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The Rugs return, with a new (old) member

August 24, 2009

rugs_promoIt’s not often that The Rugs get to play a show these days, what with lead singer Matt Dampier living in Kansas City and all, but the band has been able to put together a show this Saturday (August 29) at Lindberg’s together with Pilot Whale, The Tall Dark & Handsomes and Matthew Darkly, Dampier’s other Moodring Records music project. Good news, certainly, and worthy of mention, albeit perhaps not on its own, but there’s an added detail that changes that: According to guitarist Eric SchuchmannDonnie Thompson, The Rugs’ original drummer, is back in the lineup and will be playing the Lindberg’s show. Thompson, probably best known for his work on guitar with The Morells, The Skeletons and The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, bowed out of The Rugs a couple of years ago and was replaced by Brian Azevedo. To our knowledge, it’s the first time the group’s original lineup has performed together in more than two years. Now the question becomes: Permanent change or one-show-only switchover?

The FourFour Show dances into the heart of darkly this week

May 29, 2009

Warning: This video may not be suitable for some surfers. Some may deem it not safe for work, others may really like it. At any rate, you’ve been warned.

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Ladies and Gentleman, is proud to present the twelfth episode of The FourFour Show with Kurtzender. Sit back, relax, and turn that noggin into mush with us.


The Filthy Thirds’ Stone Dead, now on Moodring Records

May 26, 2009

TFT-stone-deadLater this week, local British-wave-inspired metal act The Filthy Thirds will celebrate its last hurrah with one last performance at Lindberg’s on Commercial Street. As one more “thank you” to fans–or as a primer for the uninitiated, depending on how you look at it–the band’s album Stone Dead is now available for FREE download in its entirety on Moodring Records’ website, which you can reach by clicking on the link. Of course, for those feeling a little lazier the album (or just individual songs)–can be streamed from the site as well. Since we have doubts that the album will ever see another pressing, though, we suggest downloading. After that, you have just four days of thrash practice before the real thing May 30. Be ready.

From the vaults: Afraid Of Everything, by The Walnut Street Gang

April 27, 2009

wsg-aoe-lgIn the days before The Dirty Blondes, singer Ran Cummings and Tim Miano played in another well-known local punk-rock group known as The Walnut Street Gang. The group disbanded years ago (note the Dirty Blondes myspace address:, but the group’s music lives on courtesy of Moodring Records. The label’s website, dormant since the start of the year, just put up the group’s 2004 EP release Afraid Of Everything, which has been out of print for some time if it ever saw print at all. Put it this way: You won’t find the record anywhere else than by clicking on these colored words. It’s a neat bit of local-music history, and a fitting precursor for the madness that came after.

Moodring Update: Matthew Darkly full-length in the works

March 3, 2009

Enough demos, they say. After months of periodic teasing with a few songs here and there, Moodring Records honcho Eric Schuchmann says a full-length Matthew Darkly CD is now underway. Matthew Darkly, the alter ego of Rugs singer Matt Dampier, will get a live-band treatment, albeit in stripped-down form–just Dampier and Schuchmann–and more extended recording time, but don’t expect a long wait. The album should be finished and available when the two start playing shows as Matthew Darkly this June.

More from the Moodring Records vault: The Walnut Street Gang’s final recordings

January 23, 2009

wsg_singleHop in our digital DeLorean and travel back to March 2005. It was a simpler place and time, back when the economy was only just swirling around the toilet bowl, MTV hadn’t burdened us with The Hills yet and The Walnut Street Gang was still making music. Sadly, The Walnut Street Gang was the first of these three happy circumstances to go; the group split up in May of that year. Moodring Records, in a nostalgic turn, finally releases the last bit of material the band produced before its departure: “Bunko Steerer” and “Can Opener,” the former of which was previously unreleased. Give them both a listen for yourself–and, if you dig it, download them, too–by depressing your clicking finger over these words.

Break time is over! Moodring Records returns with new Guns single

January 14, 2009

For our holiday listening pleasure, Moodring Records gave us a new-music orgy with four releases in two weeks. As with most other orgies, though, they needed a bit of rest after it was over. Well, the metaphorical cigarettes have been smoked and now it’s time for more tuneful goodness. This time it’s in the form of The Guns, who return with new single “Ain’t Got Time To Bleed” and B-side (can it still be called that in The Digital Age?) “Razorblade.” Hear them both here.

Merry Christmas (a day late) from Moodring Records

December 26, 2008

Matt “Darkly” Dampier is one busy musician. Just in time for Christmas Black Friday Part Deux, the Moodring Records music machine returns with not one but two EPs for you to sink your teeth into: The sometimes-sweet, sometimes-rocking A Christmas Darkly, which includes another 2008 inductee into the Local Christmas Music Hall of Fame, “All I Want.” Then, before anyone decides to get all huggy over the previous album’s Christmas charms, the prince of Darkly-ness releases Suck Your Own Damn Blood, a power-pop-meets-glam-rock romp through the macabre. We’re a little giggly just thinking about it. As always, you’ll find both albums for streaming or download on the Moodring Records website.

Happy holidays from Moodring Records! TWO releases this week!

December 15, 2008

Holy cow, Santa! Is this the new Moodring Records holiday collection?! F*** yeah!

You might have noticed Moodring Records took last week off in its relentless weekly release-a-thon, but the break is over. This week, in honor of the coming Christmas holiday, MRR is doubling up. First up is a new single from Rags to Rich’s, the other major project of Rugs guitarist Richie Rebuth. It’s the band’s first single on Moodring, the surf-rock instrumental “Savage” with the B-side “Turbulence.”

If that’s not enough, MRR brought back a classic to complete the double-whammy: The Walnut Street Gang nugget A Very Walnut Street Gang Christmas, including the tracks “Christmas Evil” and “The Gift.” Who doesn’t need more slightly threatening punk rock in their holiday season? Not this blog! Bring it!

Listen to all of these tracks and more here.