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The Show Report, 10/16: I wanna find one face that ain’t lookin’ through me, I wanna find one place, I wanna spit in the face of these…

October 16, 2009

bruce-springsteen-2Tonight brings a show your humble Show Report writer has been anticipating for a long time: An all-star cast of performers, including members of The Eric Weiler Band, The Bootheel, The BoogeyMen and more combine talents in a Bruce Springsteen tribute at Lindberg’s. Why, you ask? It’s National Boss’s Day, and how better to pay tribute to bosses than to pay tribute to “The Boss.” The night will start with a special treat: An all-acoustic set by Eric Weiler (of The Eric Weiler Band) and Todd Balisle (of The Bootheel) playing all of Springsteen’s 1982 album Nebraska. After that, it’s time to pump fists and shout choruses, and you can bet this word-typing goofball will be in on it at some point.

Lots more after the break, too. Get ready to barhop.

(more…) presents: A Tribute to The Pixies Fri., Oct. 16. Wanna Play?

August 5, 2009 present a Pixies tribute present a Pixies tribute

We’ve had that little poll on the right over there ——> for a while now and The Pixies emerged as our glorious winner. We have the date reserved, now…who wants to play. If you want to play email us at and we’ll get you on the list. As of right now the show is October 16 at the Outland Ballroom. If enough bands sign on, we might try to reserve the Outland and/or High Life Live as well. So huurrrryyyy!!!!

The Show Report, 7/13: Do you want to destroy my sweater?

July 13, 2009

surfwax_bandAlright, so they’re not playing “The Sweater Song”–at least, it’s not on their list–but Surf Wax America, the Weezer tribute band made up of Ilijah‘s Ryan Spilken, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin‘s Philip Dickey and Jonathan James, Josh Donelson from Jazzercise and solo artist Grace Bentley, will evoke memories of many other Weezer classics tonight at The Outland, paired with Our Cat Philip from Columbus, Ohio. If Rivers Cuomo knew it was going on, he would play with his mustache in approval… we think. Meanwhile, it’s Monday in the Localmusicverse, which means you can see these shows as well:


Surfwax America – A Weezer Tribute on Monday, July 13

July 8, 2009

surfwax_bandK, so lots of us like Weezer a lot. Why not knock off your weekly case of “The Mondays” with some. Next Monday is your chance. Not only are a bunch of local music vets coming together to do this, but if it goes well, they’ll do it again and again (hopefully). They’ll be playing a few “hits” but this is a show that anyone will like, but the hardcore Weezer fan will love because they’ll be focusing more on “album tracks” (you know, the “not radio hits” on the record that we all love).Details about the band and show… (more…)

IT’S BACK: The Imagine concert returns December 8

June 25, 2009

lennon-john2One of Springfield’s sleeping-giant shows is about to reawaken. After more than a decade of dormancy, the Imagine concert returns to Springfield at the Gillioz Theatre December 8, according to the event’s organizer, local musician Alan Pierson. In years past, Imagine  was a tribute show featuring the music of deceased Beatles singer/songwriter John Lennon. Musicians from throughout the scene came together to play Lennon’s work with The Beatles as well as his solo material every December 8, the anniversary of Lennon’s fatal shooting in New York in 1980. The show, a staple of Springfield music for years, not only returns but unites with another cultural landmark of the city in the Gillioz. All that’s known at this time is the location and date, but more details will be coming in in the months ahead, and we look forward to bringing them to you.

Jimmy Guy Cottengim memorial show scheduled June 28

June 19, 2009

With the passing of James “Jimmy Guy” Cottengim last week local music lost both a biological and metaphorical father figure. In response to Cottengim’s death, and with the goal of raising money for his family, the Blues Society of the Ozarks is organizing a concert in his honor, and it’s bringing out some of local music’s leading lights for it. Read more after the jump.


Layne Lives: “In Chains” tribute coming Saturday

April 14, 2009

layneBelieve it or not, it’s been more than seven years since the death of Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley from a drug overdose in April 2002. Gone but not forgotten, Staley’s music lived on in Springfield through a series of “In Chains” tribute shows held from 2003-05. Organized by Avarice singer Nate White, the tribute show died when Avarice split up following the 2005 concert.

Now it’s back. Alice fans, and anyone else who digs hard rock the way it used to be done, click the link and find out what you’re in for. It’s a killer show.

Mike Ness, this one’s for you

March 10, 2009
"Atom bomb! TNT! New disease! Poor city!" C'mon... ya know it...

"Atom bomb! TNT! New disease! Poor city!" C'mon... ya know it...

As torch carriers for punk rock, we get a little excited when a good punk homage comes together. Remember the Never Mind the Bollocks tribute? Okay, bad example; we weren’t there, but we heard it was awesome. See, the Achilles’ heel of the local punk scene at times is getting word out. Not this time: We’re weeks away–plenty of time–from a tribute to Social Distortion’s Live at the Roxy, a 1998 three-night recording covering material from Mainliner up to White Light, White Heat, White Trash. Nice trip down tattoos-on-the-neck memory lane, eh? Peep the flier and more details after the break.


O Freddie, Where Art Thou

February 2, 2009
All we hear is... radio ga ga...

All we hear is... radio ga ga...

Freddie Mercury died in 1991, but like many of classic rock’s heavyweights, the music of Mercury and his band, Queen, lives on in tribute acts–some even featuring members of the original band. One such act is coming our way, it turns out: (more…)

Huh?! The Schwag tentatively scheduled for Remington’s (not Downtown) on 2/28 on Pollstar

January 23, 2009

Good Lord. Remington’s, once a live-concert hotspot in Springfield with shows such as Shinedown, Willie Nelson and more, faded from the local music scene after Ridgecrest Baptist Church bought it in 2005. Once Baptist-ized, the facility became home to regular youth services and only an occasional secular event. For the first time in a long time (Heaven help us if we can remember when), such a secular event is scheduled: Salem, Missouri-based Grateful Dead tribute band The Schwag, listed by the often-ahead-of-itself Pollstar as performing there February 28. The band’s MySpace page and official band website also confirm the date. Now, we don’t want to insinuate anything–who are we kidding, yes we do–but The Grateful Dead were not exactly paragons of the Christian ideal in their day, and we have a feeling their tribute band may bring some people into the building whom, shall we say, may not be back for Sunday morning service. You know what? Bring it on. This could be fun.

It’s Van Halen, NOT Van Hagar! Fair Warning, the Van Halen tribute returns!

December 5, 2008

One of the Midwest’s BEST and I mean BEST Van Halen cover bands returns tonight (12/5) at The High Life. It’s going to be an 80’s hair, fun, bee-boppin’ crazy jump kickin’ good time.

Don’t believe me? Watch and see what you think. Here’s a video of the band playing “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love:”