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3 Doors Down coming to Shrine Mosque in March

February 21, 2009


While poking around for info on the upcoming 311 show, we stumbled across 3 Doors Down ticket info on 


The Delta Fiasco coming back to Springfield March 6

February 20, 2009

delta-fiascoAnyone who went to see Shiny Toy Guns at The Outland Ballroom last November will tell you the act that stole the show was Liverpool, England’s The Delta Fiasco. If you have energy/desire/imagination after you’re done doing this–we suggest finding a reserve–The Delta Fiasco is the latest booking for Black Box Revue, coming to town March 6. Want more news? Click the link below.


A local SXSW party of a different kind

February 20, 2009

losecontrol_09So you think South By Southwest is about an endless series of indie bands, beer gardens and music bloggers? Nope. Springfield is bringing the dance party. Read after the break.


Coming back to Gallery Sounds: The Radiance Effect, 3/10

February 17, 2009

radiance-effectWhen was the last time you saw that name on a local show bill? The Radiance Effect has been doing the tour thing of late, with stops coming up throughout Missouri, Tennessee and Illinois in the weeks ahead. But they’re coming home to Springfield for one night at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery March 10, with opening acts Say You Will and Abandon Kansas. The all-ages show is $8 and starts at 7:30 p.m. Miss it and you’ll have to wait quite a while for the next Springfield gig. You’ve been warned.

Page 20 of Guitar Edge magazine, March/April issue…

February 11, 2009

trashangelsgo…contains an article on Trash Angels, part of the magazine’s regular “Working Band” segment. The article isn’t available on the Guitar Edge website, so we can’t link directly to it, but it’s worth picking up the March/April issue the next time you’re at the newsstand just to see one of our local blues acts getting some love in a national magazine along with Yngwie Malmsteen, Lamb of God and more. Hopefully it’s the first of many more times.

Sylabol7 album out by early March; tour coming, too

February 10, 2009

sylbugsysYou may recall a previous post about local hip hop artist Sylabol7 delaying the release of his new record, Seems Yesterday Lives, in order to add two new tracks he had just received beats for. The latest from Sylabol7 is that the album is now slated for 18-19 tracks and will be ready and released in time for his tour with fellow Real Rhymers Camp member Les Izmore in early March. The record will be released independently, and possibly as a package deal with a beats record by DJ Nick Fury. Whether released on its own or as part of a combo, Sylabol7 says he wants half of the album’s proceeds to go to the family of Killuh E, a longtime friend who died November 13. We’ll post more release details as soon as they’re available.

I got a fever… and the only cure… is more BUKKAKE

February 4, 2009

bukkakeHe’s kept busy each week with gigs with Platinum Social Club, but since the dissolution of The Sociables keyboardist Johnny Bukkake has been anything but dormant. Instead he’s been preparing The Never Saints, a new group that plays, from what we can gather from his description, sexed-up swamp stomp music. The group is comprised of Bukkake on keys/bass/vocals/guitar, local in-too-many-bands-to-mention-them-all guy Jim Rea on drums, Mark Cassidy of The Hillbenders and Cindy Woolf’s backing band on lead guitar, Dustin “Duk” Rehagen on drums and Heather Buckner on backing vocals. Watch for shows starting in April, or possibly March. We’ll keep you posted.

O Freddie, Where Art Thou

February 2, 2009
All we hear is... radio ga ga...

All we hear is... radio ga ga...

Freddie Mercury died in 1991, but like many of classic rock’s heavyweights, the music of Mercury and his band, Queen, lives on in tribute acts–some even featuring members of the original band. One such act is coming our way, it turns out: (more…)

More from the Moodring Records vault: The Walnut Street Gang’s final recordings

January 23, 2009

wsg_singleHop in our digital DeLorean and travel back to March 2005. It was a simpler place and time, back when the economy was only just swirling around the toilet bowl, MTV hadn’t burdened us with The Hills yet and The Walnut Street Gang was still making music. Sadly, The Walnut Street Gang was the first of these three happy circumstances to go; the group split up in May of that year. Moodring Records, in a nostalgic turn, finally releases the last bit of material the band produced before its departure: “Bunko Steerer” and “Can Opener,” the former of which was previously unreleased. Give them both a listen for yourself–and, if you dig it, download them, too–by depressing your clicking finger over these words.

Springfield Goes To SXSW 2009

January 22, 2009

sxsw2009muAustin’s annual South By Southwest music and film festival is still two months away (the full event is March 13-22, while the music festival runs specifically March 18-22), but we can already tell you that you have good reasons to make the drive to attend. Not only that, you’ll find some familiar faces onstage when you get there: Springfield bands Ha Ha Tonka (previously known as Amsterband) and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (set up by Polyvinyl, apparently, but canceled by the band) are both is on the list of acts playing showcase shows during the second weekend. (For a complete list of performers, click here.) We’re guessing here that the band secured the show with help from its label, Bloodshot Records, though that’s not confirmed. Regardless, they’ll be there and they’ll be playing–representing for Springfield at an internationally known music happening.

Need more reasons to make the road trip? Follow after the break.


At last, they reunite: Josh Heinrichs of Jah Roots and Cas Haley of Woodbelly to tour with combined solo sets

December 23, 2008

joshcasdoneThere was a time when this show would have cost you two dollars to see at The Bar Next Door, but times have changed. In the case of Jah Roots singer Josh Heinrichs and Woodbelly (from Arlington, Texas) vocalist Cas Haley, those changes have been for the better. Heinrichs and the rest of the Jah Roots crew have gained enormous exposure performing at events such as Schwagstock, South by Southwest and Wakarusa; Haley rolled the dice on an appearance on America’s Got Talent that sent him to the show’s final round and led to his band now being known as Cas Haley and Woodbelly. Now the old touring buddies are getting together for a fresh set of dates, currently set for March 4–8.

According to Heinrichs’s MySpace page, two venues are confirmed so far: March 6 at Murphy’s Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska and the Broadway Oyster Bar in St. Louis, Missouri on March 8. We’re holding out hope that there’s a Springfield date in the works, as well. Click the link for a couple of reasons why.