The Show Report, 10/15: It’s getting hectic


Ah, it’s good to have The Steve Ewing Band back in town tonight, especially if you’re among the local masses who remember his days fronting St. Louis-based ska-rock group The Urge. Rockin’ it solo-style now, Ewing’s shows haven’t gone down much in intensity (he’s a little older now, of course, but he still bounds around the stage same as always) and he’s even been known to incorporate the local talent into his shows with guest performers plucked from his opening acts. With The Highest Priest and My Wasted Life sharing the bill tonight at The Outland Ballroom, we can’t wait to see what the results might be. Keep an eye out for some surprise collabos and more than a few old faves.

Also playing tonight:

* The Detectives at The Outland

* Ghost Dance, Pico vs. Island Trees and The Kopecky Family Band at Lindberg’s

* Ruby Red Rocket and EWag3 at Nathan P. Murphy’s

* Trash Angels at The Daily Pub

* The Electrics at Tonic Ultralounge

* Gas Pump Talent at Ebbets Field

* Art Bentley at Roadhouse Saloon

* LemonDrop DJs with guest at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

* Travis Linville at Patton Alley Pub

* Allen Ross and Liz Valentine at Dennis’ Place


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