The Forgotten Venues Tour, Stop 3: The Daily Pub

The Forgotten Venues Tour Bus! Okay, not really. Damn this budget!

God help us if we ever have to parallel park this thing.

Our relentless quest to find the places in Springfield that might not immediately come to mind for a show brings us to one place we never thought we’d be: the shadow of the Kraft factory. Yes, a stone’s throw from the home of mac and cheese is home to a live-music spot. Not only that, from what we’re told the joint is jumpin’ most nights you find a band in it. Naturally, we had to go find out for ourselves–and for you. Behold, The Daily Pub! We get down and dirty after the break.

It’s a good night to be at The Daily Pub (1906 E. Meadowmere St.)–Thursday night, also known as Trash Angels night. Sweet. A room like this–we’re thinking seating capacity of 80, tops, but with a long bar and standing room for perhaps twice as many, with a low ceiling and tight walls–combined with one of the most animated groups of showmen (and woman) in the city? Seriously, Donnie Ray plays the lowest-slung guitar we’ve ever seen from a blues axeman, and he plays it like a man who alternately is making love to it, can’t be bothered with it and treats it like a means to a musical end. Combine it with Tiffany Rene’s go-go dancing while she sings, Doug Martin’s flip-and-twirl-heavy drumming and Landon Rolfe’s acrobatic bass playing and it may all be more energy than this room can take. Bring the pitchers on and let’s find out. Save us some TJ’s Pizza (served nightly!) for around closing time and we’re good to go.

Where is it?/How do I get there? After our last two stops on this tour and the uphill battle to describe where they were, this one is remarkably easy: Take Glenstone Avenue to Meadowmere Street–the street between the former Springfield Lincoln-Mercury dealership and Cruisin’ 66 motorcycle shop–and take the street east toward the Kraft factory. You’ll see a sort of low-budget strip mall–so low-budget the term may not apply–and The Daily Pub is housed inside that. Follow the neon signs beckoning you to drink draft beers and you’re there.

What’s the crowd like? Blue-collar to the bone… would that make them blue-bone? Nevermind. These are working-class people drinking working-class beverages; pitchers of beer abound, and mixed drinks are anything but froo-froo. Order a martini and you might get laughed out of the bar. Order a stout drink and you blend in. Order the people at the table next to you a drink and you’ve just made a table full of best friends. These people are fun, no doubt about it.

What’s with “Tiny Dancer” over there? Hey, you leave our new favorite fat man alone. So what if his home scale reads three-bills-plus, he’s in a camo hat and overalls and he’s grinding on one of the room’s support beams like it’s a stripper pole? Dude is alright by us. Hey, if you can’t let your hair down at the end of a long workday/marriage (we think it might have been a divorce party), what the hell is the point of going to the bar?! It was his night and his party; we were just pulling the tour bus in to watch.

How’s the stage? Nonexistent. Bands perform on the floor in the southeast corner of the bar. Thankfully, the lack of any extra elevation is made up for by copious amounts of music themed accessories, such as guitar-shaped neon signs from each of the Big Three domestic beer companies and a sweet collection of brass instruments hanging from the ceiling. Hey, is that a French horn?!

As unafraid as this crowd is to interact with its live entertainment, keeping the talent level with its audience is a big plus here. You’ll never have to worry about feeling disconnected from the butts in the seats.

How’s the sound? Treacherous, thanks to a combination of eight-foot ceilings and concrete-block walls. The gang in Trash Angels has been playing this particular Thursday-night gig for quite a long time, so they know where to set their volume so the confined space can’t exact revenge on one’s ear drums.

You’ll have to bring all your own equipment, too; there’s no house PA. Therefore, if you want to play a show come early, equipped and ready to sound-check like a mofo. That said, from the fan’s perspective if sound levels are nailed down just right the listening experience is very pleasurable. You won’t be able to converse much from the first two rows of tables, but beyond that it shouldn’t be any problem. The first two rows are supposed to be the dancing and request tables anyway, right?

What about the atmosphere? The building itself is unimaginative in appearance, save for the three eight-foot mirrors behind the bar that, frankly, cannot show you a single thing you want to see after your third round of the night. In an intriguing caveat, though, the north wall forms a cove housing the mini-shuffleboard table, and surrounding this table is a sort of shrine to drag racing. The bar’s owner, Bill Daily, is a former drag racer, and the wall is adorned with pictures of his old race cars and autographed pics of other drag racers he met along the way. Where else can you throw down on some shuffleboard and find Don “The Snake” Prudhomme staring back at you?

How do I get in touch with them? Call 417-862-9911 for booking information.


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5 Responses to “The Forgotten Venues Tour, Stop 3: The Daily Pub”

  1. Rev Jeff Says:

    oh yeah, and if the guitar player has to pee, he doesn’t wait for the guitar solo to end…
    It was a good environment, proven by that very fact.

  2. Scott P. Says:

    dude, that night was fun. always a good time.

  3. Scott P. Says:

    oh and i have pics of them and even him coming out of the bathroom while soloing

    i’ll have those up on the flickr as soon as i have a few mins

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