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What’s old is new again: Trash Angels say goodbye to their bassist… and replace him with their previous one

July 28, 2009

Trash Angels logo“You say goodbye, and I say hello.” When Paul McCartney sang that line he was certainly not referring to Trash Angels–they didn’t exist in 1968, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg–but it seems appropriate given the latest news surrounding the band. The group officially announced last evening that its current bass player, Landon Rolfe, is leaving the group and that Rolfe’s last official show with the band will be Wednesday night at Harlow’s. (He will play with the band for the last time Monday night at Dennis’ Place during the weekly blues jam, but due to that show’s nature the band is not labeling it an “official” gig.) 

In Rolfe’s place steps Eric Guinn beginning Thursday, August 6 at The Daily Pub. Does the name sound familiar? It should; Guinn was the group’s bassist before Rolfe. This being Trash Angels, of course, there is a gig in between Rolfe’s departure and Guinn’s arrival, taking place next Thursday at The Daily Pub. Who will fill that? None other than Speakeasy/Urban Legend bass chameleon Reed Heron in a special one-night-only appearance. Ooooh, the possibilities there…


Psssst! New video: Bottlefish goes to The Double Deuce. Pass it on.

July 27, 2009

It likely won’t be on The Internets long, since it violates more copyright laws than Vanilla Ice, but this video is too good not to pass along for your entertainment. The boys in local Americana/roots rock group Bottlefish pieced together a tongue-in-cheeck mashup music video using their song “Sleepwalking” and an assortment of clips from the ’80s Patrick Swayze classic Roadhouse, which, along with The Outsiders, is one of the few movies that will allow us to use the phrase “Patrick Swayze classic.” It’s a hilarious intro to the band’s show this Friday at Lindberg’s with HeartPunch, and, well, it has a cameo by a monster truck. Who could say no? Check out one of the year’s best local songs in a whole new light while you still can:

Because four nights a week isn’t enough: Trash Angels add weekly Sunday-night shows

July 23, 2009

trashangelsgoThere may be no band in the city of Springfield that works as much as Trash Angels does. The local blues and rock group can be seen and heard onstage almost any night of the week, with the exception of a brief respite coming up to record its next album, and even that won’t be a long break. Frankly, they like it that way; guitarist Donnie Ray professes to being most comfortable when performing, and the band is one of the few in town that can make a living exclusively through playing music. So it comes as no great surprise that Trash Angels has added another weekly show to its already-busy schedule (they currently play weekly Monday shows at Dennis’ Place and Thursdays at The Daily Pub, as well as weekend shows at various clubs); the surprise comes in the location: Classics Sports Cafe & Bar inside the Clarion Hotel (3333 S. Glenstone Ave.),where the band will be playing every Sunday night beginning August 2. Rock inside a sports bar/hotel bar? It’s not as far-fetched as one might think; the bar has hosted DJs and poker tournaments in the past, so why not a full-fledged concert? We just hope Donnie Ray doesn’t attempt to play his wireless guitar while making a trip to and from the men’s restroom; the closest one to the bar is down a hallway leading back into the hotel. Then again, maybe we do want him to try it…

CONTEST: Win tickets to tomorrow night’s Future Leaders of the World show!

July 22, 2009

FLOW_11x17_WEBIt’s an extremely busy week from concerts, and if you were at either or both of the Threat Signal/The Autumn Offering and Hurt/Sick Puppies shows you have exactly one night off until your next chance to rock out: tomorrow night’s Outland Ballroom show with Future Leaders of the World, Formant, Glass Bottom Boat Ride and Assembly Line Gods. The all-ages show is $12 at the door… except if you’re one of the lucky, alert people who wins a pair of tickets in our giveaway. Get details after the break and be ready!


Washington Irving’s new EP now on The Internets

July 22, 2009

Washington Irving, Outland Ballroom, TK

One has to admire the pluck of Washington Irving, a group in its final weeks but scrambling to get everything done that it can before its demise. There are far more cases of bands mailing it in at the eleventh hour, but the local indie-rock band took the opposite approach in the hopes of cleaning out its musical closet. Just in time for the group’s next-to-last show last Saturday night at The Outland, the group prepared Symposium for the Devil, a collection of songs the band left on the back burner but wanted to put forth to the public while it still could. The four-track EP was recorded at Blake Walker Audio (Walker is the band’s drummer) and is available for listening on Washington Irving’s MySpace page, and copies of the CD will be available at the band’s final show at Lindberg’s on August 1. The band will be gone August 2, but at least you’ll have something to remember it by.

Major Show Announcement! Parkway Drive Returns October 2nd!!!

July 13, 2009

When we got a text from Dan Magnum at Forever Endeavor Productions, we flipped! Parkway Drive is returning in the same year! Thank God! If you weren’t one of the lucky 300 to cram into the Outland Ballroom the last time Parkway Drive came, then you were one of the couple hundred that got turned away at the door. That show goes down in our minds as one of the best shows this town has seen in a while—best as in, packed body to body, rockin’ and people going nuts the whole time. They’re returning, and with one hell of a band too…


Assembly Line Gods releases “Shelter For My Enemy” on

July 8, 2009

Assembly Line Gods' rockin' 4 song debut EP available for only $3.56!

Today marks the official release of local rockers, Assembly Line Gods, first EP entitled “Shelter For My Enemy.” They’ve been working hard on this release recording at Studio 2100. Details on the super rockin’ and super cheap 4-song EP after the break…


Your last chances to catch Washington Irving are

June 30, 2009

Washington Irving, Outland Ballroom, TK

Add one more band to the list of those splitting up. Local indie-rock group Washington Irving announced it will be parting ways in early August due to the departure of guitarist and singer Brett O’Neal for school in Illinois. But while the band’s time as an active member of the local scene is nearing completion–save possibly for an occasional “reunion” show when O’Neal comes back to Springfield–there are still three chances on the schedule to see the group. Learn more after the break.


Album Review: Black Lungs & Bitter Tongues, by Iseah

June 12, 2009

Iseah- Black Lungs & Bitter TonguesIseah‘s EP Black Lungs & Bitter Tongues brings an intensity so unusually sharp it should come with a warning label of some kind. Perhaps Do not listen to unless other modern hard-rock bands bore you would be appropriate. In a genre that has become the new least-common-denominator form of rock music–let’s face it, it’s easier to scream than sing and easier to look cool playing guitars in drop chords–Iseah distinguishes itself by being a band that plays with genuine ability–and genuine aggression. Without intending to resort to rock cliche, every instrument sounds weapon-like.


***UPDATED*** The Show Report, 6/11: Punk-tastic, and kinda retro, too

June 11, 2009

What’s going on show-wise in Springfield tonight? Glad you asked:

* Tonight is a night for your inner punk fan, as The Theorist, Red Mouth, Bandit Sound and Rot Gut Glory take over The Outland Ballroom. 

* LemonDrop Records Night at The High Life Live Martini Lounge takes on a slightly retro feel, with guests Reset and The Funkee Apparitionsboth having reunion shows tonight. Reset is LemonDrop co-owner Charlie Rosenbury’s group, while TFA is the previous incarnation of what is now known as The Spacetones. Don’t miss this show if you’re fans of either group; you likely won’t get this chance again.

* The Detectives and The BoogeyMen at The Outland

* We Voyagers, Twelvish Trees and Traveling Salesmen at Nathan P. Murphy’s

* Trash Angels at The Daily Pub

* Gas Pump Talent at Ebbets Field

* Pearl at Tonic Ultralounge

* Art Bentley at Roadhouse Saloon

* Hostile Hippies at Patton Alley Pub

Dirty Old Towne reunites

June 11, 2009

Dirty Old Towne is BACK!

Late last night we got a phone call from Daniel Dossey, drummer for the Branson-based Celtic rock group Dirty Old Towne. It appears the five members of the band met last night at Appleby’s (the imagination comes up with more dramatic places, but okay) to discuss what went wrong between the members and how to address it going forward, if going forward was possible.


Album Review: Welcome Home, by Storyline

June 2, 2009


Though it’s really only 50% new–three tracks appeared on the band’s previously distributed demo–Welcome Home is a, ahem, welcome step forward for Storyline, and further proof that the band is not One Star Story Mach II.


Time for your history lesson: The Short Histories of Powerful Nations CD release @ The Warehouse 6/19

June 2, 2009

the-short-histories-of-powerful-nations-the-underground-42509-by-thefourfourcom-springfields-music-blogThank God this show is a little more than two weeks away. We need psych-up time. Lately The Short Histories of Powerful Nations have been putting on some of the most intense concerts we’ve seen in Springfield in quite some time, mixing heavy, fast music with wild, flailing performance art. In short, it’s like watching hardcore on speed and having every band member do his best Jim-Morrison-if-Morrison-played-an-instrument impersonation… with an occasional horn interlude. It’s fantastically chaotic stuff; it also hasn’t been committed to record–until now. The band finally has its EP, A Brief Treatise on Land Ownership Vol. 1, ready for public consumption, and a killer CD release concert ready to roll June 19 to celebrate. We’ll tell you more about it after the break.


Bring a friend to Michelle Malone @ Nathan P. Murphy’s FOR FREE

June 2, 2009

Michelle MaloneMemorial Day weekend is behind us, so regardless of what the calendar says it’s summertime and Nathan P. Murphys’ Hot Rock & Blues summer concert series is in full swing after the Wes Jeans kickoff show May 22. The next installment is this Friday with Moanin’ Michelle Malone–nickname courtesy of blues great Albert King, by the way, and referring to Malone’s singing style–and the club has decided to unleash a special twist for the show. Anyone who shows up at the show this Friday, June 5, and mentions reading this post gets two tickets for the price of one–buy one, get one FREE. This allows you the opportunity to bring A.) a friend, B.) a significant other, or C.) a person you’re actively trying to sleep with to a passionately performed folk-rock artist who has played with ZZ Top, Joan Jett, The Indigo Girls and Johnny Winter, to which we say:

A.) Great.

B.) Awww.

C.) This is an all-ages show. Try not to be lewd in front of the kids.

Remember, you have to mention this post to get the deal. Tickets are $8.50 in advance or at the door–minors, listen up: no surcharge–and doors open at 8 p.m.

Lindberg’s unleashes the ’90s bands for old-school night tomorrow

June 1, 2009

The 1990s were a decade that Lindberg’s didn’t really get to take part in. The Commercial-Street bar and rock club closed just as the decade began, depriving residents of the opportunity to pound brews in front of the giant mirrored bar back while the local scene’s slew of favorites from the era put pick to string. Tomorrow night, finally, two worlds will collide. We’ll tell you more after the break.