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BoogeyMen + Bukkake = Match made in heaven

October 8, 2009

boogeymenYou read that right and wrong, all at the same time. Daniel Maple, known best as Johnny Bukkake of The Sociables (he also plays in Urban Legend and The Never Saints and is the man behind Wired Woods Studio), confirmed this morning that he is now a member of The BoogeyMen. The band, known for its mask-wearing onstage personas and Morricone-meets-surf-rock songs, now has keyboards to add to its lineup of guitars, bass, drums and theremin. It’s the latest bit of good news for a band in the middle of a successful period, opening for Koffin Kats last weekend and preparing to go into the studio to record soon. What more awaits?


Rock Talk 8/16 with The Sociables, Shinebriter, Sunrise Cassette and the dreaded wambats-versus-robots debate

August 17, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Some important questions were answered during last night’s episode of Z 106.7’s Rock Talk, questions that were frankly long overdue for resolution:

1. What the hell happened to The Sociables, and when can we finally see them again? Do they have their album ready?

2. What the hell happened to Shinebriter, and when can we finally see them again?

3. Why the hell did Sunrise Cassette have to change its name, and when can we finally pick up the new album?

4. Who the hell is crazy enough to debate whether wambats or robots would rule the post-apocalyptic world, and who would preside over such madness?

The last is the irreplaceable Simon Nytes of Z fame, the next-to-last is Chris and Scott (the men behind the website you’re reading right now), and the rest is answered after the break in most entertaining fashion.


Demo, anyone? FourFour demo deal at MayApple Studio renewed in perpetuity

July 28, 2009

Last month we told you about MayApple Studio, the house-turned-uber-cool-recording-space on East Cherry Street. (You can peep some photos of the space by clicking here.) The studio is run by Daniel Maple of The Never Saints and The Sociables, who comes with considerable credentials stemming from his time recording Top-40 artists in Los Angeles, and is now finally open to the public after previously being available only for MayApple Records’ own in-house recording projects. As a “hello” to the music scene, the studio team put forth a one-weekend offer in honor of TheFourFour (awww…) of recording a band’s four-song demo in a weekend for $400, including setup and mastering, with no hourly time constraints.

There are changes afoot in the studio’s management (more on that coming soon, we hear), but Maple and company are making their demo offer ongoing. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the 4-song/$400 offer, or would simply like to inquire about or set up a recording schedule, can contact Maple at

Meet MayApple Studio PLUS SPECIAL OFFER!

June 23, 2009

It appears two major musical forces in The Springfield Scene are teaming up for a new project. MayApple Records chief and Big Smith singer Mark Bilyeu is working with Never Saints and Sociables keyboardist and singer Daniel Maple to record local musicians outside the MayApple family and regardless of genre. MayApple Studio is a converted house in a country-ish setting on East Cherry Street, fully equipped with Logic and Pro Tools along with the other houselike amenities… ya know, since it’s a converted house. We’re not used to hearing phrases such as “parkayed floors,” “full kitchen,” “Jacuzzi” or “rain-making shower” in the description of a recording space, yet there they are in the description of this facility.

It’s a low-pro bungalow befitting a Hollywood setting, which is fitting given Maple’s experience recording major-label acts such as Maroon 5, Britney Spears and more while living in California a few years ago. Add in Bilyeu’s access to the infrastructure to get CDs professionally pressed and you have a one-stop place to get top-shelf sound… for the you-can’t-be-serious price of $35 per hour, with negotiable price breaks for larger time blocks or full-album agreements.

That’s not all. Click the words below for a special introductory offer valid this weekend ONLY.


The Sociables are back! August 22 at Patton Alley Pub

April 29, 2009

sociables1Word just came today from Sociables keyboardist Daniel Maple that the rap-funk power outfit will get back together August 22 for its first show since splitting up–er, going on hiatus–last November. The show will feature the band’s full lineup and will happen at Patton Alley Pub. We remember hearing when the group originally took its break that there may be some reunion shows here and there in the future; consider this the first of such shows, perhaps. Regardless of the reason or circumstance, it’s good to see one of Springfield’s more unusual and musically proficient acts coming back to a local stage. We just hope Reunion Show #2 isn’t another nine months after the first one.

It’s Official: Q102 Homegrown Returns December 6

November 8, 2008

homegrownWelcome back to the way we were. Q102.1‘s lauded Homegrown concert series brought legions of music fans to the station’s well-promoted-yet-oh-so-cheap shows, paying little more than a dollar to see the live-music party of the week. It all comes rushing back to life November 21 December 6 at the High Life and the Outland.

Hold the phone, DeRosh. What’s with the line-through-the-text thing? Didn’t you give the full lineup before?

Sure did. Get the full breakdown after the clickthrough.


Rock Talk w/The Sociables & As of Now (feat. live performances)

October 20, 2008

This week’s episode of rock talk was especially awesome thanks to The Sociables and As of Now performing live in the studio as well as filling us in on all the awesome stuff they’re up to.

Listen in after the jump. (more…)

John Anderson is a drummin’ foo. A DRUMMIN’ FOO I TELL YOU!

September 22, 2008

John Anderson is Springfield’s busiest drummer. He’s also one of the best. If you don’t believe me, you suck because you haven’t seen him live. If you did, you’d agree.

He’s toured and recorded for more bands than I can remember but here’s a try; Pillbox, Paper Sun, The Osmond Brothers, Dust For Life, Rags to Riches, the Sociables, the Platinum Social Club, The Collective and literally a crap ton more. He’s also toured the world having music take him to places all over the United States as well as to Canada, London, England, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and throughout the Caribbean. Not bad for a drummer out of Springfield, MO.

We recently noticed his rediculously packed schedule and asked him, “John, what the heck?! You’re the busiest mother f***er in Springfield. What is all this?” Read what he’s up to after the jump. It is tasty.

And Your Palen Music Battle of the Bands Winners Are…

July 27, 2008

So Palen Music did something pretty cool…they had a battle of the bands—and it rocked!
A total of twelve bands played on the competition stage. All while HUGE sales were going on and (on top of that) bands were jamming on the upper level inside the store. Being a customer of Palen for over 10 years, this was pretty cool to see. The event had a panel of judges so it WAS NOT a popularity contest. Huge props to Palen for that. Thanks to Palen for putting the event on and to Quinn from Palen for organizing and making the event run smoothly—even after the weather turned and we had to move inside. 

More info and see who won after the jump.