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New Music Tuesday: “Waves Of Concern (Live),” by Holstein

October 6, 2009

With the band on a restructuring hiatus, it comes as a bit of a surprise to see a new track turn up from local rock group Holstein. But as something of a forget-me-not the group released a live cut of its song “Waves Of Concern” on its website. Don’t try to look for much else on the site for the time being; with so much in flux with the group, the website is basically a splash page with the band’s logo. But the live track is an added bonus for fans, and you can hear it by putting index finger to mouse button over these off-colored words.

New Music Tuesday: “Street Finding Man,” by The Short Histories of Powerful Nations

October 6, 2009

shorthistoriesEver been to a Short Histories of Powerful Nations show and wondered what the long instrumental piece at the beginning of the set is? It’s not found on A Brief Treatise On Land Ownership, Vol.1, so did it come long before or long after? The answer is the latter, and now it finally exists on record… or .mp3, as the case may be. The band just posted the song, titled “Street Finding Man,” to its MySpace page last Friday–a live cut, no less, taken straight from the band’sĀ August 13 show at Lindberg’s with Native and The First Teenager Ever. Thanks to the deft work of Mobile Force Recording, the song sounds clearer than ever, and at seven-plus minutes it’s quite a treat. Click here to go to the MySpace page and you’ll find the track last in the player. Enjoy.

Cuz Chicks Dig ‘Em: scarswillfade returns

September 1, 2009

scarsThere has been a flurry of defunct bands returning to stages in Springfield this year, but when we heard local rock group scarswillfade would be joining that list we were a bit surprised. We hadn’t heard so much as a rumor about the group since its farewell show at The Snorty Horse Saloon oh-so-long ago. Then came an email earlier this week with the announcement, as well as details.


So who’s down to jam? Murphy’s makes its stage yours tomorrow night

August 26, 2009

natepsIf you listened to Sunday night’s Rock Talk on Z 106.7 FM, whether live on The Radios or less-than-live on The Internets, you likely heard about an important event coming up in the history of downtown blues and rock club Nathan P. Murphy’s. The club turns 28 this year, and unlike some things of similar age the club arguably looks and feels better than it has since its very early years. To show off the new digs, the club is holding an open house of sorts tomorrow night for musicians and fans alike. Wanna check out a music show without a cover? Bands, wanna check out a room to play in that is probably different than you remember? Tomorrow is your night. Read on after the break.


We aren’t dead yet! Washington Irving prepares EP of unreleased tracks

July 14, 2009

Washington Irving, Outland Ballroom, July 26, 2008

No, they will not go quietly into that good night, sir. Indeed, Washington Irving will rage against the dying of the light as long as it can. Not only has it booked more shows in less time than ever before in order to take advantage of the last while before guitarist Brett O’Neal moves to Illinois, the ’90s-influenced indie band is dusting off a collection of songs it never recorded before. With time running out–the group’s final show is August 1–it is making one last EP and releasing the last bit of up-to-par material it can. Four songs were recently recorded with Blake Walker Audio to include on the EP, including one track just added to the band’s MySpace titled “A Housing Project Named Desire.” You can hear it by clicking here. The band hopes to have the EP ready in time for its show at The Outland Saturday night with Loose Lips Sink Ships and The Short Histories of Powerful Nations, but if not it will be available at the farewell show in August. We would say more, but, frankly, we’re out of literary death cliches.

Meet MayApple Studio PLUS SPECIAL OFFER!

June 23, 2009

It appears two major musical forces in The Springfield Scene are teaming up for a new project. MayApple Records chief and Big Smith singer Mark Bilyeu is working with Never Saints and Sociables keyboardist and singer Daniel Maple to record local musicians outside the MayApple family and regardless of genre. MayApple Studio is a converted house in a country-ish setting on East Cherry Street, fully equipped with Logic and Pro Tools along with the other houselike amenities… ya know, since it’s a converted house. We’re not used to hearing phrases such as “parkayed floors,” “full kitchen,” “Jacuzzi” or “rain-making shower” in the description of a recording space, yet there they are in the description of this facility.

It’s a low-pro bungalow befitting a Hollywood setting, which is fitting given Maple’s experience recording major-label acts such as Maroon 5, Britney Spears and more while living in California a few years ago. Add in Bilyeu’s access to the infrastructure to get CDs professionally pressed and you have a one-stop place to get top-shelf sound… for the you-can’t-be-serious price of $35 per hour, with negotiable price breaks for larger time blocks or full-album agreements.

That’s not all. Click the words below for a special introductory offer valid this weekend ONLY.


New Music Tuesday: Brannon Powers

June 23, 2009
Photo by Kristen Pierson

Photo by Kristen Pierson

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Brannon Powers, the happyendings/The Whitest Light singer turned solo artist. He toured with Kate Voegele through the latter half of May, then it was back to work on making music. The latest finished tune from that effort is a perky track titled “You Will Never Know,” a thoroughly enjoyable summertime song you can hear by clicking on these funny-colored words.

Nathan P. Murphy’s revamps sound system and front entrance

May 14, 2009

They can rebuild it. They have the technology… and the know-how… and a hammer, nails, a saw, etc. Local blues and rock club Nathan P. Murphy’s has undergone considerable renovation in the last month, with an all-new Peavey sound system protruding from the stage replacing the older, larger unit there before. More changes were just completed on the other end of the room, as well. The club’s fascia looking out toward Campbell Avenue has been remodeled with a new doorway, windows and paint. Inside, behind and next to the sound board, the floor space has been rebuilt to allow for more tables and chairs. In the near future, the sound person’s booth will be completely redone, too. In all, look for better sound, more seating capacity and a generally more polished look and feel when all the changes are complete. Call it The Six Million Dollar Club… even if the improvements cost way less than that.

New music from The Reacharounds

May 12, 2009

The ReacharoundsLife is good in the world of local punk-rock group The Reacharounds. It turns out the months of May and June will be very busy ones for the band, with four shows scheduled in that time in Lebanon and Springfield. Meanwhile, the group just released a slew of new tracks onto its MySpace page. Hop on The Internets and rock out!

Roadhouse Downtown now open

April 28, 2009

In all the madness of news in recent days we neglected to mention a potentially important detail: There are now two Roadhouse Saloon locations–which, potentially, means a new music venue in Springfield. (more…)

What’s in a name? Jah Roots 2.0, aka “FomerJahRoots,” now on MySpace

April 22, 2009
From left: Berger, some guy with a torch, Hulsey, Nail and Tico

From left: Vocalist Aaron "I-Ron" Berger, some guy with a torch, guitarist Mike Hulsey, percussionist Josh Nail and drummer Eric "Tico" Groves

Let’s be clear first: The reggae band we’ve long known as Jah Roots does not have a name. The group has decided not to carry on under its old moniker after parting company with singer Josh Heinrichs, but while the band lets the dust settle and prepares new material it’s already prepared a way to keep in touch with its waiting fans. The group launched a new MySpace page (the address is, but we linked to it, too), which is an unusual step for a band still working out its identity but sensible for one not wanting to lose its momentum or its fanbase. Watch for more news from the guys soon; in the meantime, you have a way of messaging them again.

Nail: Jah Roots 2.0 will use a different name

April 17, 2009

The best news we’ve heard all week is that Jah Roots is, in fact, not split up. The band is moving on without singer Josh Heinrichs, and according to percussionist Josh Nail the group will have a different name when it returns, although Nail says the band has not settled on what it will be yet. The group also will not be adding any new members; Nail tells us the plan is to continue with the current lineup and have Aaron “I-Ron” Berger front the group. As fans of I-Ron’s rhyme interjections, we’re already intrigued. Watch for more news on this as it develops.

New music from The Final Piece

April 9, 2009

The Final Piece, FourFourFest, Nathan P. Murphy's, November 15, 2008

We’re two days from The Final Piece‘s next concert, sharing the lineup at Nathan P. Murphy’s with Screwtape Letters, Glass Bottom Boat Ride and Burnt Echoes, which is playing its final show. Want some extra enticement to go? How about the prospect of all-new tunes? The band debuted one this morning on its MySpace page, titled “Where the Heart Is,” and promises there are more on the way. Sneak preview of what we might expect to hear at the show? Only time will tell. In the meantime, hit up the band’s MySpace and enjoy some fresh tunes.

New music from Holstein–and it’s acoustic!

April 8, 2009

With a new album, Blood On James River, on the way in a little more than two months, it would make sense for the group to lay low for a bit while it puts the finishing touches on its latest labor of love. Instead, the indie-rock group appears to be doing the opposite; not only is it booking more shows in the weeks leading up to the CD release, it is releasing never-before-heard music as an online exclusive on the band’s MySpace page. The new song, titled “Inside Out,” could be the first of several acoustic tracks to watch for, if the band’s MySpace blog is to be believed. So enjoy the new tune and keep an eye out for more to come, online and, in June, on record.

Iseah released new EP on iTunes

April 1, 2009


Regular Springfield performers Iseah (they’re technically from Warrensburg, but damn if we don’t catch them around town a lot) just finished and released their EP Black Lungs & Bitter Tongues on iTunes. Fresh off a show Sunday night opening for Cities and Years and on the verge of another Springfield show at The Blue Room at Billiards of Springfield April 12 with A Plea for Purging, the EP’s release looks to be a welcome shot in the arm for a long-running local(-ish) metal act. Congrats, guys! Can’t wait to hear it!