Please Read! Gear Stolen! Toad needs your help!


Springfield, Jacob “Toad” Wyrick of The Cropdusters needs your help. The local scene has had another run-in with instrument theft, a crippling, costly crime that leaves bands unable to perform and fans unable to enjoy. Please read Toad’s message after the break; we’ve included pictures to hopefully aid in tracking down hundreds of dollars in equipment. There’s also contact info and a reward. Give it a read.

Reposting for Toad from the Cropdusters:

My van was smashed up by a thief last night/this morning and the following gear was stolen:

Red Fender Tele with scratch marks all over the front

As seen here:













For a better view, it looks similar to this:















White Les Paul Studio with gold hardware

As seen here:












For a better view, it looks similar to this:























Red Nord keyboard

As seen at left here:












And looks like this in better view:











Serial numbers are available for all this gear. I you know anything about these items, or if you bought one of these today, or if you yourself broke my van and stole them, I will offer a 600 dollar reward for their return in good shape, no questions asked. This is more than you can get for them at a pawn shop, so contact me anonymously and help me get this gear back! Thanks. (417)-425-7107


7 Responses to “Please Read! Gear Stolen! Toad needs your help!”

  1. Suburban Superhero Says:

    Assholes need to stop stealing shit….

  2. thederosh Says:

    Toad, I hope you’re reading this. I know it sounds obvious, but some people don’t do this: absolutely, positively call the police and file a report. They send that report–serial numbers included–to every pawn shop in the city. Shops keep an eye out for that stuff–they don’t want to be dealing in stolen goods–and will report it if it comes their way. Your odds of getting your stuff back goes up exponentially. Good luck.

  3. blondie Says:

    so sorry for their loss. this is becoming a small epidemic….2 weeks ago my daughters house was broken into and the only things stolen were her boyfriends guitars, amps and pedals. a report was filed and they got a perfect fingerprint left where they went in, but so far calls to the police to find out the identity of the print/thief are unreturned. could be these are all related and they have a fingerprint but are just letting it sit while more thefts are occurring. guess they are too busy handing out seat belt tickets.

  4. Donnie Kraft Says:

    That Nord is mine. I had to play the show without it last night and about cried. I would LOVE to see it come back.

  5. Ole Coot Says:

    Awful man, simply awful. We feel your pain guys. During the ice storm a few years back we lost about $3500 worth of gear. It set us back for a long while; we’re still recovering. We’ll spread the word. Just wish there was something more we could do to help you guys out.

  6. Dustin DuK Rehagen Says:

    It sucks to know someone out there is doing this. As a Nord owner… I could not imagine what I’d do if someone stole mine. I will keep an eye and ear out.

  7. Pay It Forward: Springfield Scene now has a “community” guitar « Says:

    […] in the case of Jacob “Toad” Wyrick and his stolen instruments. You might recall from a previous post how Wyrick, guitarist for The Cropdusters and the frontman for The Detectives, lost two guitars and […]

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