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The Show Report, 9/5: These are not… the greatest songs in the world… NO! These are just…

September 5, 2009

Tonight Lindberg’s puts on not one but two album-related tribute shows, both of which will be immediately familiar to anyone who grew up on classic rock radio. The night kicks off with a run-through of the Credence Clearwater Revival album Cosmo’s Factory, followed by a performance of The Beatles‘ landmark album Let It Be. It’s a night full of tunes many, if not most, people grew up hearing (both albums have been radio institutions since their releases, both in 1970), performed by a collection of Lindberg’s regulars and band members who come together for one night to put on this unusual, but potentially very popular, show.

Also playing tonight:



Reminder: Bluesday at Lindberg’s returns tonight

August 4, 2009

Local blues has been receiving a seemingly unprecedented amount of love lately, with a slew of shows and jam sessions at Dennis’ Place as well as regular events at Nathan P. Murphy’s, Harlow’s, Cartoons Oyster Bar & Grille and more. This evening Lindberg’s rejoins the fray with the latest installment of Bluesday, in which it hosts a Tuesday-evening (7 to 9 p.m.) concert by local blues institution Blue Plate Special on the first Tuesday of every month. Did we mention it last month? No; the memory is a very imperfect thing sometimes, and, well, we’re juggling a lot of balls around here these days. It’s on the front of our minds today, though, as it should be for any blues fan. After the gig Angry Panda takes over with a solo set from 10–1.

What’s old is new again: Trash Angels say goodbye to their bassist… and replace him with their previous one

July 28, 2009

Trash Angels logo“You say goodbye, and I say hello.” When Paul McCartney sang that line he was certainly not referring to Trash Angels–they didn’t exist in 1968, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg–but it seems appropriate given the latest news surrounding the band. The group officially announced last evening that its current bass player, Landon Rolfe, is leaving the group and that Rolfe’s last official show with the band will be Wednesday night at Harlow’s. (He will play with the band for the last time Monday night at Dennis’ Place during the weekly blues jam, but due to that show’s nature the band is not labeling it an “official” gig.) 

In Rolfe’s place steps Eric Guinn beginning Thursday, August 6 at The Daily Pub. Does the name sound familiar? It should; Guinn was the group’s bassist before Rolfe. This being Trash Angels, of course, there is a gig in between Rolfe’s departure and Guinn’s arrival, taking place next Thursday at The Daily Pub. Who will fill that? None other than Speakeasy/Urban Legend bass chameleon Reed Heron in a special one-night-only appearance. Ooooh, the possibilities there…

Because four nights a week isn’t enough: Trash Angels add weekly Sunday-night shows

July 23, 2009

trashangelsgoThere may be no band in the city of Springfield that works as much as Trash Angels does. The local blues and rock group can be seen and heard onstage almost any night of the week, with the exception of a brief respite coming up to record its next album, and even that won’t be a long break. Frankly, they like it that way; guitarist Donnie Ray professes to being most comfortable when performing, and the band is one of the few in town that can make a living exclusively through playing music. So it comes as no great surprise that Trash Angels has added another weekly show to its already-busy schedule (they currently play weekly Monday shows at Dennis’ Place and Thursdays at The Daily Pub, as well as weekend shows at various clubs); the surprise comes in the location: Classics Sports Cafe & Bar inside the Clarion Hotel (3333 S. Glenstone Ave.),where the band will be playing every Sunday night beginning August 2. Rock inside a sports bar/hotel bar? It’s not as far-fetched as one might think; the bar has hosted DJs and poker tournaments in the past, so why not a full-fledged concert? We just hope Donnie Ray doesn’t attempt to play his wireless guitar while making a trip to and from the men’s restroom; the closest one to the bar is down a hallway leading back into the hotel. Then again, maybe we do want him to try it…

The Show Report, 7/21: Don’t Hurt my Sick Puppies!

July 21, 2009

SickPuppiesAdmat_sprng_gs1Tonight it’s FM Productions‘ turn to take the wheel and put on the night’s big show: Hurt, Sick Puppies, Tunnels to Holland and The Veer Union at Remmingtons Downtown. The Shrine Mosque gets quiet show-wise in the summertime–it’s an old building and hard to keep cool–but FM occasionally will put on a show in another spot and keep the ball rolling. It should be rolling quite well tonight–a summertime Tuesday, mind you. No tumbleweeds rolling through town this year, that’s for sure. Be at Remmingtons early for the 7 p.m. door time; there should be a pretty good crowd for this one.

Tonight you’ll also find:

* BIG local hip hop show at The Blue Room at Billiards of Springfield: AcuMen, MC Tommy P of The Spacetones, SincerelyYours, Rhyme University (from Columbia, MO) and Roots Of Mankind. A lot of show for five bucks, eh? Starts at 9 p.m.

* Open Mic Night at The Outland

* Blues Jam at Dennis’ Place

Mo’ Better Blues: Chester Ellis to host GOBF jam sessions at Dennis’ Place

July 14, 2009

The Greater Ozarks Blues Festival is an ever-evolving creature, morphing from parking-lot day show with nighttime pub crawl in the late ’90s and early ’00s to its present-day single-location fest in the Bass Pro Shops parking lot with nighttime jam sessions. This year, the two-day festival September 11 and 12 will become a two-night jam session, with both nights happening at Dennis’ Place on the other (north) side of Sunshine Street and hosted by the bar’s regular Tuesday-night jam session host, Chester Ellis. Mum is the word on which artists might drop by; it’s still two months away, after all. But anyone on the event lineup at least has potential to be fair game. It’s a pretty short trip from stage to bar–not even a block–a fact that hopefully entices more than a few of the touring performers. We’re pretty sure if the likes of Reba Russell and The Cate Brothers take the stage, especially if it’s together, the crowd will come. Who could resist the chance to see elite players of one of music’s most jam-friendly genres at work under one roof?

The art of blues: Underground Blues Division combines CD release party with art show

June 8, 2009
"Cold Heaven," by Kimmy Bess

"Cold Heaven," by Kimmy Bess

We can’t resist a band trying something a little different with its live show, and local blues group Underground Blues Division has found one of the most intriguing approaches we’ve heard of in a while. The band has a new album, Lessons Not Learned, ready for release July 10 at Nathan P. Murphy’s, which naturally necessitates a CD release show. What to do for the occasion? Hmmm… the album has cover art… what about getting the cover artists involved? Indeed, the band has orchestrated the night to start as an art exhibit of the works of Kimmy Bess, whose painting “Cold Heaven” is the album’s cover. (Click here to see more examples of her work.) A look at the gallery linked above will show that her collection actually follows a strong musical theme, so it seems as though her work would be an ideal compliment to a music show. The exhibit begins at 7 p.m., and those who arrive between 7 and 7:30 can skip the $5 cover charge for the show. At 9 p.m. Murphy’s converts back into a music club, with an as-yet-unannounced opening act taking the stage then, followed by Underground Blues Division at 10:30.

Bring a friend to Michelle Malone @ Nathan P. Murphy’s FOR FREE

June 2, 2009

Michelle MaloneMemorial Day weekend is behind us, so regardless of what the calendar says it’s summertime and Nathan P. Murphys’ Hot Rock & Blues summer concert series is in full swing after the Wes Jeans kickoff show May 22. The next installment is this Friday with Moanin’ Michelle Malone–nickname courtesy of blues great Albert King, by the way, and referring to Malone’s singing style–and the club has decided to unleash a special twist for the show. Anyone who shows up at the show this Friday, June 5, and mentions reading this post gets two tickets for the price of one–buy one, get one FREE. This allows you the opportunity to bring A.) a friend, B.) a significant other, or C.) a person you’re actively trying to sleep with to a passionately performed folk-rock artist who has played with ZZ Top, Joan Jett, The Indigo Girls and Johnny Winter, to which we say:

A.) Great.

B.) Awww.

C.) This is an all-ages show. Try not to be lewd in front of the kids.

Remember, you have to mention this post to get the deal. Tickets are $8.50 in advance or at the door–minors, listen up: no surcharge–and doors open at 8 p.m.

Score one for the blues: Bluesdays coming to Lindberg’s

May 29, 2009

We’re calling it The Blues Explosion. First Nathan P. Murphy’s launches a blues-heavy summer concert series, then Dennis’ Place draws on Springfield’s pool of local talent for weekly Sunday-night blues shows, the Trash Angels decide nights off from gigging are for weenies. (Seriously; if you look at their schedule, they don’t even take holidays off.) Lindberg’s is the latest to join the blues fray, and the Commercial-Street club does so with a twist: They’re holding down happy houIts blues band of choice is Blue Plate Special, a familiar name in local circles. The weekly shows begin this Tuesday, June 2, and will start at 6 p.m. They’re calling it “Bluesday;” we’re calling it a welcome sign of a needed trend.

Trash it up! Trash Angels at Dennis’ Place every Monday

May 25, 2009


When we went to see Trash Angels at The Daily Pub for a stop on our Forgotten Venues Tour, we noticed a large contingent of Dennis’ Place employees in the room checking out the show, as well. They must have liked what they saw; not only has Trash Angels become a regular in the rotation for Dennis’ Place’s weekly Sunday-night blues concerts, the band will also begin weekly shows every Monday at the bar on West Sunshine Street beginning June 1. This really is just further proof that the guitar-blues group is one of the hardest working acts in the city, with a different place to play almost every night. Seriously, click through and see for yourself.

Nathan P. Murphy’s revamps sound system and front entrance

May 14, 2009

They can rebuild it. They have the technology… and the know-how… and a hammer, nails, a saw, etc. Local blues and rock club Nathan P. Murphy’s has undergone considerable renovation in the last month, with an all-new Peavey sound system protruding from the stage replacing the older, larger unit there before. More changes were just completed on the other end of the room, as well. The club’s fascia looking out toward Campbell Avenue has been remodeled with a new doorway, windows and paint. Inside, behind and next to the sound board, the floor space has been rebuilt to allow for more tables and chairs. In the near future, the sound person’s booth will be completely redone, too. In all, look for better sound, more seating capacity and a generally more polished look and feel when all the changes are complete. Call it The Six Million Dollar Club… even if the improvements cost way less than that.

Hot Rock ‘n’ Blues concert series coming to Nathan P. Murphy’s

April 17, 2009


nateps_rocknblues09_logoIt’s understood in Springfield that when local colleges let out for the summer the touring acts stop coming through the city. It appears Nathan P. Murphy’s is out to buck that trend, assembling a diverse list of blues and rock acts–many of whom have played the club before–to keep crowds coming in when the weather finally turns hot. We’ve got the full confirmed schedule after the break.


Springfield’s “Greens” Club? Nathan P. Murphy’s to host Earth Day megaparty

April 7, 2009

Nathan P. Murphy’s, which has long referred to itself as “Springfield’s Blues Club,” is about to have a massive case of the “greens.” The club is planning a huge party for Earth Day (April 22), helping people learn how to live “green” while listening to “green” bands. We’ll explain more after you do some clicking below.


Blues Sundays comes to Dennis’ Place

April 6, 2009

Sundays are typically low on options when it comes to seeing live music–good options, but few of them. Dennis’ Place appears to be out to change that; beginning April 19, the bar and pool hall on West Sunshine Street will team up with local blues promoter Monte Lorts to give the city’s blues talent another stage to regularly appear on. Find the schedule for this month and next after the break.


Welcome to the Murphdome: Wes Jeans at Nathan P. Murphy’s TOMORROW NIGHT

February 19, 2009
Wes Jeans, Nathan P. Murphy's, August 1, 2008

Wes Jeans, Nathan P. Murphy's, August 1, 2008

Nathan P. Murphy’s has a rich and ever-so-very long tradition of bringing some of the hottest-playing blues guitarist to its stage. If you’ve been a regular to the bar’s blues shows over the years, you have a pretty good idea of at least some of the names involved: Joe Bonamassa, Tommy Castro, Corey Stevens, Indigenous, Chris Duarte, Walter Trout, just to name a very few… and Wes Jeans.

Why did we mention Wes Jeans separately? Because he’s back tomorrow night. Jeans teams up with opening act Eddie’s Blues Train for an are-you-kidding-me-cheap $10. Doors open at 8 p.m.

The last time Jeans came to town was the kind of show blues music is all about: It rocked, there were chops and feats of showmanship (note Jeans playing with his teeth in the pic above) to spare, and it ended whenever it damn well felt like it, which is to say it often ran two-hours-plus and included a free-for-all jam session with local guitar talent. To say this show jams is an understatement. Be there.