Dirty Old Towne reunites


Dirty Old Towne is BACK!

Late last night we got a phone call from Daniel Dossey, drummer for the Branson-based Celtic rock group Dirty Old Towne. It appears the five members of the band met last night at Appleby’s (the imagination comes up with more dramatic places, but okay) to discuss what went wrong between the members and how to address it going forward, if going forward was possible.

Guitarist Dan Richards and bassist Danny Boy Wilburn left the group earlier this year amidst communication breakdowns and growing desires not to find day work in the Branson theater-show scene, something the rest of the band found necessary–at least, for now–for a variety of reasons. Richards and Wilburn formed The Bedlam Saints while Dossey and singer Will Matherly auditioned new members and fiddle player Michael Haygood concentrated on his family’s Branson show. However, as Dossey puts it, the auditions, coupled with listening to the band’s completed EP, brought a new appreciation for the original lineup and an understanding of how difficult that would be to duplicate. Some phone calls were made, a meeting at Appleby’s arranged and the quintet spent almost three hours discussing what had happened between them and why.

The result, according to Dossey, is a newfound understanding and respect, as well as a willingness to try again. The news must seem especially good to Branson Landing hangout Waxy O’Shea’s, which drew 200+ people every time the band played for more than a year. Indeed, Dossey tells us that is where the reunion show will be; no date is set yet, but we’ll let you know when it is confirmed. Keep an eye out for Springfield dates soon after that.


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4 Responses to “Dirty Old Towne reunites”

  1. ALC Says:

    The Springfield date is set!!
    Friday, July 17th @ the Outland Ballroom! 10PM. 18+. $5
    Be there!!!

  2. Trent Wilson Says:

    Nothing says Celtic like Appleby’s. To be sure…to be sure…..

  3. thederosh Says:

    Appleby’s is a very Celtic-sounding name. Adding Guinness stew to the menu would go a long way for street cred, though.

    That’s great news about the Springfield show date; funny that it’s locked in even before the Branson reunion gig. Now THAT’S efficiency.

  4. Trent Wilson Says:


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