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The Show Report, 7/6: Meet the other bookend. You’d better hold up.

July 6, 2009

MCMB11x17copy-2If you’re anything like us, you needed a moment or twenty to recover from Friday night’s terrific Drop Dead, Gorgeous/He Is Legend/Iseah blowout at The Outland Ballroom. Normally, having a weekend to recover would be fine; instead, this was July 4th weekend, and anyone who partook in a little explosion-filled patriotism Saturday was dragging a** yesterday and today. You’re just hours away from your next Forever Endeavor Productions-fueled wakeup call: Mychildren Mybride, What’s Left Undone, Cast Them Out and Beneath the Empire invade the Ballroom for the other half of FEP’s holiday-weekend concert bookends. MCMB rolls through town fresh from a set at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois two days ago, before joining locals What’s Left Undone, CTO (from Branson–no, really, they have hardcore in Branson) and BTE (Springfield). The show promises to be loaded with brute-force energy in spades, so come ready to throw down. You can sleep afterward… till the weekend, if need be. Okay, maybe not. The show begins early, with doors at 7 p.m. and music starting at 8. That should give you time to see some of the following when it’s over:


I kan haz Cornerstone? Voting on New Band Showcase ends 5/29 (Locals involved!)

May 21, 2009

m_ff3499d79bfbd41b125e4202d1f2588dWith this year’s Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois a little more than a month away–it begins June 29 and ends July 4–announcements and developments are in full swing. While we already know of one local band that will be playing the nation’s largest Christian-rock campfest, don’t think they’re the only ones trying to get there. Four more local rock bands are vying for a spot on the annual Cornerstone New Band Showcase, and your chance to get them on the stage ends a little more than a week from now. Find out who’s contending and how to vote after the break.


The Show Report, 4/27: Hayden will forgive you. We promise.

April 27, 2009

It's called TiVo. You should use it sometime. Like tonight, for example. And stop staring, perv.

It's called TiVo. You should use it sometime. Like tonight, for example. And stop staring, perv.

Dude. DeRosh, it’s the season finale of Heroes. I mean, have you seen the last few episodes?! It’s gonna be epic. I can’t go see shows tonight. What will happen to the Petrelli brothers?!?!

You can’t be serious. There’s music to see, for Pete’s sake! (That’s not a Peter Petrelli pun, by the way. Nor was that meant to be alliteration. Damnit, never mind.)

Not only are there top-shelf weekly performances going on in Springfield tonight, there’s a Forever Endeavor Productions show you’ll want to get to as well, in a venue you may not have been to before and may also want to check out. It’s a night loaded with intrigue, and it has nothing to do with whether or not Matt Parkman can get his act together and help save the world. We’ll tell you all about it–shows, not Heroes–after the break.


Forever Endeavor show rundown: Parkway Drive, Copeland, The Chariot, Beep Beep, Cities and Years, Oh Sleeper, & Forever The Sickest Kids

March 11, 2009


Longest title EVER!…but it had to be said. Great f***ing work Forever Endeavor! Mad props for all the shows you’ve got coming up in the near future. Check out the full schedule after the jump…