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New Music Tuesday: “Waves Of Concern (Live),” by Holstein

October 6, 2009

With the band on a restructuring hiatus, it comes as a bit of a surprise to see a new track turn up from local rock group Holstein. But as something of a forget-me-not the group released a live cut of its song “Waves Of Concern” on its website. Don’t try to look for much else on the site for the time being; with so much in flux with the group, the website is basically a splash page with the band’s logo. But the live track is an added bonus for fans, and you can hear it by putting index finger to mouse button over these off-colored words.


New Music Tuesday: “Street Finding Man,” by The Short Histories of Powerful Nations

October 6, 2009

shorthistoriesEver been to a Short Histories of Powerful Nations show and wondered what the long instrumental piece at the beginning of the set is? It’s not found on A Brief Treatise On Land Ownership, Vol.1, so did it come long before or long after? The answer is the latter, and now it finally exists on record… or .mp3, as the case may be. The band just posted the song, titled “Street Finding Man,” to its MySpace page last Friday–a live cut, no less, taken straight from the band’s August 13 show at Lindberg’s with Native and The First Teenager Ever. Thanks to the deft work of Mobile Force Recording, the song sounds clearer than ever, and at seven-plus minutes it’s quite a treat. Click here to go to the MySpace page and you’ll find the track last in the player. Enjoy.

New music from Queen City Saints

September 25, 2009

dorxw1.jpgIt’s been mere months since The Queen City Saints released its album Chorus of the Commoners, so one wouldn’t be surprised to wait awhile to see more new music. But this is not a band that shies away from a cause. To wit, the group just released a new single titled “Hero Of Midway,” a song written about, and in tribute to, American servicemen and women. “It’s about heroism, self sacrifice [sic], and overcoming obstacles that seem daunting to us all,” the band says via its MySpace blog.

All money made from the song will go to The Coming Home Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families in all facets of life when the soldiers return from service, with aid ranging from physical treatments to psychological care and counseling. The band says the song will also be submitted for inclusion on an album to be sold at USO shows overseas. It’s also available for you to buy online; find out more on the band’s MySpace page.

Cuz Chicks Dig ‘Em: scarswillfade returns

September 1, 2009

scarsThere has been a flurry of defunct bands returning to stages in Springfield this year, but when we heard local rock group scarswillfade would be joining that list we were a bit surprised. We hadn’t heard so much as a rumor about the group since its farewell show at The Snorty Horse Saloon oh-so-long ago. Then came an email earlier this week with the announcement, as well as details.


Happy Ending? Local music comes to Project Runway

August 31, 2009

As long as we're talking "farewell song," let's play it while we dismiss Tim Gunn (left) from this picture.

We would follow Heidi Klum just about anywhere, but following the supermodel and the show she hosts, Project Runway, from Bravo to Lifetime was a bitter pill to swallow. There are only so many Meredith Baxter movies and Golden Girls reruns we can take, and the network has a tendency to dish out plenty of both, but at least we’re given a 60-minute Heidi Oasis to… wait, what were we talking about? Ah, yes, television. The new season of Project Runway began recently, and it turns out one longtime member of the local music scene will be giving us added incentive to watch the show this year. Find out about the best thing on the show after its buxom host after the break.


Springfield Music Scene, this could be your album

August 25, 2009
Cory King

Cory King

We’ve seen ensemble casts in movies, even the occasional ensemble song, and there are certainly some smaller ensembles out there that made albums… but what about a local ensemble? Cory King, guitarist for The First Teenager Ever and Sunrise Cassette in addition to doing solo work, began work on an album project a few weeks ago and wants to expand his list of collaborators… to as much of the local scene as possible.


New Music Tuesday: Brannon Powers

June 23, 2009
Photo by Kristen Pierson

Photo by Kristen Pierson

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Brannon Powers, the happyendings/The Whitest Light singer turned solo artist. He toured with Kate Voegele through the latter half of May, then it was back to work on making music. The latest finished tune from that effort is a perky track titled “You Will Never Know,” a thoroughly enjoyable summertime song you can hear by clicking on these funny-colored words.

New music from The Wisenheimers

June 17, 2009

Feeling as though you’re in an acoustic mood? The Wisenheimers are here to serve your needs. The group just released a new song, titled “The Devil and the Plastic Shovel,” a low-key and charming tune just released to the band’s MySpace page (it’s the last song in the player) that just might give a little mid-week pick-me-up. You can listen to it by clicking here.

New music from Jesse James Wax Museum

May 22, 2009

Just when we thought they were cast to memory forever, our favorite local band named for a roadside attraction returns. Jesse James Wax Museum emerges from its sabbatical with new members and a new song in the new issue of local literary zine Couch. The band promises there’s a new EP on the way soon, but in the meantime you can satiate your JJWM cravings by picking up a copy of Couch at Indie clothing store on East Walnut Street downtown.

New music from The Final Piece

April 9, 2009

The Final Piece, FourFourFest, Nathan P. Murphy's, November 15, 2008

We’re two days from The Final Piece‘s next concert, sharing the lineup at Nathan P. Murphy’s with Screwtape Letters, Glass Bottom Boat Ride and Burnt Echoes, which is playing its final show. Want some extra enticement to go? How about the prospect of all-new tunes? The band debuted one this morning on its MySpace page, titled “Where the Heart Is,” and promises there are more on the way. Sneak preview of what we might expect to hear at the show? Only time will tell. In the meantime, hit up the band’s MySpace and enjoy some fresh tunes.

Sweet, New Cropdusters music! “15 Barrels of Whiskey”

April 1, 2009


Apparently local country-rock group The Cropdusters has some basement tapes of old unreleased material, and they’re willing to share them with the masses. Hallelujah. Last night the band posted the first of what it says will be a weekly series on its blog, a sweet little stormer titled “15 Barrels of Whiskey.” As you might imagine, it’s good music to have a drink to. Even if you don’t have an adult beverage handy, though, it’s still a great listen. Check it out after the jump.


More new music: “Certified,” by Wicked Waves ft. J-Kiellz

March 27, 2009

Our local hip hop scene continues to grow and evolve, and the latest name to appear on our radar is Houston, TX transplant Wicked Waves. The group just released a new song today with special guest J-Kiellz, titled “Certified,” ahead of its show April 20 at The Outland Ballroom. You can check it out on the group’s MySpace page.

New Music EXCLUSIVE: “Take Care Of One Another,” by Chris Aytes

March 27, 2009

aytes-drawingIf you’ve listened to last Sunday’s Rock Talk, you know guest Chris Aytes has been hard at work on new tracks. He intended to bring one, fully realized and recorded, to premiere on the show, but when it came time to tape there was still work to be done. No matter; the song is finished now. Aytes describes it as “a low-fi anthem for the recession,” and with a show coming up tomorrow night at Coffee Ethic at 8 p.m. with openers My Politic it seems like a good time to pull the covers off of “Take Care Of One Another” and let you have the first listen ahead of anyone else. Find the track for streaming and download after the break.


Speaking of local remixes: Nightsweats remixes Butthole Surfers’ “Pepper”

March 13, 2009

the_butthole_surfers-1-250-249-85-nocropA while back we presented to you one local musician’s take on Eminem’s “Superman.” Not only did we think it was pretty sweet, but apparently you did, too; it got quite a few hits and downloads when we posted it.

We happened across local artist Nightsweats‘ take on a popular song–a semi-forgotten hit from a ’90s one-hit-wonder, no less–and we’d be remisced if we didn’t pass it along to you. It jams like hell, and it’s good fun to kick off your Friday night. Listen and/or download after the break.


“Don’t blame me. I was raised on… KSFX?” ***UPDATED***

February 25, 2009

cropdusterslindysLocal music is coming back to your television. We just found out last night that The Cropdusters will be performing their song “Medicate Me” and “55 South” on Ozarks Fox In the Morning on KSFX (channel 2 for cable users, channel 27 for the rabbit-ears set) this Friday at 7 a.m. It’s the latest installment of a regular series on the local morning show. To watch a past performance by BringYourGreenHat, click here; for another by Speakeasy, click here.