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Demo, anyone? FourFour demo deal at MayApple Studio renewed in perpetuity

July 28, 2009

Last month we told you about MayApple Studio, the house-turned-uber-cool-recording-space on East Cherry Street. (You can peep some photos of the space by clicking here.) The studio is run by Daniel Maple of The Never Saints and The Sociables, who comes with considerable credentials stemming from his time recording Top-40 artists in Los Angeles, and is now finally open to the public after previously being available only for MayApple Records’ own in-house recording projects. As a “hello” to the music scene, the studio team put forth a one-weekend offer in honor of TheFourFour (awww…) of recording a band’s four-song demo in a weekend for $400, including setup and mastering, with no hourly time constraints.

There are changes afoot in the studio’s management (more on that coming soon, we hear), but Maple and company are making their demo offer ongoing. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the 4-song/$400 offer, or would simply like to inquire about or set up a recording schedule, can contact Maple at

Meet MayApple Studio PLUS SPECIAL OFFER!

June 23, 2009

It appears two major musical forces in The Springfield Scene are teaming up for a new project. MayApple Records chief and Big Smith singer Mark Bilyeu is working with Never Saints and Sociables keyboardist and singer Daniel Maple to record local musicians outside the MayApple family and regardless of genre. MayApple Studio is a converted house in a country-ish setting on East Cherry Street, fully equipped with Logic and Pro Tools along with the other houselike amenities… ya know, since it’s a converted house. We’re not used to hearing phrases such as “parkayed floors,” “full kitchen,” “Jacuzzi” or “rain-making shower” in the description of a recording space, yet there they are in the description of this facility.

It’s a low-pro bungalow befitting a Hollywood setting, which is fitting given Maple’s experience recording major-label acts such as Maroon 5, Britney Spears and more while living in California a few years ago. Add in Bilyeu’s access to the infrastructure to get CDs professionally pressed and you have a one-stop place to get top-shelf sound… for the you-can’t-be-serious price of $35 per hour, with negotiable price breaks for larger time blocks or full-album agreements.

That’s not all. Click the words below for a special introductory offer valid this weekend ONLY.


Bring a friend to Michelle Malone @ Nathan P. Murphy’s FOR FREE

June 2, 2009

Michelle MaloneMemorial Day weekend is behind us, so regardless of what the calendar says it’s summertime and Nathan P. Murphys’ Hot Rock & Blues summer concert series is in full swing after the Wes Jeans kickoff show May 22. The next installment is this Friday with Moanin’ Michelle Malone–nickname courtesy of blues great Albert King, by the way, and referring to Malone’s singing style–and the club has decided to unleash a special twist for the show. Anyone who shows up at the show this Friday, June 5, and mentions reading this post gets two tickets for the price of one–buy one, get one FREE. This allows you the opportunity to bring A.) a friend, B.) a significant other, or C.) a person you’re actively trying to sleep with to a passionately performed folk-rock artist who has played with ZZ Top, Joan Jett, The Indigo Girls and Johnny Winter, to which we say:

A.) Great.

B.) Awww.

C.) This is an all-ages show. Try not to be lewd in front of the kids.

Remember, you have to mention this post to get the deal. Tickets are $8.50 in advance or at the door–minors, listen up: no surcharge–and doors open at 8 p.m.

This way to your Hot Rock ‘n’ Blues series table, sir/madam…

May 4, 2009
Finally, a V.I.P. section WITHOUT Paris Hilton in it.

Finally, a V.I.P. section WITHOUT Paris Hilton in it.

There aren’t many three-letter acronyms as fun to toss around as “V.I.P.” Indeed, many of us wish there were more avenues to feel that bend-over-backwards-for-us importance that comes with the special badge and status, such as this exchange:

“Pizza Universe, how can I help you?”

“I’d like a large supreme delivered.”

“That’ll be 30 minutes. Total comes to $12.50.”

“I’d like it in 10 minutes.”

“I’m sorry, sir. That’s not possible.”

“Shut it, fool! Do you know who I am?! V.I.P.! V.I.P.!”

“So sorry, sir. Right away. Blaine, start the car!”

“Put extra anchovies on it!”


“I rule you.”

Local concert promoters have been hip to this desire lately, the latest being Nathan P. Murphy’s on Campbell Avenue. Not only has the club put together a diverse and talented bunch of musicians for its Hot Rock ‘n’ Blues concert series this summer, it has also allowed us pedestrian folk to jump to the other side of the velvet rope, if you will. See what we mean after the break.


VIP ticket offer for Shinedown/Saving Abel show ends tomorrow

April 16, 2009

shinedownFree food, discounted drinks, the prospect of a potential meet-and-greet with Shinedown and Saving Abel… that all adds up to one hell of a night at The Shrine Mosque, and your chance to gain these extra privileges is about to expire. When the Shrine box office closes tomorrow at 5 p.m. you either have your regular-price tickets ($30) in hand, complete with free VIP upgrade, or you get them later and watch from the not-VIP areas and do not-VIP things with the rest of the schlubs. 

Don’t be a schlub. Get your tickets tomorrow and party with the rock stars, if not necessarily like them.