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Storyline prepares debut EP

April 1, 2009


We’ve had Storyline‘s demo for at least a┬ácouple of months now, and it sounds polished enough (far more than most demos) that we often forget that it is just a three-song demo. The band, however, does not forget, and the group formerly known as One Star Story has been hard at work in the studio rounding out additional tracks to make a full-fledged recording they can sell. Sell it they will, and you can find more information–including where and how to get it–and a brief promo vid after the break.


A One Star Story no more: Meet Storyline

January 7, 2009

We were intrigued when we received an introductory email from Storyline, a new local band harnessing the melodic qualities of pop in a rock package. Then we noticed the members’ names; three-fifths of the band consists of members of the now-defunct Christian rock group One Star Story. Geno Valloni, Bryant Babbitt and Zack Person have regrouped with vocalist Ashley Morgan and bassist Mike Duvall for the new group. Although its sound is a little poppier than OSS, fans of the old group will likely take to this band straight away. Those new to either group who are down hooky music written with feeling should give it a try. The band’s first show in Springfield will be February 12 at Sparrows; we’re interested to see how they sound onstage. In the meantime, give them a listen here and see what you think for yourself.