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New Music Tuesday: Meet Bomb the Bay

October 6, 2009
Bomb the Bay

Photo by Brian DeMint of Eyeworks Photography

We mentioned in a previous post that one of the big concerts on Springfield’s horizon was the debut show of newly formed rock group Bomb the Bay, which features a combination of members of A Day Away, Glass Bottom Boat Ride and Playing With Matches. Longtime Springfield showgoers could imagine the fruits of that combo already, but now we have finished and recorded tracks to listen to from the new group. The band released a three-song sampler CD to hand out in promotion of its show November 14 at The Outland Ballroom with Speak Up!, Benefit of a Doubt and Uno. Didn’t get one? Click here to listen to “A Perfect Disaster,” “Spacebar” and “Give It Away.”


New music from The Reacharounds

May 12, 2009

The ReacharoundsLife is good in the world of local punk-rock group The Reacharounds. It turns out the months of May and June will be very busy ones for the band, with four shows scheduled in that time in Lebanon and Springfield. Meanwhile, the group just released a slew of new tracks onto its MySpace page. Hop on The Internets and rock out!

Free music from The Seed

April 23, 2009

theseedIn honor of Earth Day–or the day after Earth Day, anyway–The Seed has decided to hook up the masses with a free preview of its next album, Homemade Dub 2: A Recipe For Disaster. (Remember, they’re releasing two albums this year, the already-released Big Outside and Homemade Dub 2 on July 31.) So you get two FREE tracks to download from one of local music’s bands to watch. How can anyone turn that down? Click the link below and we’ll tell you where to get them.

Live @ FourFourFest: Greene Coast finally releases the tracks

March 31, 2009

greenecoastWe’ve been hearing about Greene Coast‘s live set at FourFourFest ever since it happened; that was four and a half months ago. Now, after some wrangling, the progressive-jam ensemble has finally released the tracks for public consumption. We’re pretty stoked, and not just because we helped make it happen. More after the break.


ATTENTION BANDS: Create the next Rock Talk theme song!

March 30, 2009

We’ve talked about it on-air for some time now, and we’ve decided it’s time to take the idea more seriously. Already acts including Jam Room and Danny Maple of The Never Saints have improvised an on-the-spot Rock Talk theme song in the studio, but even if you haven’t been on the show lately we want you to have a chance to contribute. Record your take on what the Rock Talk theme song should be (try to be brief; we don’t need a full three-minute song) and we’ll play it on the air at the start of the show.

You can send all submissions to Get to it!

New music by SincerelyYours

March 23, 2009

sincerelyyoursIt’s been a while since we got the chance to mention new tracks posted by an artist, and this seems as good a time as any. Local hip hop ace SincerelyYours just put up several new tracks on his MySpace page, including two with collaborator Addie. All four tracks are hot, and not the sort of hip hop you’ll hear on radio. Hop over and give one of Springfield’s finest some love.

Snooze Button Special: The Cropdusters’ performance from Ozarks Fox in the Morning

February 27, 2009

7 a.m. is kind of a pain; we know that as well as you do. While many of us may not have been ready to roll at that hour, The Cropdusters were, tearing through renditions of “Medicate Me” and “55 South” this morning on the KSFX morning show Ozarks Fox in the Morning. If you missed the performance, click the link below to go to videos for both songs.


Album Review: Songs, Psalms & Lamentations, by Chris Aytes

January 20, 2009
Chris Aytes' album "Song, Psalms & Lamentations"

Chris Aytes' album "Song, Psalms & Lamentations"

Without The Good Ambition backing him, Chris Aytes is a different, more introspective musician. His work with the band is a rolling mass of bombast and power chords, an illegitimate child of the early-’80s melodic rock that existed before Bret Michaels came and ruined everything; solo, Aytes evokes the musical simplicity of the Beatles and muscular zen of Cat Stevens and John Denver. Is he a match for these artists? No, but give Aytes his due respect. Songs, Psalms & Lamentations draws from those wells with a goal in mind: to meditate on love–gained, lost and yearned for. It’s tough subject matter for even the Lennons and McCartneys of the world to tackle–“Yesterday” wasn’t written in a day, you know–so Aytes takes simplicity’s high road, not to gloss things over so much as to produce a plaintive or meditative feel in his songs.


Album Review: Windows, by Michael Holt

October 16, 2008

DeRosh, why are you reviewing an album from an artist who isn’t local? Isn’t this site supposed to be about bringing local music together, blah, blah?

It’s true, Michael Holt isn’t from Springfield or surrounding areas, but when he mailed me a copy of his most recent album, Windows, I jumped at the chance to write about it. Holt is playing two shows with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin–one at the downtown library tonight, followed by another at the Outland tomorrow–and the local group often cites Holt and his former (and recently reunited) band, the Mommyheads, as a major songwriting influence. Therefore, listening to Holt’s work is not only a sneak preview of a show to come, it’s instructive to anyone wondering where SSLYBY learned to write songs.