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Ugly Mug Live Music Tavern update

October 1, 2009

Ugly MugA few months ago we learned the new fate of the space formerly known at The Snorty Horse Saloon inside The Budget Lodge hotel north of I-44. The room was taken over by Brian Matney, most recently the drummer for McGill, and converted into a new midsize music venue to be called The Ugly Mug Live Music Tavern. The first show: September 19 with Matt Stell & The Crashers, or so it was planned. However, the club ran into delays and that show was subsequently canceled. The new proposed opening date is Tuesday, October 21 with a performance by Pet the Dog from Los Angeles, California (click here to check out some tunes from the band); local openers are still in the works at this time. The only other announced show at the moment is John D. Hale Band and Matt Stell & The Crashers on October 23, but we’ll let you know more as they are added to the club’s schedule.


East Coast coming to SWMO? Honest Music Alliance moving near Branson Landing

July 1, 2009
Tessa and Kyle Reidy, from a photo shoot for their band Loops & Stars.

Tessa and Kyle Reidy, from a photo shoot for their band Loops & Stars.

We recently got an intriguing email about the relocation of Kyle and Tessa Reidy, owners of The Honest Music Alliance, which is currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina. It seems Mr. Reidy is originally from Harrison, Arkansas and wants to be closer to his original home, and he’s bringing his PR company (Honest Music Alliance), record label (Ring Road Records), bands (Mar and Loops & Stars) and a proposed music venue with him… to Branson.



Coming in September: The Ugly Mug Live Music Tavern

June 9, 2009
The last time we saw this building, it was The Snorty Horse Saloon. Watch for a new name, look and feel this fall.

The last time we saw this building, it was The Snorty Horse Saloon. Watch for a new name, look and feel this fall.

There have been a lot of rays of sunshine lately among local venues, with the return of Lindberg’s and the transition of The High Life into live music arguably topping the list. One void has remained unfilled, however: The Snorty Horse Saloon, Springfield’s medium-size venue that not only held down the music scene north of Commercial Street but singlehandedly sparked local interest in Red Dirt country, has been dormant for more than a year. In about three months the space inside the Budget Lodge (3050 N. Kentwood Ave.) is slated to reopen, and it could be better than ever before. We’ll tell you all about it after the break.


Nathan P. Murphy’s revamps sound system and front entrance

May 14, 2009

They can rebuild it. They have the technology… and the know-how… and a hammer, nails, a saw, etc. Local blues and rock club Nathan P. Murphy’s has undergone considerable renovation in the last month, with an all-new Peavey sound system protruding from the stage replacing the older, larger unit there before. More changes were just completed on the other end of the room, as well. The club’s fascia looking out toward Campbell Avenue has been remodeled with a new doorway, windows and paint. Inside, behind and next to the sound board, the floor space has been rebuilt to allow for more tables and chairs. In the near future, the sound person’s booth will be completely redone, too. In all, look for better sound, more seating capacity and a generally more polished look and feel when all the changes are complete. Call it The Six Million Dollar Club… even if the improvements cost way less than that.

Roadhouse Downtown now open

April 28, 2009

In all the madness of news in recent days we neglected to mention a potentially important detail: There are now two Roadhouse Saloon locations–which, potentially, means a new music venue in Springfield. (more…)

The Final Verdict: Sparrows will close April 1 after all

March 23, 2009

Sparrows Music Venue has been trying since last fall to raise enough money to move to a new location after the expiration of its current lease April 1. It’s a sensible approach to take, given that the venue’s current location isn’t near anything else that would generate foot traffic for it (i.e. other businesses open at 7 p.m. or later), and is barely in Springfield at all. Factor in the lack of signage, complicated directions, etc. and you have not a hurdle but a pole vault.

A check of the Sparrows MySpace page shows not only is the venue not booking, but it’s removed the calendar feature from its page and removed practically everything else but old show fliers as well. It looks like the doors are about to close on one of the city’s few all-ages show spots, and without an official going-away show to boot. We can only hope the people in charge give it another shot. There is no such thing as too many places to see and hear music.

The Battle For Sparrows

December 3, 2008

We really need to read MySpace blogs more often. It looks there’s one Hell of an either-or scenario brewing for Sparrows, Springfield’s southside (it’s on South Campbell Avenue) non-alcoholic, Christian-affiliated live music spot. Its lease runs out in April 2009, which leaves four-plus months of difficult decision-making ahead.


Members of A Day Away’s new band, Can’t Be Too Jumpy (new music!)

November 18, 2008


A Day Away is taking a break. That doesn’t mean they’re not making music. In the meantime, members of A Day Away (guitarist/vocalist Kevin and drummer Tommy) have started a new project called Can’t Be Too Jumpy. They’ve got new music up and its hella fun (yes, hella) and worth a listen.