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The Show Report, 6/1: When JV is NOT a demotion

June 1, 2009

JV All-StarsRemember in high school when coach would tell you were on the JV (aka junior varsity) team and you would watch from the sidelines while the varsity players played in The Big Game and got the glory and the girls/guys? Tonight’s show lineup is nothing like that. It will rock more, hurt less and involve fewer jock douchebags. (We would promise none, but you just never know.) Tonight The Outland Ballroom, which knows nothing of douchebaggery, brings you a JV experience more in its own style: Kansas City’s The JV All-Stars, along with Springfield Scene vets Benefit of a Doubt and The Magnificents! This is just Night One of your punk-ska double-shot, as more follows tomorrow night at Lindberg’s, but we’ll tell you more about that later. Tonight be prepared to leap about the Ballroom with aplomb. It all gets rolling extra early, with doors opening around 7 p.m.

There is more than this to your Monday, as you may–or may not–imagine. The first weeknight is enjoying a rejuvenation of sorts, and we’ll outline what’s up after the break. Read and attend… and party like a varsity star.


My Wasted Life back in the studio

May 8, 2009

My Wasted LifeIt’s been under wraps for a while, but My Wasted Life drummer Renton Fallstaff recently mentioned to us that the punk/ska/rock group is in the Close/Far Studio with Jonathan James and Ryan Spilken working on a new record. Details are sparse at the moment, but word is we should see a finished product sometime this summer. A previous attempt to record an album last year never saw the light of day, but according to Fallstaff the band seems much happier with its progress this time around. We eagerly await the results.

Horns… We need… Horns…

April 21, 2009

magnificentsWord comes to us on the heels of an enormously successful show with River City Rebels that local ska group The Magnificents! is seeking to grow its lineup and go on tour. The missing part: horns. The band wants to take its ska sound full-blown and is welcoming auditions for pretty much any brass instrument that fits the mold. Anyone interested should understand first and foremost that the band’s plan is to take its show on the road, and be willing to practice and play with that goal in mind. For more information call James at 816-853-2146.

I’m a triple-rectified-a** son of a b****. Rec-Tite on my a** and it makes me itch…

March 16, 2009

the-heat-machineIf you know the song and  band the title comes from*, there is only one place you should be tonight: The Outland. Springfield gets a long-awaited ska fix tonight with a show by Lincoln, Nebraska’s The Heat Machine, along with local genre torch carriers The Magnificents! and My Wasted Life. Show starts at the customary 10-10:30 p.m.

For Springfield old-schoolers, this show is a must. Ska and punk shows (along with the ever-present jam bands) were a driving force in the music scene in the early and mid-’90s. Thanks to bands like the ones playing tonight, local ska still lives, too. Time to kick it old school; if we don’t see some skanking at the front of the room tonight, we will be severely disappointed.

* If you don’t, click the link below and enjoy a little vid to get you psyched up!