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Your 2009 Waka Winter Classic winner is…

February 28, 2009

Four bands–we heard Kevin Cochran couldn’t make it in from Chicago for the show, thereby eliminating one–packed (and we do mean packed, to the tune of 370 tickets sold) The Outland Ballroom for last night’s Waka Winter Classic, a play-to-get-in shot at going to this year’s Wakarusa music festival in Arkansas. Everyone in attendance got one ticket to vote for the band they thought should go. We’ll tell you who got the most votes after the break.


Ready to send a local band to Wakarusa 2009?

February 16, 2009

As of this writing, we’re a mere 11 days from the annual Waka Winter Classic, a regional competition taking place in clubs across the United States to send its winners to the concert stage at Wakarusa. Springfield’s concert is Friday, February 27 at the Outland Ballroom, and we just got the list of bands today. Click the link below and see who you could be sending to one of America’s best music festivals.


At last, they reunite: Josh Heinrichs of Jah Roots and Cas Haley of Woodbelly to tour with combined solo sets

December 23, 2008

joshcasdoneThere was a time when this show would have cost you two dollars to see at The Bar Next Door, but times have changed. In the case of Jah Roots singer Josh Heinrichs and Woodbelly (from Arlington, Texas) vocalist Cas Haley, those changes have been for the better. Heinrichs and the rest of the Jah Roots crew have gained enormous exposure performing at events such as Schwagstock, South by Southwest and Wakarusa; Haley rolled the dice on an appearance on America’s Got Talent that sent him to the show’s final round and led to his band now being known as Cas Haley and Woodbelly. Now the old touring buddies are getting together for a fresh set of dates, currently set for March 4–8.

According to Heinrichs’s MySpace page, two venues are confirmed so far: March 6 at Murphy’s Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska and the Broadway Oyster Bar in St. Louis, Missouri on March 8. We’re holding out hope that there’s a Springfield date in the works, as well. Click the link for a couple of reasons why.


Get your band on Wakarusa 2009(?)

December 17, 2008
Okay, it's not exactly Sharks v. Jets--we hope--but expect the competition for Wakarusa spots to be intense.

Okay, it's not exactly Sharks v. Jets--we hope--but expect the competition for Wakarusa spots to be intense.

If long odds are your thing, listen up: just opened its page for Wakarusa 2009, which it confirms as taking place June 4-7 at Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas.