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I’ve seen dancin’… and that ain’t dancin’

September 25, 2009

MoshThe Blue Room inside of Billiards of Springfield closed recently after a long run as a music venue in the city, taking with it the home of many a hardcore, punk, hip hop and comedy show. Billiards as a whole is now back in the care of a previous manager who wants to return the Blue Room to its previous incarnation as a sports bar. The reaction to the closing in the local music community has ranged from “oh well” to “good riddance,” but regardless of one’s personal feelings about the venue there is an undeniable, and much darker, truth behind The Blue Room’s disappearance. Local music–more specifically its fans–led to the room’s closure. In other words, this is one place where we’ve worn out our welcome.


If you’re playing/at a show, handle your f***ing bizz-nass

November 18, 2008
Just one of the many things you could do at a live show. You know, if you're a moron.

If this is you at a local show, you're an idiot. Not even open for discussion. (Note: This was not taken at a local show.)

To say we’re excited about this rant is an understatement. Our special guest ranter today: The entire MoRawk community. Not only has the gang there produced the longest snark-free, constructive discussion any of us can remember, they’ve produced a true must-read for anyone who cares about local music on any level. Whether you’re new to attending shows or a seasoned vet of some years, there are unspoken guidelines–understandings, if you will–that go along with being a band or an audience member. However, since they’ve been unspoken for so long, they’ve also gone (to varying degrees, depending on whom you ask) without being paid attention to.

Until now.

No gauntlet has been thrown at anyone; instead, many people have chimed in with their two cents from a wide range of perspectives for the benefit of the whole. If you want to give and receive respect as a member of Springfield’s music family, this is a good instruction manual. Follow the link and soak it in. It can only do good.