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The Show Report, 6/26: For James

June 26, 2009

Tonight many music-scene veterans will converge on Nathan P. Murphy’s for a show to support one of their own. James Davis, son of MK Ultra gutarist Kevin Flannery, died recently, and tonight The Murph Dome puts on a monster concert in his honor with Plasticity Switch, Pillbox, About Time, Allie Catz, Ilijah and Tokyo Sauna. It’s a big night for the acts involved–hell, Allie Catz reunited just for this show–and, hopefully, a moment of solace for the grief-stricken parents. All proceeds go toward the James Davis Foundation, so come out in droves and enjoy a good show to help out a family wanting to give its son the sendoff he deserves.

Elsewhere around town you’ll find the following:


*** UPATED*** Memorial benefit show brings back some local faves of the past

June 15, 2009

Someone dug the DeLorean out of mothballs. That’s the best explanation we can come up with for the super-eclectic lineup of performers ready to play the James Davis Memorial Benefit show at Nathan P. Murphy’s on Friday, June 26. Davis, the 22-year-old son of MK Ultra guitarist Kevin Flannery, died in his sleep recently, leaving behind a family without its pride and joy and a mountain of funeral costs to cover. Nothing can help the former, but the benefit show is intended to help the latter. Click through and find out the full lineup (with some cool surprises) after the break.


What the f*** is a sativa convention?

April 8, 2009

sativa1Don’t get us wrong; we know it has something to do with marijuana. After all, the Sativa Convention concert is scheduled for April 20–4-20, the number combination usually associated with smoking marijuana–but we didn’t get the specific reference. We are ignorant no longer: sativa is the second word in cannabis sativa, the scientific name for the plant from which marijuana is taken. It’s a clever reference, to be sure, although the word convention still makes us think of a hotel ballroom full of finance-company employees with name tags discussing this year’s updated tax bylaws. Good times. The show really should be a good time, though–hopefully name-tag-free–and we’ll give you the rundown on the other side of the link.


Ozarks Live Productions keeps the rock coming

January 6, 2009

jan6th11x17finalballroom300dpiWhen it comes to bringing traveling rock acts to Springfield, local concert promoters are positively relentless. The latest round of concert announcements is upon us, and Ozarks Live Productions has looked into its crystal ball to bring us a series of exciting up-and-coming bands. Catch a star on the rise? You just might. Check the sked after the break.