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The Seed looks to grow

October 12, 2009

theseedIf you saw The Seed‘s performance at Oktoberfest at the Oasis Hotel Convention Center Saturday afternoon, you may have noticed an extra player onstage. The group added more percussion for the show, and it appears the chill-reggae group is looking to add horn players as well. According to The Seed’s MySpace blog, the band is currently searching for a horn player and a saxophone player. Interested parties should send a message to the band’s MySpace site. Let the auditions begin!

Once more, for Grant

April 22, 2009

grantGrant Maledy, saxophonist for Greene Coast and The Springfield Jazz Collective as well as being one of the scene’s longest-running and most prolific collaborators, is moving to Kansas City in early summer to prepare for new full-time job in teaching. However, the bands and friends he’s collaborated with apparently aren’t letting him slip away quietly.