About Us

For the last several years, music in Springfield has been slowly sliding back into its turtle shell. There are fewer places to play and fewer people turning up for the shows that do get put on. But the talent remains in this city as much as ever. What they need, arguably more than ever, is a place to do it. We are that place. The Four/Four is not a venue; it’s a portal to music. Rock, jazz, blues, folk, country, hip hop—it’s all brought to you through shows, news, photos, audio, video… in time you’ll find it all here. Keep your eyes peeled. If you can hear it in Springfield, it lives here.


Chris DeRosier: (email)
I used to cover local music for a local publication. I dedicated an enormous amount of time to it and care very much about it. That’s about as much one needs to read about me on this blog; you came here to read about the bands that play here. That’s what this is for. If you want to learn more about me, come to a show and ask me.


Scott Perket:
I’ve played music for over 15 years and in a number of local and regional bands over the past 9 including Hindrance, Poor Man’s Vision, Music For An Image, and The Horizon is After Us. I play guitar, bass, and drums and can fool around with other stuff until I figure it out. I don’t know why, but I actually give a crap about SpringyDingy’s local music and hope to give it a boost and hopefully get a bunch of other people excited about it too. 

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