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FourFourFest 2009: Some thoughts

September 21, 2009

Phew. What a day. FourFourFest 2009 had everyone playing in the rain over the course of the day and night, but the crowds turned out nonetheless to see some of the best music Springfield has to offer in a variety of genres. While Mother Nature was pretty cranky, everyone at ground level seemed surprisingly chipper and cooperative. In all, it was a 21-hour day that took months to prepare for and that, in spite of its, um, dampness, was a pretty damn good party. There wasn’t a lot of time to stop and smell the roses while in the thick of things, but I stowed away a few impressions from it all and you can find them after the break.



Tall Dark and Handsomes album coming next month

December 23, 2008

tdhIt may not arrive in time to stuff your stocking, but add this to your early-next-year shopping list: The Tall Dark and Handsomes will release their first album in January. The EP, titled The Rare Sounds of the Tall Dark and Handsomes, will include six tracks, all recorded under Lou Whitney’s tutelage at The Studio on South Avenue. It will cost $5 once pressings are available, but if you can’t wait until then the band has three of the new tracks uploaded on its MySpace page for a sneak preview.