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Local Music Thursday tomorrow: Catch a sneak preview of The Seed’s Big Outside!

April 1, 2009

coffee-ethicOkay, we’ll be honest: We’re really trying to come up with a name for our weekly Coffee Ethic local-music-a-thon besides Local Music Thursday. It just… lacks imagination. In the meantime, a bit of serendipity could turn into a neat imaginative moment of its own: We received an advance copy of The Seed‘s new album The Big Outside, and, well, we loaded it into the stereo system to play tracks throughout the day. We have a pretty good feeling it will go over well. Of course, that’s just one of the new albums ready to play during the month of April, so if you haven’t been in the shop in a while, bring your laptop, order a mocha, stick around a while and let some of Springfield’s best serenade you while you work. Local Music Thursday runs from open (6 a.m.) to close (10 p.m.). It’s enough to make the Kool-Aid Man say “Ooooooh Yeeeeaaah”… or whatever the coffee equivalent would be.

Meanwhile, a day later The Big Outside is officially released with a concert/party at The Outland Ballroom April3… but you don’t want to wait until then, now, do you?


The Seed bringing you not one but TWO CD release parties

February 9, 2009

Lance Sitton, Outland Ballroom, TK

It’s the perfect convergence of ideas. Imagine you’re in a reggae-influenced jam band, where every show you play is a new opportunity to throw a party with a room full of people dancing to your music. You’re also likely a prolific group when it comes to writing, as many reggae and reggae-influenced acts are. So if you have huge amounts of material you’re working on–some intended for release on an album, others more as an underground treat to share with fans–why not throw a CD release party for each? The Seed has decided to do just that, with parties coming April 3 for their long-anticipated studio album The Big Outside and July 31 for Homemade Dub: A Recipe For Disaster. Both shows will be at the Outland Ballroom; the first will have Seedlove from Kansas City and Jam Room as the opening acts, the second with Echo Movement. Expect a huge party for each, and a new CD to take home with you at the end of the night if you have a little extra cash handy.