup, that’s right, its Monday. Boooooooo! Got a case of the Monday’s like us…here’s all you need to fix that. Rev Theory is returning to Springfield, MO. Tonight, May 18th catch Rev Theory with St. Louis rockers, Cavo, and local openers Pillbox and As of Now. Get there early and be ready to rock all night. This show is ALL AGES. Thanks to Hunt Industries and FM Productions as well. These guys work their tails off to bring the shows to town.

REMINDER: Cities and Years play show 1 of 2 in Springfield tonight

March 23, 2009

cyflierFormer Springfieldians The Visitant formed a new group after the death of Visitant singer Thomas Moore. Granted, the new group isn’t actually local, but you gotta appreciate Springfield boys giving their home city some love. With 50% of Cities and Years originating from here, the band has two homecoming(-ish) shows in the works. The first is tonight at The Outland Ballroom with A Sleepless Legacy and Cast Them Out. Consider it a chance to add some hard-rock pizzazz to the otherwise doldrums-filled early part of the week. Of course, if you miss it–or just want a second chance to rock with the group–the second show comes at Common Ground Sunday night.

I’m a triple-rectified-a** son of a b****. Rec-Tite on my a** and it makes me itch…

March 16, 2009

the-heat-machineIf you know the song and  band the title comes from*, there is only one place you should be tonight: The Outland. Springfield gets a long-awaited ska fix tonight with a show by Lincoln, Nebraska’s The Heat Machine, along with local genre torch carriers The Magnificents! and My Wasted Life. Show starts at the customary 10-10:30 p.m.

For Springfield old-schoolers, this show is a must. Ska and punk shows (along with the ever-present jam bands) were a driving force in the music scene in the early and mid-’90s. Thanks to bands like the ones playing tonight, local ska still lives, too. Time to kick it old school; if we don’t see some skanking at the front of the room tonight, we will be severely disappointed.

* If you don’t, click the link below and enjoy a little vid to get you psyched up!


Keep the Bible out of the mosh pit! Spoken is coming to Sparrows!

December 12, 2008

spoken85x11The latest revelation from Forever Endeavor Productions for the year ahead is a recognized name in the world of Christian hard rock: Spoken–a name that, it bears mentioning, does not describe the band’s sound in any way. (The group leans more toward melodic screamo, in our opinion.) The group comes to Sparrows January 26 with Iliana, The Final Piece and Whats Left Undone.

More details after the jump.