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The Voyage Ends: We Voyagers announce their split

July 24, 2009

We VoyagersIt’s no secret that school obligations is the number-one cause of band deaths in America today. (“Settling down” is a close second.) Its latest victim is local high school indie group We Voyagers, who will soon be losing singer Tim Peacock to an arts college in Florida. The band has scheduled a farewell show Sunday, August 16 at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery, where the group will debut its completed album Bon Voyage (is that a prophetic title or what) while performing with The Scribbles and Twelvish Trees. The door charge is $3, which might be the most affordable show we’ve ever seen at the gallery, and according to the band all proceeds will go to the El Salvador-based Los Angeles Refugee Camp.

The Show Report, 6/27: UNITY!

June 27, 2009

Tonight is the night the Springfield Music Scene brings together a wide variety of genres under one roof (Remmington’s Downtown) for the sake of, well, just showing it can be done. Roots Of Mankind, Queen City Saints,  Jam Room, The Spacetones, Falcon Punch, We Voyagers and Only the Brave will all grace the stage tonight, with an added plus: The show also marks the release party for Roots Of Mankind’s new album, Pangaea. While we can’t definitively say a show such as this has never happened before, we can say having this many music styles (as many as six, by our count) under one roof for one show has never happened in our memory. Watch for a gi-normous crowd–hopefully staying through the whole show–and a positive, even festive mood throughout the room.

Ah, but if you’re like us, you like to travel around a bit. Well, have we got a lineup for you:


More info on upcoming scene unity show

May 6, 2009

holdinghandsWhen the guys from Roots of Mankind got in touch with us about putting together a barrier-breaking show for the local music scene, it reminded us of the “Springfield Bands Holding Hands” meetings  of a few years ago. Now comes word of the important difference: This show is a reality. All of the details are nailed down, including the list of performers, and we have it all after the break.


Bands holding hands: Cross-genre megashow coming in June

April 20, 2009

bands-holding-handsA couple of years ago a group of local musicians held regular meetings which led to the creation of Springfield Bands Holding Hands. The idea was simple: promote musical appreciation among different local genres by putting together a series of concerts with bands that might not otherwise play together. If you showed up for the whole show, you could be exposed to music you might otherwise never see while you waited to see the band you came for.

The group didn’t gain traction, but its legacy lives on in a show idea from the guys in Roots Of Mankind. We’ll tell you more about it after the break.


Springfield’s first-ever single-date, multi-show tour

December 2, 2008

We imagined any band that would name itself We Voyagers would be up for an adventure or two, but we never imagined what the band actually came up with. The band is taking corporate Springfield by storm in one of the most unusual and ambitious stunts we’ve heard of in this city in a long time, maybe ever.