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Rock Talk’s One Year Anniversary Show: Now longer, with an intro song (again), and with about 700% more profanity

December 8, 2008

kzrqrocktalklogo1True story: To celebrate the one-year birthday of Z106.7’s Rock Talk, we bought birthday cups, blowers than somehow didn’t make noise, party hats (yup, we even wore them), an enormous Star Wars card… and a fifth of Wild Turkey. What ensued is arguably the funniest, most zany and engaging show we’ve ever done. BIG thanks to the show’s former co-host, J.R. Top of Sweetwater Abilene, for coming back from the Great American Wilderness to sit in and take things off the comedic (and FCC) charts.

Not only that, Do Tell & the Rumors came in and played two phenomenal acoustic jams during the broadcast ahead of their show at Sparrows this Friday night. Oh, and did we mention the show is now expanding to TWO hours, with more songs by local artists and big-ticket acts passing through than ever before? We think that leaves no good reason not to click the link below and partake in the madness.


This Sunday: Rock Talk turns one. Yes, we’re playing in the ****ing frosting.

December 6, 2008
"Stoma! Save some for the other boys! Simon, is the clown ready yet?!"

"Stoma! Save some for the other boys! Simon, is the clown ready yet?!"

Remember when you turned one? Of course you don’t. Not only is that experience purged from your memory, those photos are buried in the back of your parents’ sock drawer, waiting for the next embarrassingly bad time to come out and be shown.

Z106.7’s Rock Talk has no such need for shame, and it’s been proving it weekly for the last calendar year. Ringleader Stoma and his cohosts, J.R. Top of Sweetwater Abilene and, later on, DeRosh and Scott P. of the Four Four, have been talking up local music in all its facets for a full hour every Sunday night at 10 p.m. This week, in honor of the show’s first anniversary, we’re pulling out all the stops for a birthday party. Hide the camera, the liquor cabinet and all sense of censorship. We’ve even got a few surprises, which we’ll tell you about after the break.


Z106.7’s Rock Talk, featuring Jeremy Larson, Erik McGreevy and Mike Reid (and co-hosted by two drunk idiots)

October 27, 2008

Good Lord, last night’s Rock Talk was a blast. I have to say it’s the best Rock Talk we’ve ever done.

Um, DeRosh… haven’t you only done three episodes? And Scott something like four? Are you really saying much there?

(Cue DeRosh “Indignant Face/Declarative Sentence Combo #531. And… engage!)

Yes, dammit, I am! Jeremy Larson took time on his birthday (happy 27th again, Jeremy) to come down and talk to us about his new album, Salvation Club, the CD release party at Randy Bacon Gallery tomorrow night and to preview some tracks. If you hear three better local songs this year, I want copies of them. Seriously. Plus under-the-radar solo artists Erik McGreevy and Mike Reid came out of hiding to talk about their collabo project and their upcoming set at Four Four Fest November 15th. (Yes, that’s a plug. No, we have no shame.) Oh, and there was whiskey involved. Mayhem ensued… and you can hear it all after the break.