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My Wasted Life back in the studio

May 8, 2009

My Wasted LifeIt’s been under wraps for a while, but My Wasted Life drummer Renton Fallstaff recently mentioned to us that the punk/ska/rock group is in the Close/Far Studio with Jonathan James and Ryan Spilken working on a new record. Details are sparse at the moment, but word is we should see a finished product sometime this summer. A previous attempt to record an album last year never saw the light of day, but according to Fallstaff the band seems much happier with its progress this time around. We eagerly await the results.

This way to your Hot Rock ‘n’ Blues series table, sir/madam…

May 4, 2009
Finally, a V.I.P. section WITHOUT Paris Hilton in it.

Finally, a V.I.P. section WITHOUT Paris Hilton in it.

There aren’t many three-letter acronyms as fun to toss around as “V.I.P.” Indeed, many of us wish there were more avenues to feel that bend-over-backwards-for-us importance that comes with the special badge and status, such as this exchange:

“Pizza Universe, how can I help you?”

“I’d like a large supreme delivered.”

“That’ll be 30 minutes. Total comes to $12.50.”

“I’d like it in 10 minutes.”

“I’m sorry, sir. That’s not possible.”

“Shut it, fool! Do you know who I am?! V.I.P.! V.I.P.!”

“So sorry, sir. Right away. Blaine, start the car!”

“Put extra anchovies on it!”


“I rule you.”

Local concert promoters have been hip to this desire lately, the latest being Nathan P. Murphy’s on Campbell Avenue. Not only has the club put together a diverse and talented bunch of musicians for its Hot Rock ‘n’ Blues concert series this summer, it has also allowed us pedestrian folk to jump to the other side of the velvet rope, if you will. See what we mean after the break.


Sounds on the Square concerts begin June 5

April 30, 2009

With the weather steadily warming up, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor activities again. Local music will get its outdoor moment(s) in the sun beginning with the first Friday in June. The Urban Districts Alliance is preparing the latest addition of its Sounds on the Square concert series, a collection of shows taking place every Friday and Saturday evening in June and July. Shows begin at 5 p.m. on Fridays and 7 p.m. Saturdays, with performances continuing until 10 p.m. Artists are being finalized at this time, so we’ll update you soon with a full list of artists, along with their dates and times. In the meantime, close your eyes and imagine a sun-soaked concert stage right on Park Central Square. It’s only a month away.

SincerlyYours mixtape on the way

April 7, 2009

sincerelyyoursIt could safely be said that local-by-way-of-Chicago hip hop artist SincerelyYours has performed more and recorded less since the Real Rhymers Camp spread out across the Midwest a couple of years ago. He was known as BriefListen then, but with a new name comes a new approach to doing things, and the new material is coming. In recent months SincerelyYours has been working more with the team behind LemonDrop Records act The Spacetones, and some of that work is beginning to bear fruit. We’re told by LemonDrop co-chief Charlie Rosenbury that he’s been in the studio recently recording SincerelyYours’s rhymes for an upcoming mixtape. No word on the number of tracks, but we’re told it’s a freshening of material the rapper has had around for some time. The completed work will hopefully see the light of day this summer.

Can’t Be Too Jumpy readying new album and tour

February 11, 2009

cant-be-too-jumpySome bands hit the ground running, but Can’t Be Too Jumpy is determined to make the ground catch up to it. Since forming form the remains of A Day Away, the group already released the EP Digital on iTunes and started booking shows like crazy. So what’s the latest on this relentlessly busy quintet?


Murphy’s law, fried chicken, New Jersey road rage and more! …Speakeasy blogs about their recent tour

August 19, 2008

Springfield’s favorite jamaliciously rockin-and-always-a-damn-good-time band is back in town! Thank BaJeezus! We’re especially excited b/c we got to stop by a long-standing tradition of Shawn Eckels & Friends at Ebbett’s Field last night. Chris nabbed a ton of pics and they’ll be up as soon as he can borrow Panera’s WiFi for a bit. 

BUT! Back on topic, Speakesy just returned from, what sounds like, an awesome summer tour with their good friends from NY, Super 400. They just posted a blog telling all about it…including a van named “Murphy,” Jersey road rage, thousands of miles, fried chicken…and washers. DAMN, need any roadies?