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Can’t Stop the Flow: Roots Of Mankind singer working on hip hop record

June 26, 2009
Yo, man! I heard you was workin' on some new stuff, man. You need a hype man, you give me a call. I'm done with TV and I got some time, you know? I've worked with one of the best in the biz, my man Ch--yo, Chuck, where'd you GO, man?!

Yo, man! I heard you was workin' on some new stuff, man. You need a hype man, you give me a call. I'm done with TV and I got some time, you know? I've worked with one of the best in the biz, my man Ch--yo, Chuck, where'd you GO, man?!

We’ve known for some time now that Roots Of Mankind singer Jason Nunn likes a little hip hop flava in his reggae-song lyrical delivery, and we were never more sure than after he and his bandmates did a little freestyling and beatboxing during last Sunday’s episode of Rock Talk. Now we know just how serious he is about it. Nunn wrote in to tell us he is currently at work on a hip-hop side project with LemonDrop Records DJ/producer The Arkitect (formerly known as Nocturnal Doses), who has previously worked on tracks for The Spacetones. There is no announced timetable for completion, but hopefully it will see the light of day soon.

Second Annual Chill Fest coming September 19

May 13, 2009

theseedWhen The Seed throws a party, it doesn’t do so half-heartedly. It’s CD release concert was a monster, and now the plans emerge for the group’s second annual Chill Fest reggae music festival coming in September. Chill Fest’s second year will showcase a stellar collection of local reggae acts, take place at an intriguing new location (for it, anyway) and be all ages, too. We’ll tell you more after the break.


Josh Heinrichs update

May 1, 2009

heinrichsWe just got a raft of new information regarding the recent goings-on of former Jah Roots singer Josh Heinrichs. First, his new album: Recording has gone on for a few months now, but the latest word from Heinrichs is that a finished album will see the light of day at the end of this month. The six-song EP, to be titled Things Change, will be an acoustic record with some backing instrumentation from members of SeedLove and 77 Jefferson. With a new CD, of course, comes a new tour, which will begin this summer and travel throughout the country–but not before a return performance with Cas Haley at The Outland Ballroom on June 6. Follow all that with an appearance at Schwagstock in September and you have a pretty busy schedule. When it comes to Heinrichs, though, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

What’s in a name? Jah Roots 2.0, aka “FomerJahRoots,” now on MySpace

April 22, 2009
From left: Berger, some guy with a torch, Hulsey, Nail and Tico

From left: Vocalist Aaron "I-Ron" Berger, some guy with a torch, guitarist Mike Hulsey, percussionist Josh Nail and drummer Eric "Tico" Groves

Let’s be clear first: The reggae band we’ve long known as Jah Roots does not have a name. The group has decided not to carry on under its old moniker after parting company with singer Josh Heinrichs, but while the band lets the dust settle and prepares new material it’s already prepared a way to keep in touch with its waiting fans. The group launched a new MySpace page (the address is, but we linked to it, too), which is an unusual step for a band still working out its identity but sensible for one not wanting to lose its momentum or its fanbase. Watch for more news from the guys soon; in the meantime, you have a way of messaging them again.

Nail: Jah Roots 2.0 will use a different name

April 17, 2009

The best news we’ve heard all week is that Jah Roots is, in fact, not split up. The band is moving on without singer Josh Heinrichs, and according to percussionist Josh Nail the group will have a different name when it returns, although Nail says the band has not settled on what it will be yet. The group also will not be adding any new members; Nail tells us the plan is to continue with the current lineup and have Aaron “I-Ron” Berger front the group. As fans of I-Ron’s rhyme interjections, we’re already intrigued. Watch for more news on this as it develops.

A Jah Roots update

April 15, 2009

jah-in-tulsaThere’s a new wrinkle in the Jah Roots “indefinite hiatus” saga, and it comes to us from Josh Nail, the group’s now-former percussionist. Nail tells us the other members of Jah Roots–percussionist Nail, bassist Steve Washburn, drummer Eric Groves, guitarist Mike Hulsey and rapper Aaron “I-Ron” Berger–are still doing music together separately from singer Josh Heinrichs. The group is reportedly putting new songs and sets together and hopes to debut them by late summer. No word yet on whether or not the band will retain the name Jah Roots in its new configuration, but it’s good news to hear that, one way or another, a band that’s brought so many good times to its audience is carrying on.

Jah Roots on “indefinite hiatus”

April 6, 2009

jahtouringTalk has been mounting in recent weeks about trouble within Jah Roots, with numerous credible sources saying the band is splitting up. Not wanting to go public with such information without first approaching the band, we approached singer Josh Heinrichs for answers and we got them. His statement follows after the break.


Reggae Sensation Cas Haley TONIGHT with Josh Heinrichs of Jah Roots (plus mini tour)

March 4, 2009

You’d better believe it ya’ll. Cas Haley and Josh Heinrichs of Jah Roots are going on a two-man tour. Lucky us because the tour kicks of TONIGHT in Springfield, MO. You may remember Cas from Woodbelly (regular Jah Roots tour buddies) a while back, or from a little show by the name of America’s Got Talent with that drunk hunk Hasselhoff where he jammed The Police’s “Walking on the Moon” better than most had EVER heard. Let me tell ya something, its like that on every song with these guys. If you’re a reggae fan, or need a pick-me-up good vibe to carry you through the rest of the week, get downtown and support some AMAZING musicians. More after the break.


Rock Talk (2/22/09) w/FrogEyeJugBand, Levee, & Jam Room (w/video & picturefication)

February 24, 2009


This weekend was a blast with tons of great high energy shows. Luckily we always have Sunday nights to cap off the weekend with some great music. This week we had FrogEyeJugBand come in a perform live. Levee dropped in with some “cock rock” and blasted some tunes. Lastly, Jam Room came in and did what they do best…jam. 3 bands, 4 songs performed live in the studio and even more played. Plus all the random convo and show recap/previews you can handle (with a mouth full of sweethearts candies). Listen in after the break.


Jah Roots singer Josh Heinrichs preparing solo record

February 18, 2009

heinrichs-studioOkay, nobody panic; Jah Roots is on hiatus, but it’s not splitting up. The group maintains it’s on hiatus until April–even though it already played the Bob Marley Birthday Bash a couple of weeks ago and is playing the Sertoma Chili Cookoff Saturday–and singer Josh Heinrichs, aka Ras Josh, is seizing the opportunity to do some work on his own. Find out more after the break.


The Seed bringing you not one but TWO CD release parties

February 9, 2009

Lance Sitton, Outland Ballroom, TK

It’s the perfect convergence of ideas. Imagine you’re in a reggae-influenced jam band, where every show you play is a new opportunity to throw a party with a room full of people dancing to your music. You’re also likely a prolific group when it comes to writing, as many reggae and reggae-influenced acts are. So if you have huge amounts of material you’re working on–some intended for release on an album, others more as an underground treat to share with fans–why not throw a CD release party for each? The Seed has decided to do just that, with parties coming April 3 for their long-anticipated studio album The Big Outside and July 31 for Homemade Dub: A Recipe For Disaster. Both shows will be at the Outland Ballroom; the first will have Seedlove from Kansas City and Jam Room as the opening acts, the second with Echo Movement. Expect a huge party for each, and a new CD to take home with you at the end of the night if you have a little extra cash handy.

Another “hiatus” ends: Jah Roots announces show dates

January 16, 2009
Dude, bitchin' mountains and all, but let's go home. Seriously. Anyone see the van?

Hell yeah, we took a break! We did... you know... stuff. Get the bongos! It's showtime!

Winter is nowhere near over–for God’s sake, have you looked outside?–but local bands are already coming out of hibernation. Consider: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin returns from its two-month break in a little more than a week with a show at Patton Alley Pub. Now comes word that Jah Roots, after already calling timeout on its hiatus for Bob Marley’s Birthday Bash at Remmingtons Downtown February 6, is ready with a fresh batch of shows in the spring. Color us not surprised.


And Your Palen Music Battle of the Bands Winners Are…

July 27, 2008

So Palen Music did something pretty cool…they had a battle of the bands—and it rocked!
A total of twelve bands played on the competition stage. All while HUGE sales were going on and (on top of that) bands were jamming on the upper level inside the store. Being a customer of Palen for over 10 years, this was pretty cool to see. The event had a panel of judges so it WAS NOT a popularity contest. Huge props to Palen for that. Thanks to Palen for putting the event on and to Quinn from Palen for organizing and making the event run smoothly—even after the weather turned and we had to move inside. 

More info and see who won after the jump.