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The Show Report, 10/13: Let the wellspring flow

October 13, 2009

Cavo_Remmingtons_gsIt’s a good night for creativity’s many forms, Springfield, and you’ll find tonight’s shows are appropriately all over the map. At The Outland Ballroom you’ll find a feisty hard-rock show, singer-songwriter showcasing at Lindberg’s, less structured showcasing at The Outland and Dennis’ Place and more. Click through for the details.



The Show Report, 7/21: Don’t Hurt my Sick Puppies!

July 21, 2009

SickPuppiesAdmat_sprng_gs1Tonight it’s FM Productions‘ turn to take the wheel and put on the night’s big show: Hurt, Sick Puppies, Tunnels to Holland and The Veer Union at Remmingtons Downtown. The Shrine Mosque gets quiet show-wise in the summertime–it’s an old building and hard to keep cool–but FM occasionally will put on a show in another spot and keep the ball rolling. It should be rolling quite well tonight–a summertime Tuesday, mind you. No tumbleweeds rolling through town this year, that’s for sure. Be at Remmingtons early for the 7 p.m. door time; there should be a pretty good crowd for this one.

Tonight you’ll also find:

* BIG local hip hop show at The Blue Room at Billiards of Springfield: AcuMen, MC Tommy P of The Spacetones, SincerelyYours, Rhyme University (from Columbia, MO) and Roots Of Mankind. A lot of show for five bucks, eh? Starts at 9 p.m.

* Open Mic Night at The Outland

* Blues Jam at Dennis’ Place

Open Mic Night comes to… Schultz & Dooley’s?!

June 30, 2009

Ah, Schultz & Dooley’s, home of good drink specials and (in our opinion) bad karaoke… though perhaps not exclusively so, at least not anymore. It seems some of the Schultz locations–maybe all, though we have yet to hear of something going on at the Chesterfield Village spot–are making inroads with live music. One location is even throwing its hat in the open mic night ring. Get details after the break.


The Show Report, 5/5: Best. Tuesday. Ever.

May 5, 2009

Girl Talk

Tonight brings two artists to Springfield performing here for the first time, both extremely popular in genres that are anything but mainstream. Springfield is on the cutting edge of music culture… on a Tuesday. Forget sombreros, margaritas or any of that Cinco de Mayo stuff. Here’s where the parties are at tonight:


Open mic resurgence? Pappy’s to start hosting one 4/14

April 2, 2009

pappysIt wasn’t long ago that there was a proliferation of open mic nights in Springfield. Not only did The Outland host its weekly music-on-the-low get-together, but you could find others at Nathan P. Murphy’s, Bugsy Malone’s, Dennis’ Place and more. Time whittled the list back down to The Outland–still going strong there–but now a new hat may be thrown into the ring. According to a thread on the MoRawk boards, a very successful open mic/jam session at northside barbecue spot Pappy’s Place (943 N. Main Ave., 417-866-8744) sparked the desire of the staff to turn it into a regular event. As with any open mic night, the event is open to any genre; thread commenters seem to agree that Pappy’s is more conducive to country and folk music, however. Watch for the first open mic night at Pappy’s Place to happen April 14. Call for more details.

Local bands: Back on their grind

March 16, 2009

It’s one thing to talk up those big-occasion shows, the once-in-a-while concerts bands play that get the full treatment: fliers made and handed out, MySpace bulletins obsessively sent out, mass text messages painstakingly typed out down to the part that has to be done in all caps. A key component of local music, though, is the weekly show, the event that gets none of the above because that would mean a lot of work to do every week and, well, who has time between The Day Job, relationships and mowing down row after row of zombies on an X-Box 360 or Playstation 3? Yet bands come to their bars and restaurants and hold it down for hours at a time with little fanfare and, sometimes, little attendance. For that, we wanna give you some love, weekly warriors. Click below and find out who plays where and when; you might be surprised how many options you really do have on those off nights.