The Show Report, 6/1: When JV is NOT a demotion


JV All-StarsRemember in high school when coach would tell you were on the JV (aka junior varsity) team and you would watch from the sidelines while the varsity players played in The Big Game and got the glory and the girls/guys? Tonight’s show lineup is nothing like that. It will rock more, hurt less and involve fewer jock douchebags. (We would promise none, but you just never know.) Tonight The Outland Ballroom, which knows nothing of douchebaggery, brings you a JV experience more in its own style: Kansas City’s The JV All-Stars, along with Springfield Scene vets Benefit of a Doubt and The Magnificents! This is just Night One of your punk-ska double-shot, as more follows tomorrow night at Lindberg’s, but we’ll tell you more about that later. Tonight be prepared to leap about the Ballroom with aplomb. It all gets rolling extra early, with doors opening around 7 p.m.

There is more than this to your Monday, as you may–or may not–imagine. The first weeknight is enjoying a rejuvenation of sorts, and we’ll outline what’s up after the break. Read and attend… and party like a varsity star.

* Trash Angels at Dennis’ Place, playing the first of their now-weekly Monday-night gigs there. Let’s say, hypothetically, you hid away in a bunker fearing The Great Y2K Apocalypse and are only just now emerging, expecting to find a wasteland of radioactive zombie types and their dark lord, Miss Cleo, running it all from afar, and instead find the world as you left it but slightly cooler and including this band Trash Angels. Click here to hear them perform an original and here to hear them play one of our favorite covers around town, “Not An Addict” by K’s Choice. Big thanks to Blondie for both!

* BringYourGreenHat at Ebbets Field, bringing one of the city’s best weekly acoustic shows in duo or trio form.

* Shawn and Marcus (of Speakeasy) at Coyote’s Adobe Cafe, extending the magic that is their weekly acoustic performances. If one night (Sunday, at Ebbets Field) isn’t enough, get a second one here.


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