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Rock Talk 9/20 with 7 Dollar Stereo… followed by pops and whistles

September 24, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Technology is a bitch. We belly-crawled out of bed the day after FourFourFest to bring you the latest episode of Rock Talk with 7 Dollar Stereo chatting up its big Outland Ballroom show Saturday night, as well as previews of last Tuesday’s Future Leaders of the World show at Nathan P. Murphy’s and this Friday’s show with Ha Ha Tonka, Macon Greyson and The Cropdusters at Lindberg’s, but the radio gods (not to be confused with Primitive Radio Gods) intervened. So instead we have the interview with 7 Dollar Stereo, and, well, we’ll pretend like the rest happened, too. Enjoy after the break.


Rock Talk (9/13/09): FourFourFest compilation preview with guest hosts Johan from Black Box Revue and Toad from Cropdusters

September 14, 2009


So…if you haven’t heard yet, we’re throwing a freakin’ block party on South Ave. between Walnut and McDaniel this Saturday from 11am–11pm with 18 bands, DJ tent all day, food, and more! We’re also tying in a compilation CD featuring 16 of the acts performing (available for only $5 at festival!).

This week on Rock Talk, we preview the compilation in its entirety along with our co-hosts and festival headliners, Johan from Black Box Revue and Toad from Cropdusters (we also feature some great music from our two headliners as well) 🙂

Listen in now…and buy the compilation at the fest!


Rock Talk (9/6/09) w/Roots of Mankind, The Seed, 417 Sounds, We Are Like The Spider, This Night Is Forever and Pick Four from the FourFour

September 9, 2009


Z106.7’s Rock Talk (episode 9/6/09) was an amazing night…one of our most fun and diverse episodes yet! We had jam, rock, dj/dance/electro, dance rock and pop rock/metal. Then we slam you with the Pick Four from TheFourFour featuring FourFourFest 2009 artists. Listen in after the break.


Rock Talk (8/30/09) Dirty Old Towne, Lyal Strickland, The Expectations and The Conniptions

August 31, 2009


Rock Talk (8/30/09 episode) with Dirty Old Towne (jammin’ 3 acoustic songs), Lyal Strickland (jammin’ 3 acoustic songs), The Expectations (jammin’ 2 acoustic songs) and The Conniptions giving us a sneak preview of brand new music! Plus a FourFourFest pick 4 from TheFourFour. Listen in after the break.


Rock Talk (8/23/09 episode) w/Becky from Nate P’s, Tokyo Sauna, and The Highest Priest

August 25, 2009


This episode is PACKED with music from all walks. Becky from Nathan P. Murphy’s stops by to talk about their 28 year anniversary open house (including a free cover / jam session local musicians are welcome to come play on Thursday) and a bunch of their upcoming shows. Music in that segment: Science Hill from STL (311/incubus vibe) and Shaun Murphy (blues, formerly of 70’s band Little Feat. Next was Tokyo Sauna who played 3 songs acoustically in the studio. Check out our YouTube for vids of that as well. We were then joined by The Highest Priest who played 2 band new tracks and one of which will be on the FourFourFest compilation. Lastly, we play songs from four FourFourFest artists for the Pick Four from the FourFour. Listen in after the break…


Rock Talk 8/16 with The Sociables, Shinebriter, Sunrise Cassette and the dreaded wambats-versus-robots debate

August 17, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Some important questions were answered during last night’s episode of Z 106.7’s Rock Talk, questions that were frankly long overdue for resolution:

1. What the hell happened to The Sociables, and when can we finally see them again? Do they have their album ready?

2. What the hell happened to Shinebriter, and when can we finally see them again?

3. Why the hell did Sunrise Cassette have to change its name, and when can we finally pick up the new album?

4. Who the hell is crazy enough to debate whether wambats or robots would rule the post-apocalyptic world, and who would preside over such madness?

The last is the irreplaceable Simon Nytes of Z fame, the next-to-last is Chris and Scott (the men behind the website you’re reading right now), and the rest is answered after the break in most entertaining fashion.


Rock Talk 8/9 with The Archimedian Point and The First Teenager Ever

August 11, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Sunday Night’s Rock Talk on Z 106.7 featured not one but two live in-studio performances, one an intriguing guitar-and-drum combo from The Archimedian Point and the other an unusual show by melodic indie-rockers The First Teenager Ever featuring a slew of interesting percussion devices such as paint cans, wood sticks and more. If you’re a fan of Rock Talk’s guests breaking the instruments out and showing you what they can do right over the radio waves, this is a good show to check out. We also look ahead to some of August’s big upcoming live-music events during Four from The FourFour. After the break, it is so on.


As heard onstage: E-Man to host Q102 local show Friday nights

August 4, 2009

Showgoers at last night’s Primer 55/Offset/Extreme Hate Frequency/Fiera show were in for an interesting surprise when Q102 DJ E-Man took the mic to bring Primer 55 onstage. Two bits of news, in fact. First, “The Evolution,” E-Man’s weekly overnight all-metal show on Sunday nights, is dead. Instead, E-Man proclaimed from the stage, he will begin hosting a local-music show on Friday nights in the near future, likely starting at 10 p.m. Knowing E-Man’s affinity for metal music, it’s likely local metal bands will be the most immediate benefactors, but it remains to be seen. In the meantime, we can all bask in the boon of attention local radio is giving music in the city, with “Rock Talk” Sunday nights on Z 106.7, “The Blues Show” with Dr. Bob on US97 Sunday mornings and Q’s weekly spotlight show, “15 Minutes of Fame.” Ahhh… feel the local-airwaves goodness.

Rock Talk 8/2 with Offset, Bringers of the Dawn, Ryan Piotrowski of Rock On Music Video Competition and Good Times

August 3, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Hungry for good local-music radio? Here’s a recipe:



Bringers of the Dawn

Ryan Piotrowski of the Rock On Music Video Competition

Good Times


1. Add Offset to talk about opening for tonight’s Primer 55 show at The Outland Ballroom. Stir gently in a large bowl.

2. Add Bringers of the Dawn and a series of quirky-yet-amazing, shirtless in-studio musical performances.* Mix with above.

3. Add a dash of Ryan Piotrowski discussing the upcoming screenings for the Rock On competition at Moxie Cinema

4. Add 1 cup of Good Times talking about Wednesday’s Bloody Battle of the Bands at Remington’s Southside (1655 W. Republic Rd.), sprinkling performances from other participating acts to make up Four from The FourFour.

5. Stir gently over low heat until done.

Just like that, you’ve got last night’s episode of Rock Talk on Z 106.7, which can serve as many people as you’d like and leaves a satisfying, heartburn-free feeling at the end of the desired serving. Way better than takeout, take it from us. Best of all, it reheats well the next day, as you’ll find out after the break.

* They used the shirts to muffle the drum kit inside the studio. Trust us, it was necessary. However, ladies, if you’re curious we hear there may be video available later.


Like what we’re doing? Please help us help you help us help you…

July 28, 2009

Dare I say it, but the “scene” is growing. That’s thank to a lot of hard work from bands, venues, and promoters. I mean seriously, look at all the freakin’ touring acts and national acts we’re getting now ‘a days—I’ve NEVER seen this many bands come through this town…EVER. So thank the promoters, venues, sound guys, bartenders, door guys, etc. Most importantly thank  YOU for visiting our little site as often as you do (hopefully every day) and please keep it up. We’re needing a little help though. Chris and I are hard workin’ our day jobs due to lack of any cash, so there may be a little dip in posts here and there. That’s because we can’t spend hours and hours each day scouring the interwebs like we normally do. This is where we need your help. And we DO need your help. We think this is pretty important, so please click through and read on and pitch in.


Rock Talk 7/26 with HeartPunch, The Seed, Washington Irving and Knife*Death

July 27, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1We’re calling this episode an instant classic. Consider: HeartPunch, the local “supergroup” comprised of members of Fuller’s Earth, The Skeletons and The Domino Kings leads off with acoustic performances and some healthy discussion of their show this Friday; The Seed dropped by ahead of their second CD release party of the year, happening Friday at The Outland Ballroom; we were finally able to have Washington Irving come by the studio and discuss its August 1 show and why it has to be a farewell; and to finish the night Knife*Death flipped the whole show on its ear with an insanely funny “interview” and played tracks from the new Phallic Malice EP coming out Wednesday night. It’s a show bursting at the seams with awesome, and it begins after the break.


Rock Talk 7/19 with Fern, The Radiance Effect and Future Leaders of the World

July 21, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Chances are, if you read that list of guests, that you fall into one of two camps:

1. “Who the heck is Fern?”

2. “Whoa. Hold up. Fern was on the show?! I remember when I saw them play (insert show lineup here)! Are they back together or something?”

We’ll answer those in order:

1. Fern was a local alternative-rock group from the middle and late ’90s that rose to considerable prominence and opened for big-ticket touring acts when they came to Springfield. The resulting exposure netted the band a record contract. The band split up in 2002 when drummer Jay Sandidge left the group.

2. Yes. They were on Rock Talk on Z 106.7.

3. They are back together, and playing at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery July 25 (aka this Saturday) with The Republic Tigers.

We were also lucky enough to catch The Radiance Effect on a once-in-a-blue-moon day off while in Springfield and duly took advantage since they have another once-in-a-blue-moon event coming up: a show in their hometown (in August, details TBA) and a new album (due out in August). Finally, we caught up with Phil Taylor of Future Leaders of the World as the band prepped in New Orleans for its upcoming tour, which includes a stop in Springfield at The Outland Ballroom this Thursday night with Formant, Assembly Line Gods and The Final Piece. It was a big night, and we’ve got the whole thing for you to listen to after the break.


Z106.7, Ozarks Live Productions and TheFourFour present Future Leaders of the World July 23 @ Outland Ballroom

July 16, 2009


Z106.7, Ozarks Live Productions and present:

Future Leaders of the World
Thursday, July 23

Outland Ballroom
w/Formant, Glass Bottom Boat Ride, Assembly Line Gods, and The Final Piece

Catch FLOW on Rock Talk Sunday July 19 from 10-midnight as we debut 3 never before heard FLOW tracks plus a phoner interview with Phil Taylor.

We’ll be giving away 2 sets of tickets on Thursday (day of show). Stay tuned for details.

Rock Talk 7/12 with Nocturnal Nation, Berch and Dan Magnum of Forever Endeavor Productions

July 14, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1Rock Talk, Z 106.7 FM’s weekly local-music radio show on Sunday nights, is all about bringing the unknown artist to the listener. Sunday night’s episode was all about never-been-on-the-show artists: Nocturnal Nation came by to talk about its upcoming Outland Ballroom show on July 18; new college-rock group Berch came by for two jaw-dropping acoustic performances ahead of their July 16 show at Nathan P. Murphy’s and the Four from The Four Four was comprised entirely of FourFour Fest submissions by artists who haven’t been played on Rock Talk before. In with the new, people!

Okay, there was once exception to the never-been-on lineup: Dan Magnum, head honcho of local showbringers Forever Endeavor Productions, returned to the program with a slew of upcoming must-see shows for local music lovers. It’s gonna be a huge summer. Hear it all by performing familiar clicking activities on the link below. 


Rock Talk 7/5: Local Music Appreciation Night, Part Deux

July 6, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1It was an idea so good, and so popular, we had to do it again. In fact, it came up the night of the first Local Music Appreciation Night, which was held in honor of 4/4 Day. That was a fun occasion to assemble two hours’ worth of local-music songs to play; this time we did it just because. Okay, okay, if you need a reason:

1. Saturday was July 4

2. We love America

3. Americans love music (we’re keeping this premise as vague as possible)

There ya go. So behold, two MORE hours of nothing but songs from Assembly Line Gods, As Of Now, The Bootheel, Bottlefish, Daniel Maple of The Never Saints, Formant, Jam Room, Jeb Venable of The Cropdusters, Odd Things Happen When It’s 60 Below (that’s right, an old-school track!), Poor Man’s Vision, Roots Of Mankind, The Rugs, The Seed, Speakeasy, Trash Angels, Troy and The Eric Weiler Band. Tune in, turn on and rock out after the break.