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Newest from Forever Endeavor: Cursive @ Outland Ballroom 11/25

October 13, 2009

CursiveSuch are the benefits of putting on wildly successful shows such as the recent A Day To Remember/Parkway Drive concert: They afford the financial means to bring in smaller-drawing acts for the benefit of the music community. Case in point: The Omaha, Nebraska-based rock group Cursive is coming to The Outland Ballroom for a show November 25 with Capgun Coup and more, one of two new concerts announced by Forever Endeavor Productions this morning. The other show is Outbreak, Soul Control and Only the Brave at Club Neon (1611 N. Campbell Ave.) on November 14. 

Outbreak is about to release its self-titled album November 10 and has a song on the upcoming Saw VI soundtrack, so the band should come to Springfield riding quite the high. It’s the Cursive show that carries the advance-purchase ticket option (psssst, click here to get in on that), and if you were at the band’s last Springfield show you know why. Of course, since then Cursive has release its own new album, Mama I’m Swollen, and even popped its network-TV cherry to boot with a performance on The Late Show With David Letterman last March. Let the anticipation begin.

METAL FOR YOUR FACE! Huge metal shows coming to town

July 27, 2009


If July wasn’t enough, there’s more. Local promoters and bringing the metal to you like never before. I remember a time when getting one or two good shows a month was a good month, but now its at least 2 great touring acts a week (it seems) and some weeks more (yeah, like 4 or 5 like last week). Well there’s more. Quite a few HUGE names in metal coming to town. Click through for all the info…


Rock Talk 7/12 with Nocturnal Nation, Berch and Dan Magnum of Forever Endeavor Productions

July 14, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Rock Talk, Z 106.7 FM’s weekly local-music radio show on Sunday nights, is all about bringing the unknown artist to the listener. Sunday night’s episode was all about never-been-on-the-show artists: Nocturnal Nation came by to talk about its upcoming Outland Ballroom show on July 18; new college-rock group Berch came by for two jaw-dropping acoustic performances ahead of their July 16 show at Nathan P. Murphy’s and the Four from The Four Four was comprised entirely of FourFour Fest submissions by artists who haven’t been played on Rock Talk before. In with the new, people!

Okay, there was once exception to the never-been-on lineup: Dan Magnum, head honcho of local showbringers Forever Endeavor Productions, returned to the program with a slew of upcoming must-see shows for local music lovers. It’s gonna be a huge summer. Hear it all by performing familiar clicking activities on the link below. 


Major Show Announcement! Parkway Drive Returns October 2nd!!!

July 13, 2009

When we got a text from Dan Magnum at Forever Endeavor Productions, we flipped! Parkway Drive is returning in the same year! Thank God! If you weren’t one of the lucky 300 to cram into the Outland Ballroom the last time Parkway Drive came, then you were one of the couple hundred that got turned away at the door. That show goes down in our minds as one of the best shows this town has seen in a while—best as in, packed body to body, rockin’ and people going nuts the whole time. They’re returning, and with one hell of a band too…


And now for something completely different: Metro Station coming to Springfield July 26

July 7, 2009

metrostation85X11Forever Endeavor Productions doesn’t let up, does it? After a quiet 2008, the local production company is more active than ever in 2009, scheduling one big show after another, and July is its busiest month yet. Just when you thought three major shows in the month was plenty, they’ve added a fourth.

More hardcore, DeRosh? My head still hurts from last time, when the kid was doing that thrashy dance with the arm windups and he clocked me in the head, and…

Take an Advil and get over it. There is the epic Emery/Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster show coming in about 10 days, and then there’s this catchy lineup of acts coming to Springfield just a little more than a week after that:


The Show Report, 7/6: Meet the other bookend. You’d better hold up.

July 6, 2009

MCMB11x17copy-2If you’re anything like us, you needed a moment or twenty to recover from Friday night’s terrific Drop Dead, Gorgeous/He Is Legend/Iseah blowout at The Outland Ballroom. Normally, having a weekend to recover would be fine; instead, this was July 4th weekend, and anyone who partook in a little explosion-filled patriotism Saturday was dragging a** yesterday and today. You’re just hours away from your next Forever Endeavor Productions-fueled wakeup call: Mychildren Mybride, What’s Left Undone, Cast Them Out and Beneath the Empire invade the Ballroom for the other half of FEP’s holiday-weekend concert bookends. MCMB rolls through town fresh from a set at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois two days ago, before joining locals What’s Left Undone, CTO (from Branson–no, really, they have hardcore in Branson) and BTE (Springfield). The show promises to be loaded with brute-force energy in spades, so come ready to throw down. You can sleep afterward… till the weekend, if need be. Okay, maybe not. The show begins early, with doors at 7 p.m. and music starting at 8. That should give you time to see some of the following when it’s over:


Mychildren Mybride Contest – 3 MCMB CD’s up for grabs

June 23, 2009

Forever Endeavor Productions is bring Mychildren Mybride to Springfield to play the Outland Ballroom on July 6th. They’re also going to give away 3 copies of the band’s latest album, at the show. Details inside the post.

Weiss family (from mewithoutYou), Damien Jurado and Psalters coming to Outland Ballroom

June 10, 2009
Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou

Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou

After a series of hard rock and metal-show bookings, Forever Endeavor Productions appears ready to change the pace a bit. They’ve got just the show to do it with: brothers Aaron and Michael Weiss of Philadelphia indie-folk act mewithoutYou are set to headline a show at The Outland Ballroom August 22 with openers Damien Jurado and Psalters. It’s an eclectic collection of musicians, to be sure; Psalters is frenetic, percussion-laden folk, while Jurado’s brand of acoustic music is far more sparse and downtempo. Then, of course, the Weiss brothers’ catalog–at least with mewithoutYou–turns the energy and pace back up while adding a diverse group of instruments into the mix. It will be interesting to see what they break out with a different group of backing artists onstage. Whatever it is, it almost certainly won’t be something kids can mosh to. Door time is slated for 7 p.m.; we’ll have ticket information as soon as it comes available.

Tickets for Chiodos on sale today

May 28, 2009


Forever Endeavor Productions has been at it hard this year with tons of great shows. One of their upcoming shows features Chiodos on June 5th as they hit the Outland Ballroom in Springfield, MO. Tickets go on sale TODAY. Click through for more info on Chiodos and tix.


No Brightside (or other bands, either): Remainder of Thursday night’s Ballroom show cancelled

May 20, 2009

Granted, Forever the Sickest Kids and Rocket to the Moon had to cancel their participation in Thursday night’s Forever Endeavor Productions show at The Outland Ballroom, but there were reasons things were looking up; four, in fact: White Tie Affair, The Audition, Friday Night Boys and Brightside. Now comes word from, home of the booking for Outland Ballroom show, that the remaining acts on the lineup are canceled and there will be no concert at all. Apparently plans are in the works to bring the acts back to town at a later date, and all sides apologize for the inconvenience of the cancellation. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the makeup date.

Lineup change to Thursday’s Forever the Sickest Kids show

May 19, 2009

WhiteTieAffair85x11Even the best-laid plans must sometimes change, and it appears Forever Endeavor Productions’ show this Thursday with Forever the Sickest Kids. We’ll tell you more after the break.


The Big News: Chiodos coming to The Outland Ballroom June 5

May 11, 2009

chiodos4The Forever Endeavor hype machine has been rolling all day, prepping us for the bomb they would drop at 5 p.m. sharp. Well, it’s past 5, and now we know: Chiodos is coming back to Springfield on the first Friday in June–an already crazy night, given that it’s First Friday Art Walk night and the planned debut of the downtown farmers’ market on Park Central Square–to pack The Outland Ballroom. Keep in mind, this show is followed less than a month later by the Drop Dead, Gorgeous/He Is Legend/Before Their Eyes/And Then There Were None show at the same location… not to mention Forever Endeavor has been prolific with its concert bookings this year, so there could easily be more on the way. Power nap in between… a lot.

We’ll bring you more details as soon as we get them.

BIG Forever Endeavor announcement today at 5 p.m.

May 11, 2009

Two-thousand and nine has been Forever Endeavor Productions‘ kind of year so far. Every show has been an impressive booking, and those bookings have been met with equally impressive crowds, if not moreso. Don’t believe us? Take this show, for example. So when the group tells us they’ve got a huge show announcement coming today at 5 p.m., we sit up and pay attention. We speculate a little, too, of course… a returning successful act from the past year, such as Murder By Death? Another roll-of-the-dice show to push Springfield’s envelope, a la Henry Rollins? Hard to say; mum is the word until the clock strikes 5. Then we suggest hitting up Forever Endeavor’s MySpace as soon as it does.

Forever Endeavor announces more concerts. Yowza.

May 1, 2009

ddgtourpostersmallThe gang at Forever Endeavor Productions has been building anticipation all week for its two big concert announcements this weekend. Well, it’s Friday and we finally got the news:


The Show Report, 4/27: Hayden will forgive you. We promise.

April 27, 2009

It's called TiVo. You should use it sometime. Like tonight, for example. And stop staring, perv.

It's called TiVo. You should use it sometime. Like tonight, for example. And stop staring, perv.

Dude. DeRosh, it’s the season finale of Heroes. I mean, have you seen the last few episodes?! It’s gonna be epic. I can’t go see shows tonight. What will happen to the Petrelli brothers?!?!

You can’t be serious. There’s music to see, for Pete’s sake! (That’s not a Peter Petrelli pun, by the way. Nor was that meant to be alliteration. Damnit, never mind.)

Not only are there top-shelf weekly performances going on in Springfield tonight, there’s a Forever Endeavor Productions show you’ll want to get to as well, in a venue you may not have been to before and may also want to check out. It’s a night loaded with intrigue, and it has nothing to do with whether or not Matt Parkman can get his act together and help save the world. We’ll tell you all about it–shows, not Heroes–after the break.