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Josh Heinrichs coming to your telly-vision!

April 23, 2009

heinrichsImagine rolling out of bed tomorrow morning at, say, 7 a.m. (just follow us on this one) and groggily flipping on your TV. What would you expect to find? Matt Lauer’s thinly veiled jerkitude? PBS cooking shows? Nay, there are options on that TV dial/remote control, and one of them has local music on it. Yes, Ozarks Fox in the Morning is bringing you more local talent as a side for your pre-work breakfast, this week in the form of former Jah Roots singer Josh Heinrichs. Heinrichs will perform two songs on the show, helping to build anticipation for his upcoming solo EP, which is due out next month. Get the pot of coffee ready and support local talent!


Jam Room: It’s everywhere you want to be

March 26, 2009

rocktalkjamroom3Luke, Jimmy James and the gang in Jam Room never let up, and good to them for it. The next week sees the reggae/rock/jam group at its most ubiquitous. Set your TiVo or DVR; you’re gonna need it. See what we mean after the break.


Snooze Button Special: The Cropdusters’ performance from Ozarks Fox in the Morning

February 27, 2009

7 a.m. is kind of a pain; we know that as well as you do. While many of us may not have been ready to roll at that hour, The Cropdusters were, tearing through renditions of “Medicate Me” and “55 South” this morning on the KSFX morning show Ozarks Fox in the Morning. If you missed the performance, click the link below to go to videos for both songs.


“Don’t blame me. I was raised on… KSFX?” ***UPDATED***

February 25, 2009

cropdusterslindysLocal music is coming back to your television. We just found out last night that The Cropdusters will be performing their song “Medicate Me” and “55 South” on Ozarks Fox In the Morning on KSFX (channel 2 for cable users, channel 27 for the rabbit-ears set) this Friday at 7 a.m. It’s the latest installment of a regular series on the local morning show. To watch a past performance by BringYourGreenHat, click here; for another by Speakeasy, click here.

SNEAK PREVIEW: My 31 TV segment featuring Simon Nytes, Speakeasy, a tall goofball and a hairy guy

February 5, 2009

We found out just yesterday the new airdates for the My31 TV segment featuring Z 106.7 Grand Poobah Simon Nytes and the Rock Talk episode featuring Speakeasy performing live in the studio. If you want to see local music spotlighted on your television, write this down: The show will air every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m. and Saturday overnight (aka Sunday morning) at 1 a.m. between February 9 and 21. BIG thanks to Liz Valentine and the My31 crew for coming in and showing local music some love.

However… if you don’t want to wait till then, or just don’t feel like getting up early/staying up late to see it, click the link and watch it right now.


Rock Talk (1/25/09) Speakeasy, My31Tv, The Rugs, High Strung Music, and The Seed

January 28, 2009


Whew! We had quote a packed show this week. First we have special guests Speakeasy in to talk about their upcoming show, jam an acoustic track, and shoot the shizzle. We also had a very special guest in the studio…My31 TV, yeah, the TV station. Pretty cool we thinks (we’ll have air times for that as soon as we have them). We talked to Liz Valentine about what’s up with the station, her music past, what she does now…and a bit about Rock Talk for the tv portion of the show. We’re not even half way done!

After that, we had The Rugs come in and rap about what they’re up to, as well as Moodring Records and all the awesome free stuff they’re always bringing. Then John from High Strung Music came in to talk about their open jam session and new concert series coming to the store (yeah a concert series and jam at a local music store…Hellz Yeayah!). Then lastly, we ended the show on a mellow note with Springfield’s Reggae/cool vibes act, The Seed. They’re recording home dubs and want to share them with you. Not only that, but they’ll be having a double CD release show soon and a tons of shows between.

Wow! What a show! Tons of music and TONS of great things going on from shows, to recording, to TV! Yeah, this is a good one. Listen in after the break.

All tracks now streaming. 


Get your TiVo on. We’re gonna be on telly-vision.

January 27, 2009

old_televisionIf you thought the idea of putting our crazy asses on the radio wasn’t entertaining enough, some brave souls are taking it up a notch or two by broadcasting us over television’s airwaves. Luckily, it’s not just us; they’re bringing local musicians along for the ride, plus a certain radio host you might know. Wanna know where and when to see it? Click and find out.