Pay It Forward: Springfield Scene now has a “community” guitar


It’s not often a story of a crime committed comes with a happy ending, but that’s exactly what we have in the case of Jacob “Toad” Wyrick and his stolen instruments. You might recall from a previous post how Wyrick, guitarist for The Cropdusters and the frontman for The Detectives, lost two guitars and a keyboard when his van was broken into in his driveway one night a little more than a month ago. The call came from Wyrick last night that all of the gear was recovered and fine, but that’s only the beginning of this feel-good story. You’ll have to click the link below to get the rest.

It turns out that several local musicians pooled together their extra money to purchase Wyrick a Fender Telecaster in order for him to keep playing shows after his gear disappeared. Now, with everything back in his possession, Wyrick says he wants to make the guitar available to other musicians if and when they go through a similar experience to his. According to Wyrick, any musician who has his or her gear stolen or suffers other significant problems can email him at and the guitar can be theirs to use for the next show. By anyone Wyrick means anyone, whether he knows them or not. With an extra guitar now at his disposal, Wyrick says he wants to “pay it forward” and help out others in the music scene put in a tough spot by thieves and vandals. We couldn’t be more excited, both that Wyrick has back the instruments originally his and that he’s making such a selfless and useful gesture. We just hope no one actually needs it.


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4 Responses to “Pay It Forward: Springfield Scene now has a “community” guitar”

  1. Dustin aka DuK Says:

    That’s awesome.

  2. Dan Says:

    That’s pretty awesome of him. Good to see people that give a shit around here. Do we know what kind of guitar it is?

  3. Scott P. Says:


  4. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    That’s community, there, boys. We need that in this scene….

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