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Changes to Palen Music’s closed-door sale: Bands, put down your weapons!

March 26, 2009

palenspringfieldsouthBrandon Welch, director of online sales for Palen Music Center in Springfield, wrote to inform us that there have been a handful of changes made to this Saturday’s closed-door sale. The sale is something of a tradition at Palen, but the store was working in some cool new wrinkles to make an otherwise special day into a mega-event. Well… who’s up for Plan B? We’ll tell you what it is after the break.



And Your Palen Music Battle of the Bands Winners Are…

July 27, 2008

So Palen Music did something pretty cool…they had a battle of the bands—and it rocked!
A total of twelve bands played on the competition stage. All while HUGE sales were going on and (on top of that) bands were jamming on the upper level inside the store. Being a customer of Palen for over 10 years, this was pretty cool to see. The event had a panel of judges so it WAS NOT a popularity contest. Huge props to Palen for that. Thanks to Palen for putting the event on and to Quinn from Palen for organizing and making the event run smoothly—even after the weather turned and we had to move inside. 

More info and see who won after the jump.