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Spacetones on your virtual radio tonight

May 6, 2009


We just got word that local hip hop group The Spacetones will be on The Growl, Missouri State University’s campus online radio station, tonight at 11 p.m. The group will be on the show promoting its upcoming show Friday night at The Underground below The Magic Bean Coffeehouse. (To clarify, we’ll be referring to all 728 Wall St. shows in the future by that location’s other name, The Warehouse, to avoid confusion.) The concert should be awesome, and the radio interview should be cool, as well. Watch for some in-studio performances and more. You can tune in to it at the appropriate time by clicking here.

Jam Room: It’s everywhere you want to be

March 26, 2009

rocktalkjamroom3Luke, Jimmy James and the gang in Jam Room never let up, and good to them for it. The next week sees the reggae/rock/jam group at its most ubiquitous. Set your TiVo or DVR; you’re gonna need it. See what we mean after the break.


Strumming ’til it stops: 10 acoustic acts protest war with concert

March 17, 2009
So... anyone wanna cover THIS song at the show?

So... anyone wanna cover THIS song at the show?

Boo war. Boo. That’s the way-censored version of the message several local acoustic artists are out to transmit with a night-long concert at The Magic Bean Coffeehouse Friday, March 20. So how does one protest something… quietly? We can point to 10 different ways, actually. See them all after the break.


Local bands: Back on their grind

March 16, 2009

It’s one thing to talk up those big-occasion shows, the once-in-a-while concerts bands play that get the full treatment: fliers made and handed out, MySpace bulletins obsessively sent out, mass text messages painstakingly typed out down to the part that has to be done in all caps. A key component of local music, though, is the weekly show, the event that gets none of the above because that would mean a lot of work to do every week and, well, who has time between The Day Job, relationships and mowing down row after row of zombies on an X-Box 360 or Playstation 3? Yet bands come to their bars and restaurants and hold it down for hours at a time with little fanfare and, sometimes, little attendance. For that, we wanna give you some love, weekly warriors. Click below and find out who plays where and when; you might be surprised how many options you really do have on those off nights.


Springfield vs. Austin: Who wins?

September 15, 2008

I got an email last week from Jason Poe, formerly of the Springfield band the Professional Americans and currently living and writing music in Austin, Texas under the name Jets Under Fire. His band is coming back to Springfield this weekend to play at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery Saturday, September 20. Sounds like a cool show, I thought–and an opportunity. It seemed to me as though Jason would be especially qualified to write a musician’s-eye view comparing Springfield and Austin musically, looking at what Springfield does right as well as what it can do better. The results were everything I hoped for and more. It’s a long read, but I sincerely hope anyone who visits this site and cares about local music–from musicians to venue owners, and even local administrators–will gain something from it. Not only is it hopeful, it’s instructive. You’ll find the full essay after the break. Enjoy.