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As Of Now moves on (Announces Final Show)

July 16, 2009


Springfield is getting ready to lose another great local act in As Of Now. They’re calling it quits to move on with recent opportunities and have announced a final show. Details…


As Of Now seeks new bassist

June 1, 2009

Picture 2

Local Springfield rockers, As Of Now, are out a bass player. They have plans for one final show with Dennis (current bassist), but are looking for someone to take his place. Details after the jump.


SHOW REPORT: Your Monday Rock Fix with Rev Theory!

May 18, 2009

revtheorymay18Yup, that’s right, its Monday. Boooooooo! Got a case of the Monday’s like us…here’s all you need to fix that. Rev Theory is returning to Springfield, MO. Tonight, May 18th catch Rev Theory with St. Louis rockers, Cavo, and local openers Pillbox and As of Now. Get there early and be ready to rock all night. This show is ALL AGES. Thanks to Hunt Industries and FM Productions as well. These guys work their tails off to bring the shows to town.

Rev Theory returns to Outland Ballroom May 18

April 20, 2009

thefourfourcomLocal production companies have been giving us a steady build-up in the number of popular-touring-band concerts in Springfield recently. While Korn and Girl Talk may be the crescendo–the year is still young, so we’re not holding our breath just yet–the schedule keeps getting better. The latest addition: FM Productions is bringing Rev Theory back to Springfield Monday, May 18 for a show with Cavo, along with locals Pillbox and As Of Now. Yes, two slots for local rock bands, and no slouches either. You can get tickets at all Metrotix outlets in Springfield–Stick It In Your Ear, Kaleidoscope, Vintage Stock, The Shrine Mosque box office and–and the doors will open at 8 p.m.

It’s official: Girl Talk coming to May Day at MSU

April 14, 2009
Girl Talk 


Girl Talk

Ha, and you thought you had to drive to a major city to see one of America’s hottest DJs. You just have to go to campus. We’ll tell you where on campus to be and at what time after the break.

Your battle for Korn contestants are…

April 13, 2009
Contestants, please note: You do NOT get to borrow the mic stand.

Contestants, please note: You do NOT get to borrow the mic stand.


This weekend has been a whirlwind of activity, with Korn confirmed at The Shrine Mosque for May 29 and a battle of the bands settled upon as the means to decide the local opener for the show. We’ve received the final word on the acts that will compete for the big prize, and we have the full list after the break.


Rock Talk (3/29) with As Of Now & The Seed. Acoustic-jam MADNESS!

March 30, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1It’s no secret that we love it when artists come into the studio to play acoustic on Z 106.7’s Rock Talk. Not only that, we’ve been very lucky in having guests give us some really special performances. Last night was no exception, though some fans might find the performances exceptional. We got things rolling with As Of Now playing acoustic–which they do very well for being a loud hard-rock band–and followed it with some extraordinary tracks by The Seed. (Peep their first song, a soulful rendition of “She Chose” from their forthcoming album Big Outside.) Of course, both bands talked about their upcoming shows–The Seed’s April 3 CD release show at the Outland Ballroom with Jam Room and Seedlove and As Of Now’s concert in the same room the following night with Nothing Still, King Thief and Plastic Image–and there was banter by the guys about everything from South By Southwest to Simon’s candidacy for public office. Partake after the break.


It’s a local-music vlog

December 18, 2008

videoiconWe don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there has been a proliferation of videos coming from the local music scene lately. Promo videos for albums, single-song music videos… all covered. Being the fans of eye candy that we are, we’ve stockpiled those we can (sadly, we can’t embed MySpace TV vids) and are passing along the digital-vid goodness on to you. Think of it as FourFourTube. Click through and prepare to vege.


First Ever “FourFourFest” Saturday, November 15. 45 Bands at 9 Venues!

November 3, 2008


We’re throwin’ a party and everyone’s invited! 45 bands at 9 venues…only $10!


Rock Talk w/The Sociables & As of Now (feat. live performances)

October 20, 2008

This week’s episode of rock talk was especially awesome thanks to The Sociables and As of Now performing live in the studio as well as filling us in on all the awesome stuff they’re up to.

Listen in after the jump. (more…)

Q & A with As Of Now

September 22, 2008

For the last few weeks there’s been an unanswered question at Four Four HQ: Who the heck is As Of Now? Their promo material seems to be everywhere we look, and we look in a lot of directions and places. The last time we were this caught off guard by a band’s self-promotion prowess was Greedy Fleet a couple of years ago. Seriously, there are fliers everywhere for these guys and their CD release party coming up Saturday, and we’ve never heard of them so much as putting on a show before. (Apparently they have, however.) Luckily, someone caught wind of such dumbfoundedness and decided to do something about it: none other than local video-taking fave Blondie. Not only did she set up an interview with lead singer Mallory Bailey, she wrote it up and sent it to us. It takes a band known mostly from its two-dimensional promos plastered everywhere and makes it seem, well, real. The full interview follows after the link.