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New music from Queen City Saints

September 25, 2009

dorxw1.jpgIt’s been mere months since The Queen City Saints released its album Chorus of the Commoners, so one wouldn’t be surprised to wait awhile to see more new music. But this is not a band that shies away from a cause. To wit, the group just released a new single titled “Hero Of Midway,” a song written about, and in tribute to, American servicemen and women. “It’s about heroism, self sacrifice [sic], and overcoming obstacles that seem daunting to us all,” the band says via its MySpace blog.

All money made from the song will go to The Coming Home Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families in all facets of life when the soldiers return from service, with aid ranging from physical treatments to psychological care and counseling. The band says the song will also be submitted for inclusion on an album to be sold at USO shows overseas. It’s also available for you to buy online; find out more on the band’s MySpace page.

The Show Report, 6/27: UNITY!

June 27, 2009

Tonight is the night the Springfield Music Scene brings together a wide variety of genres under one roof (Remmington’s Downtown) for the sake of, well, just showing it can be done. Roots Of Mankind, Queen City Saints,  Jam Room, The Spacetones, Falcon Punch, We Voyagers and Only the Brave will all grace the stage tonight, with an added plus: The show also marks the release party for Roots Of Mankind’s new album, Pangaea. While we can’t definitively say a show such as this has never happened before, we can say having this many music styles (as many as six, by our count) under one roof for one show has never happened in our memory. Watch for a gi-normous crowd–hopefully staying through the whole show–and a positive, even festive mood throughout the room.

Ah, but if you’re like us, you like to travel around a bit. Well, have we got a lineup for you:


More info on upcoming scene unity show

May 6, 2009

holdinghandsWhen the guys from Roots of Mankind got in touch with us about putting together a barrier-breaking show for the local music scene, it reminded us of the “Springfield Bands Holding Hands” meetings  of a few years ago. Now comes word of the important difference: This show is a reality. All of the details are nailed down, including the list of performers, and we have it all after the break.


Rock Talk (4/12/09) with Magnificents, Queen City Saints, Dirty Old Towne, & Matt Lemmon (Editor of GO Magazine)

April 13, 2009


It was a packed house this week in the Z 106.7 studios for Rock Talk with 4 guests! This week we had the Magnificents, Queen City Saints, Dirty Old Towne talking about the band’s recent member departures and search, and Matt Lemmon (editor of GO Magazine) talking about the upcoming GO Music Awards at Rock ‘n Ribs next week.


Album Review: Chorus of the Commoners, by The Queen City Saints

January 21, 2009

qcs-coverThe “three chords, two minutes, no bullshit” approach to punk rock may live forever, but it died a long time ago for The Queen City Saints. Like others in the punk genre such as Black Flag (metal), Social Distortion (rockabilly and ’50s rock) and Green Day (pop… there, we said it), QCS incorporates other styles to broaden its palette. Their ingredient of choice is Americana and folk, and they wield it well on songs such as “Swing the Hammer”and “Same Tired Words.” Harmonica in a punk song? Indeed it is. “Oh, The Con of the Century” swings the musical pendulum completely to the bluegrass side, banjo and all, without ever feeling less punk for it.

What QCS has also cultivated, if more on the sly, is an Against Me!-esque love for shout-along choruses, which make Chorus of the Commoners the rallying point its lyrics intend it to be.


Rock Talk (1/18) w/Queen City Saints and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

January 19, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1To borrow a cliche, last night’s guest on Z 106.7’s Rock Talk certainly put the “rock” in the show’s name. Queen City Saints dropped in ahead of their CD release party January 23 (Friday) at Nathan P. Murphy’s to give us a sneak preview of their new album, Chorus of the Commoners, which actually hits store shelves January 27. Follow that with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin members Philip Dickey and Will Knauer telling us about the final straw that sent the band into hiatus–a hiatus ending January 24 (Saturday) at Patton Alley Pub–and a special non-album track from the group and… well, frankly, we’re excited to do another one already. But we can’t; Sunday is still six days away. In the meantime, here is last night’s power-hour of local-music goodness to tide you–and us–over. (more…)

Rock Talk Preview (1/18/09) w/Queen City Saints and SSLYBY

January 17, 2009

Tune in tomorrow night for Rock Talk on Z 106.7 from 10pm–11pm. This week we have The Queen City Saints coming in to talk about their new album and CD release next weekend, as well as the boys from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin coming in to talk about what they’ve been up to over their recent break and their return to playing live. As always, we’ll be recapping concerts from this weekend and dropping a little surprise on you that supporters of local music in the area are gonna love!

Don’t forget about last week’s Rock Talk guests performing out and about tonight! (See the concert post Chris is throwing up any minute now). Last week’s guests were Dirty Old Towne and The Bobby Gardner Band.

Don’t forget that Rock Talk will soon be adding another full hour of local music programming afterwards. BANDS, SEND US  YOUR MUSIC! And if you’d like to be on Rock Talk, just contact us by email here on TheFourFour or on Myspace, or call us, or IM us, or message us on Facebook, or YouTube or Flickr…or stop by the apartment…or say hey at a show or on the street…or you know…any other way…like a text, or a phone call.

At Last: Queen City Saints Album Details

December 1, 2008

qcs-coverIf you’ve been holding your breath since the initial news last spring about the Queen City Saints‘ venture into the studio to record an album… well, you’re likely dead. Those of you with better approaches to The Waiting Game, on the other hand, can finally relax: The new album is titled Chorus of the Commoners, and it lists 12 tracks.


Queen City Saints recording update (includes vlog)

August 21, 2008

We blogged a little while ago about the Queen City Saints hitting the studio. A lot is going right for this band lately including signing to a local label. See what they’ve been up to, where they’re at, and what to expect. (Includes some video awesomeness)