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Rock Talk 8/9 with The Archimedian Point and The First Teenager Ever

August 11, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Sunday Night’s Rock Talk on Z 106.7 featured not one but two live in-studio performances, one an intriguing guitar-and-drum combo from The Archimedian Point and the other an unusual show by melodic indie-rockers The First Teenager Ever featuring a slew of interesting percussion devices such as paint cans, wood sticks and more. If you’re a fan of Rock Talk’s guests breaking the instruments out and showing you what they can do right over the radio waves, this is a good show to check out. We also look ahead to some of August’s big upcoming live-music events during Four from The FourFour. After the break, it is so on.


Vids from Future Leader of the World (presented by Z106.7, Ozarks Live and TheFourFour)

July 30, 2009

Picture 8

So we’re pretty proud that we are finally getting to be able to help present shows. That’s a big step for TheFourFour and hopefully just the beginning. Well, being that we have literally around 20+ gigs of pics and vids to upload, we’ve had A LOT of requests that we posts the pics and vids form the Future Leaders of the World show last Thursday, July 23 at the Outland Ballroom. Click on through and see what I was able to upload on my lunch break. Trust us we have A TON more to share…and time permitting, we’ll have a tons of awesome vids to share over the weekend. Click though to check these out…


Rock Talk 7/19 with Fern, The Radiance Effect and Future Leaders of the World

July 21, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Chances are, if you read that list of guests, that you fall into one of two camps:

1. “Who the heck is Fern?”

2. “Whoa. Hold up. Fern was on the show?! I remember when I saw them play (insert show lineup here)! Are they back together or something?”

We’ll answer those in order:

1. Fern was a local alternative-rock group from the middle and late ’90s that rose to considerable prominence and opened for big-ticket touring acts when they came to Springfield. The resulting exposure netted the band a record contract. The band split up in 2002 when drummer Jay Sandidge left the group.

2. Yes. They were on Rock Talk on Z 106.7.

3. They are back together, and playing at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery July 25 (aka this Saturday) with The Republic Tigers.

We were also lucky enough to catch The Radiance Effect on a once-in-a-blue-moon day off while in Springfield and duly took advantage since they have another once-in-a-blue-moon event coming up: a show in their hometown (in August, details TBA) and a new album (due out in August). Finally, we caught up with Phil Taylor of Future Leaders of the World as the band prepped in New Orleans for its upcoming tour, which includes a stop in Springfield at The Outland Ballroom this Thursday night with Formant, Assembly Line Gods and The Final Piece. It was a big night, and we’ve got the whole thing for you to listen to after the break.


Rock Talk 5/17, ft. Assembly Line Gods, Extreme Hate Frequency, John Henry & The Engine

May 19, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1We rocked it hard on Z 106.7’s Rock Talk this week. Really hard. Local metal group Assembly Line Gods dropped in early and happened to bring instruments in hand. Sweet, we thought; how ’bout a couple songs? They obliged with a couple of outstanding acoustic renditions of tunes you’ll recognize if you’ve seen them live. Extreme Hate Frequency followed that up with some album tracks and talk of opening for Stemm this Saturday night at The Outland Ballroom. Finally, John Henry of John Henry & The Engine joined us via telephone line to discuss influences, the joys of playing Springfield and the next opportunity to do so–this Saturday at The Outland. To put a nice bow on the evening, we wrapped up with Four from The FourFour, a very non-metal collection of songs by artists breaking up, playing festivals, rockin’ old school and, well, that we just really like. Give it all a listen after the break.


Rock Talk, 5/10: Mother…

May 11, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1So Mother’s Day came and went, as did our weekly Sunday-night local-music ritual known as Rock Talk on Z 106.7. Busy lavishing wonderfulness on Mom last night? It’s cool; you can listen to the entire episode after the break. In the mix you’re going to hear The Bootheel talking about its Outland Ballroom show with The Cropdusters, The Hundred Hand String Band discussing its trip to the MoKan Music Festival this weekend and Lebanon rockers Broken Bridge telling us about dedications to the troops, battles of the bands and the potential for getting locked out of the house. We also impersonate numerous things badly along the way. Listen and enjoy.


Rock Talk 4/26, ft. Formant, Cooter Brown, Board Of Governors

April 27, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1We got an unusual treat on this week’s edition of Z 106.7’s Rock Talk: We made Scott jump to the other side of the interview. Yup, our faithful co-host joined his band Formant to talk about new recordings and the battle of the bands May 9 to open for Korn on May 29. He switched from interviewee back to interviewer for a chat with local rock-jam group Cooter Brown and with Trevor Hougardy of Board Of Governors, the group previously known as The Beautiful Losers. Along the way, naturally, we rocked out to new tunes, both during the interviews and with Four From the FourFour, a selection of songs from local artists we think you should pay attention to in the weeks ahead. More music! More music, I say! It all gets started after the break.


Rock Talk (4/19): Afraid Of Monsters, Holstein, Six Shots Till Dawn, The Murlesque

April 20, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Last night’s episode of Z 106.7’s Rock Talk rocked harder as the night went on. Believe it or not, we didn’t plan it that way. We kicked off with local ambient rock group Afraid Of Monsters playing a softened (we won’t call it acoustic) in-studio set, followed by Holstein debuting never-before-heard tracks from their upcoming album, Blood On James River. Metal group Six Shots Till Dawn chatted about the upcoming Stemm show they’re opening for with Extreme Hate Frequency and Formant, and The Murlesque dropped in to talk about its Friday-night performance at The Blue Room at Billiards of Springfield with Glass Bottom Boat Ride and The Secret. In all, it’s a VERY packed show, and we have it for you in full after the break.


Rock Talk (4/12/09) with Magnificents, Queen City Saints, Dirty Old Towne, & Matt Lemmon (Editor of GO Magazine)

April 13, 2009


It was a packed house this week in the Z 106.7 studios for Rock Talk with 4 guests! This week we had the Magnificents, Queen City Saints, Dirty Old Towne talking about the band’s recent member departures and search, and Matt Lemmon (editor of GO Magazine) talking about the upcoming GO Music Awards at Rock ‘n Ribs next week.


Rock Talk (3/29) with As Of Now & The Seed. Acoustic-jam MADNESS!

March 30, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1It’s no secret that we love it when artists come into the studio to play acoustic on Z 106.7’s Rock Talk. Not only that, we’ve been very lucky in having guests give us some really special performances. Last night was no exception, though some fans might find the performances exceptional. We got things rolling with As Of Now playing acoustic–which they do very well for being a loud hard-rock band–and followed it with some extraordinary tracks by The Seed. (Peep their first song, a soulful rendition of “She Chose” from their forthcoming album Big Outside.) Of course, both bands talked about their upcoming shows–The Seed’s April 3 CD release show at the Outland Ballroom with Jam Room and Seedlove and As Of Now’s concert in the same room the following night with Nothing Still, King Thief and Plastic Image–and there was banter by the guys about everything from South By Southwest to Simon’s candidacy for public office. Partake after the break.


ATTENTION BANDS: Create the next Rock Talk theme song!

March 30, 2009

We’ve talked about it on-air for some time now, and we’ve decided it’s time to take the idea more seriously. Already acts including Jam Room and Danny Maple of The Never Saints have improvised an on-the-spot Rock Talk theme song in the studio, but even if you haven’t been on the show lately we want you to have a chance to contribute. Record your take on what the Rock Talk theme song should be (try to be brief; we don’t need a full three-minute song) and we’ll play it on the air at the start of the show.

You can send all submissions to Get to it!

Rock Talk (3/22/09) with guests Chris Aytes and Daniel Maple

March 26, 2009


We apologize for the delay, but WordPress seems to be having some difficulties with the audio file upload system. Well, hopefully this solution will work just fine.

This week we had Chris Aytes stop by. He let us in a some new tracks and performs a few tracks live in the studio. (We super-dig that new track Chris). He also spills the beans on the cause of the band’s temporary hiatus. After Chris, we were joined by Daniel Maple (a.k.a. Johnny Bukkake) of the Never Saints and Urban Legends to name just a few of the many bands and projects he’s involved in. Daniel is hilarious as always, jams a few songs on acoustic, including a Tom Waits cover (nice!). He also made up a Rock Talk theme song ON THE SPOT and it rocks. Listen in because this was a fun one folks.


Rock Talk (3/15) with My Wasted Life, Johan from Black Box Revue, cameo by Social Distortion (sort of)

March 16, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1It may not be the best curveball ever, but it’s a pretty good curveball as musical ones go. Get a load of this: My Wasted Life, a band known for loud uptempo fun and a fondness for ska music, played acoustic during Z 106.7’s Rock Talk last night ahead of its show with The Magnificents! and The Heat Machine tonight at The Outland. If that wasn’t enough–and is it ever, really?–Johan from Black Box Revue came in to tell us about the DJ group’s upcoming road trip to South By Southwest, along with upcoming shows such as Beep Beep at The Outland Ballroom next month. In the process, we debuted a never-heard-on-local-radio-before track to exemplify the sort of music Black Box Revue spins each Friday night at The Outland. Random? Yes. Awesome? Defninitely. To top it all off, we gave a quick salute to the March 27th Social Distortion tribute show at Lindberg’s to get the ball rolling. Listen to it all after the break.


Rock Talk (3/8), with BringYourGreenHat, Ha Ha Tonka and… a pornographic sandwich?

March 10, 2009


Somehow, this always happens to us on Z 106.7’s Rock Talk. We talk music, everything’s cool… then… somehow… we go adrift. Apparently we’re hungry people with dirty minds. So-prahse, so-prahse, so-prahse. BringYourGreenHat and Ha Ha Tonka (BOTH playing shows in Springfield this Friday) provided the music talk; the McDonalds menu provided the rest. We’re not gonna get into it here; you’ll just have to listen to understand. When your stomach isn’t turning and you’re not laughing until your spleen dislodges, you’ll hear some tight “groove rock” courtesy of BYGH and some cool SXSW insight (alphabet soup time!) from Lennon of Ha Ha Tonka. Enjoy after the break. Mmmm… chicken…


Tonight’s Rock Talk on 106.7 (10pm): The Exact Opposite of an Oscar Party

February 22, 2009

Woot Oscars…there, that’s about all you’ll hear from us for two reasons. A) We’re still recovering from the Wes Jeans, Dirty Old Towne and Knife*Death shows. B) We have a radio show called Rock Talk that is hosted by Simon Nytes and airs on 106.7 at 10pm on Sunday nights. So turn your Oscar Party into a Rock Talk party and support some great local acts.

This week we have the guys from FrogEyeJugBand come in and jam some GREAT music live in the studio, as well as talk about some BIG recording plans in their very near future. After them we have the new and improved local “cock rockers” Levee in the studio talking about their big show at Nathan P. Murphy’s next weekend (all ages btw) as they play a few tracks from their upcoming cd (which will finally be available at the show). Lastly we have the awesome guys in Jam Room come in with guitars in-tow. They’ll talk about their HUGE show with nonother than The Schwag and they plan on jammin a few tunes live in the studio.

Listen in and take a drink every time you hear the phrase “Cock Rock!”

SNEAK PREVIEW: My 31 TV segment featuring Simon Nytes, Speakeasy, a tall goofball and a hairy guy

February 5, 2009

We found out just yesterday the new airdates for the My31 TV segment featuring Z 106.7 Grand Poobah Simon Nytes and the Rock Talk episode featuring Speakeasy performing live in the studio. If you want to see local music spotlighted on your television, write this down: The show will air every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m. and Saturday overnight (aka Sunday morning) at 1 a.m. between February 9 and 21. BIG thanks to Liz Valentine and the My31 crew for coming in and showing local music some love.

However… if you don’t want to wait till then, or just don’t feel like getting up early/staying up late to see it, click the link and watch it right now.