Surfwax America – A Weezer Tribute on Monday, July 13


surfwax_bandK, so lots of us like Weezer a lot. Why not knock off your weekly case of “The Mondays” with some. Next Monday is your chance. Not only are a bunch of local music vets coming together to do this, but if it goes well, they’ll do it again and again (hopefully). They’ll be playing a few “hits” but this is a show that anyone will like, but the hardcore Weezer fan will love because they’ll be focusing more on “album tracks” (you know, the “not radio hits” on the record that we all love).Details about the band and show…The band started a thread on the MOrawk messageboard letting everyone know what’s up a few days ago. We would have had this up sooner, but we’re hard at work planning the next FourFourFest. Regardless, check out the thread here or check out the highlights below.

  • SWA is Grace Bentley (Grace Bentley), Ryan Spilkan (Ilijah, The North Decade, The Verbs Redux), Josh (Jazzercize), Jonathan James (SSLYBY, Ilijiah and more), and Phillip Dickey (Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Cindy Woolf). Note: the bands listed next to the members are other bands you may know them from, for some—its just a few.
  • “So we’re only doing 10 songs this time. That’s why we’re leaving out all the good ones. If we don’t totally suck we might try to do it again.”
  • “So far we have (not in order of the set, though):Surf Wax America
    Say It Ain’t So
    No One Else
    Buddy Holly
    Tired of Sex
    No Other One

Check the flyer below…


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One Response to “Surfwax America – A Weezer Tribute on Monday, July 13”

  1. The Show Report, 7/13: Do you want to destroy my sweater? « Says:

    […] By thederosh Alright, so they’re not playing “The Sweater Song”–at least, it’s not on their list–but Surf Wax America, the Weezer tribute band made up of Ilijah’s Ryan Spilken, Someone […]

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