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SincerlyYours mixtape on the way

April 7, 2009

sincerelyyoursIt could safely be said that local-by-way-of-Chicago hip hop artist SincerelyYours has performed more and recorded less since the Real Rhymers Camp spread out across the Midwest a couple of years ago. He was known as BriefListen then, but with a new name comes a new approach to doing things, and the new material is coming. In recent months SincerelyYours has been working more with the team behind LemonDrop Records act The Spacetones, and some of that work is beginning to bear fruit. We’re told by LemonDrop co-chief Charlie Rosenbury that he’s been in the studio recently recording SincerelyYours’s rhymes for an upcoming mixtape. No word on the number of tracks, but we’re told it’s a freshening of material the rapper has had around for some time. The completed work will hopefully see the light of day this summer.

New Sylabol 7 album coming in January

December 6, 2008

From the shadows, he emerges...

From the shadows, he emerges...

We had a rare but welcome sighting recently: Sylabol 7, who informed us his new album will be ready to drop on January 27. The new CD, titled Seems Yesterday Lives, will have 19 tracks, a host of top-shelf guest perofrmers and producers, turntable work by DJ Nick Fury and more. Everything you could want to know comes after the break.