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Sacrificial Lambs: Lineup announced for the next battle of the bands

September 30, 2009

LOG_Gwar_ShrineMosqueIt seems everyone discovered a winning formula with this summer’s Korn show at The Shrine Mosque: Book a big-ticket national act, set up a battle of the bands among big-drawing locals to determine the opener, apply revenue from the battle of the bands to help offset the cost of the big-ticket national act. The formula returns October 17 with another battle of the bands–this time at The Outland Ballroom, as opposed to Remmingtons Downtown–to determine the opening act for Lamb Of God when the band comes to the Shrine with Gwar and Job For A Cowboy November 7. The lineup? Glad you asked. Peep it after the break.


Unity, part deux: Meet Eclectafest

September 28, 2009

Eclectafest2The name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue–hell, the first time we read it we thought it said “Electafest” and tried to ponder what political ties it might have–but Eclectafest (note the extra “c”) has its musical heart in a good place. The show, booked for Saturday, October 17 at Nathan P. Murphy’s, follows the scene-unifying theme established a few months ago with the Unity show at Remmingonts Downtown. In other words, the lineup is set up to combine groups from a variety of genres to put each crowd of fans in front of the other crowds’ music. The lineup presently consists of The Archimedian Point (rock), The Spacetones (hip hop), The Somewheres (blues) and Moon Rocket Baby (electro/atmospheric). Nice to see a good idea lives on.

FourFourFest 2009: Some thoughts

September 21, 2009

Phew. What a day. FourFourFest 2009 had everyone playing in the rain over the course of the day and night, but the crowds turned out nonetheless to see some of the best music Springfield has to offer in a variety of genres. While Mother Nature was pretty cranky, everyone at ground level seemed surprisingly chipper and cooperative. In all, it was a 21-hour day that took months to prepare for and that, in spite of its, um, dampness, was a pretty damn good party. There wasn’t a lot of time to stop and smell the roses while in the thick of things, but I stowed away a few impressions from it all and you can find them after the break.


At the FourFour Fest with Kurtzender, Part 4

September 20, 2009

This is part 4. Thanks for attending, volunteering, playing and watching. If you didn’t get to go this year, watch all the videos and start preparing to rock next year! Sit back, relax and enjoy the 2nd annual FourFour Fest.

At the FourFour Fest with Kurtzender, Part 3

September 20, 2009

This is part 3. Thanks for attending, volunteering, playing and watching. If you didn’t get to go this year, watch all the videos and start preparing to rock next year! Sit back, relax and enjoy the 2nd annual FourFour Fest.

At the FourFour Fest with Kurtzender, Part 2

September 20, 2009

This is part 2. Thanks for attending, volunteering, playing and watching. If you didn’t get to go this year, watch all the videos and start preparing to rock next year! Sit back, relax and enjoy the 2nd annual FourFour Fest.

At the FourFour Fest with Kurtzender, Part 1

September 20, 2009

This is part 1. Thanks for attending, volunteering, playing and watching. If you didn’t get to go this year, watch all the videos and start preparing to rock next year! Sit back, relax and enjoy the 2nd annual FourFour Fest.

The Show Report, 9/12: Machine Guns! Blues! Charity!

September 12, 2009

A few things you should know about your Saturday musical tour of Springfield:

1. It starts early. If you wait until your customary start time of 10 p.m., you’ve missed a third of the good stuff, maybe more.

2. You can help cure a disease while you take said tour. No House-like medical skills required.

3. Overall, said musical tour is an absolute melting pot that defies simple classification. But we’re going to try, and it starts after the break.


The Rugs return, with a new (old) member

August 24, 2009

rugs_promoIt’s not often that The Rugs get to play a show these days, what with lead singer Matt Dampier living in Kansas City and all, but the band has been able to put together a show this Saturday (August 29) at Lindberg’s together with Pilot Whale, The Tall Dark & Handsomes and Matthew Darkly, Dampier’s other Moodring Records music project. Good news, certainly, and worthy of mention, albeit perhaps not on its own, but there’s an added detail that changes that: According to guitarist Eric SchuchmannDonnie Thompson, The Rugs’ original drummer, is back in the lineup and will be playing the Lindberg’s show. Thompson, probably best known for his work on guitar with The Morells, The Skeletons and The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, bowed out of The Rugs a couple of years ago and was replaced by Brian Azevedo. To our knowledge, it’s the first time the group’s original lineup has performed together in more than two years. Now the question becomes: Permanent change or one-show-only switchover?

The Show Report, 8/22: They’re so… Sociable…

August 22, 2009

We never thought we would get to say this again, but the time is finally here so we’re saying it: The Sociables are playing a show tonight. After six months of “indefinite hiatus” (See?! Some bands do come back from that), the group finally reunites to bring its soul-funk-hop to Patton Alley Pub for what is, at least for now, a one-off show. In other words, if you think you can pass this up to see the band next time, you could be wrong about there being a “next time.”

That’s barely scratching the surface of this Saturday night. Read on and see who else is up to what.


The Show Report, 8/15: Rock till you drop

August 15, 2009

The day of music starts early (and involves food; more on that in a minute), but the highlights, we would argue, still come at the regularly scheduled rock-out time of, er, nighttime. Let’s start with The Debs, who reunite for their first concert in three decades at The Outland Ballroom tonight with The Sympletons (maybe the best hybrid name we’ve actually seen used, since the band includes members of The Symptoms and The Skeletons) following them onstage. The Debs were a shooting star in the local music scene, burning bright while on tour throughout the Midwest as a four-piece punk group comprised entirely of women. The band split up just as it was getting attention from people in the industry, but after going their separate ways the band is back together to bring its rock-meets-harmonizing style to an audience again. Should be a blast.

Remember that food-with-rock show we mentioned? Check that out and a whole lot more after the break.


The Show Report, 8/1: Washington Irving, we barely knew ye

August 1, 2009

Tonight marks the last show for local indie rockers Washington Irving, a farewell at Lindberg’s that also marks a return of sorts for Faatherton and the latest in a steadily growing number of concert appearances for the highly rated Ghost Dance. With singer Brett O’Neal leaving for law school in Illinois, Washington Irving hangs it up with one of the 2008’s best local albums under its belt and, hopefully, a fantastic farewell show to be remembered by. Good luck, guys.

Also happening tonight:


The Show Report, 7/11: CDReleaseapalooza, Day Two: Get your boots on

July 11, 2009

We promised you more CD release party madness tonight, and, oh, are you getting it. The Bootheel is finally ready to present its six-song EP Gold Tops (album review coming shortly) to the masses tonight, and it does so with a shindig at The Outland Ballroom with Cooter Brown and Washington Irving. As if a show with that three-band package deal isn’t reason enough to brave the Ballroom heat, let’s expound on a couple of other details:

1. There is a fresh batch of Bootheel BBQ Sauce ready for sale at tonight’s show. See if this rings a bell:

2. You’re running out of chances to see Washington Irving in concert, so friggin’ do it already. Seriously. We just deployed the word “friggin'” for emphasis. Nineties-tinged indie rock is in your midst and going away soon. Get out and enjoy it.

That’s not even close to all that’s happening tonight:


The Show Report, 6/27: UNITY!

June 27, 2009

Tonight is the night the Springfield Music Scene brings together a wide variety of genres under one roof (Remmington’s Downtown) for the sake of, well, just showing it can be done. Roots Of Mankind, Queen City Saints,  Jam Room, The Spacetones, Falcon Punch, We Voyagers and Only the Brave will all grace the stage tonight, with an added plus: The show also marks the release party for Roots Of Mankind’s new album, Pangaea. While we can’t definitively say a show such as this has never happened before, we can say having this many music styles (as many as six, by our count) under one roof for one show has never happened in our memory. Watch for a gi-normous crowd–hopefully staying through the whole show–and a positive, even festive mood throughout the room.

Ah, but if you’re like us, you like to travel around a bit. Well, have we got a lineup for you:


The Show Report, 6/20: Tonight, we ride!

June 20, 2009

Big Mike Griffin

Tonight’s concert lineup includes a nationally touring act coming to Nathan P. Murphy’s with an affinity for two-wheeled transportation in addition to considerable guitar-playing chops. Big Mike Griffin rolls into Springfield–on a tour bus, in this case, though we suspect the motorcycle custom-built for his almost-seven-foot frame is somewhere in tow–to play the local blues club with opening act Classic Reunion in the latest of Murphys’ Hot Rock & Blues summer concert series.


* Speaking of summer concert series, Sounds on the Square resumes on Park Central Square with Nathaniel Carroll (7 p.m.) and Tony Menown and The Expectations (8 p.m.). All shows are FREE and family friendly.

* Cooter Brown at The Outland

* NORML Benefit Show at The Blue Room at Billiards of Springfield

* Roots Of Mankind, The Spacetones and Phases at The Outland Ballroom

* EgoMagnet at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

* Trash Angels at Whiskey Holler

* ’90s Night at Lindberg’s with Teen Spirit