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Bloody Battle of the Bands: The results are in

August 6, 2009

Battle of the Bands2We walked into yesterday’s Bloody Battle of the Bands at Remington’s Southside to find a sea of donors at tables giving a pint for their favorite bands and a good cause. It was a healthy crowd–in more ways than one, apparently–and a spry one, at that. Performing bands were often greeted by a leaping, singing, dancing mass of people. It looked good, but how were the numbers? This was a blood drive, after all. And who won the battle of the bands? We’ll put a bow–or, perhaps more appropriately, a little bandage–on the whole thing for you after the break.



Tall Dark and Handsomes album coming next month

December 23, 2008

tdhIt may not arrive in time to stuff your stocking, but add this to your early-next-year shopping list: The Tall Dark and Handsomes will release their first album in January. The EP, titled The Rare Sounds of the Tall Dark and Handsomes, will include six tracks, all recorded under Lou Whitney’s tutelage at The Studio on South Avenue. It will cost $5 once pressings are available, but if you can’t wait until then the band has three of the new tracks uploaded on its MySpace page for a sneak preview.

First Ever “FourFourFest” Saturday, November 15. 45 Bands at 9 Venues!

November 3, 2008


We’re throwin’ a party and everyone’s invited! 45 bands at 9 venues…only $10!


This Sunday night on Rock Talk: The Tall Dark and Handsomes and Days Gone Past

August 9, 2008

We’re fairly new to both of these bands–we have yet to see either live, and had only heard of the TD&H previously–but tomorrow night’s episode of Rock Talk on Z106.7 sounds like a good opportunity to see what they’re both about. We’ve been listening in on Days Gone Past’s MySpace page–TD&H doesn’t appear to have one, based on our search–and we’re intrigued to hear more. It’s the kind of pounding metal that can undo anger management therapy in just a couple of listens. Hopefully they make for as entertaining an interview. In the case of TD&H, we don’t have much to go on, but we will soon: They’re playing with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Thursday night at the Outland.