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Album Review: Welcome Home, by Storyline

June 2, 2009


Though it’s really only 50% new–three tracks appeared on the band’s previously distributed demo–Welcome Home is a, ahem, welcome step forward for Storyline, and further proof that the band is not One Star Story Mach II.



Suggestion? Request? Band: Fight Fair coming to Sparrows February 12

January 20, 2009

fightfair11x17copyAwww, do we have to? We were all set to hide behind the bushes with our slingshot and… Oh… you mean the band Fight Fair. Got it. The pop-punk fun bunch is making a splash with its debut album, Settle the Score, and they’re bringing their show to Springfield with a Forever Endeavor Productions show at Sparrows February 12. Tickets are $7. It’s further proof that Forever Endeavor is coming out swinging in 2009, with its third show of the year (don’t forget Spoken comes to Sparrows January 26, as well) just six weeks in. It’s also a reminder that Sparrows is fighting like hell to keep its doors open once its lease runs out.

As for us, we’ll be waiting with our slingshot. Bring it.

Album Review: Journal, by Greene Coast

November 24, 2008

“Jazz Fusion” might be the most poorly implemented description in the modern music lexicon. Okay, so it takes elements of jazz and fuses them… with something. Fused with what, exactly?! The phrase suggests a sort of violent stylistic marriage, as though jazz were combined with other musical genres through a series of hideous spot welds and the liberal use of black electrical tape. Greene Coast’s approach is smoother and more inviting to the listener, avoiding the musical elitism that so often results from fusion groups. Instead, the band takes elements of jazz and strategically blends it in a recipe of pop-ready jam-band music to create the eleven tracks on Journal.

Wait, poppy, sorta-jazzy jam-band music? Rest assured, this isn’t Dave Matthews Band; rather, it’s more of an evolution of ’70s instrument-ensemble bands such as Steely Dan and Chicago Transit Authority–before they became Chicago and dumbed their sound down a bit for mass consumption.