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First Ever “FourFourFest” Saturday, November 15. 45 Bands at 9 Venues!

November 3, 2008


We’re throwin’ a party and everyone’s invited! 45 bands at 9 venues…only $10!


Attention Bands & Fans! We like this stuff. You should do it too.

August 20, 2008

Hey guys! So we’re checkin the stats after a long day at work and we run across a number of hits coming from a certain local’s website—Rot Gut Glory’s website in fact ( Notice that handsome graphic and link on the right had site???? Yeah??? Sweet! You should do that too.

Now I know…Scott, why don’t you make a number of banner graphics that we can post on our pages?

Answer…I am. I will. I just need some time to be able to do it. So here in a few days, I’ll have banner graphics for you guys to post on your Myspace pages, websites, blogs, etc. So I will post up when I have all those ready to go. So be heads up and help us help you help us help you with these puuuuuurdy banners.

In the meantime, thanks to our friends in Rot Gut Glory to taking the initiative. Thank you!

Rot Gut Glory on the pages of Buzzbin Magazine!

August 5, 2008

Very, very cool stuff. Check it out after the jump.