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The Show Report, 8/20: A Fond Farewell by any other name…

August 20, 2009

Imagine this scenario: You’re in a band (woo!), you record your debut album in a day at a very good studio (damn we’re efficient!) and even send it out for some early reviews (free publicity rules!). From there, all hell breaks loose. You discover your band name is shared with another band… in Germany (seriously?!), and that said band just signed a record deal and wants you to vacate its band name (sigh). Then you run into glitches (i.e. money crunch) in the CD release process, meaning the record you recorded in a day took longer to get to the public than some other bands take to record and release theirs (good grief). Such is the plight of Sunrise Cassette, formerly known as A Fond Farewell and presently releasing its album Deal With It with a concert at Nathan P. Murphy’s tonight with openers Anthony Narvaez, Busted Kid and My Politic. Hopefully that puts an end to the twists and turns for a while, though it’s been a mini-soap opera in the meantime, even if it didn’t have brain tumors, evil twins or any of this.  

Also on tonight’s episode of As Your Music Scene Turns:



The Show Report, 8/7: Put that Dirty Blonde wig on, baby. It’s a very sexy night.

August 7, 2009

Dirty Blondes at ArtWalk? Isn’t ArtWalk supposed to be a family-friendly, chill event? Oh, not tonight, chickadees. Tonight the four Dirty Blondes–namely Ranald Ives Cummings III, Renton Fallstaff, Nathan Mattney and Timmy Miano–take over ArtWalk night with the sexiest, sloppiest, most debaucherous show this side of a Tokyo sex show. (Well, it’s good horny punk rock, anyway.) It’s also the last night you’ll ever get to see said show happen, as the band says farewell on The Outland Ballroom’s stage tonight. Joining them will be The Disappointments, who are pulling the double-whammy of a CD release party and farewell show of their own; the immortal Pilot Whale, not seen since his set with Black Box Revue earlier this summer; and The Vagina Massacre, who win the prize for Best Band Name in Springfield and, we’re told, rock at the simulated-concert game Rock Band. They must, since they perform using the game. Expect one hell of a rock show… and, by the end of the night, one hell of a mess. But then, in the world of Dirty Blondes, messy is good.

Ready for more? Come get it:


Album Review: The Phallic Malice EP, by Knife*Death

July 29, 2009

If The Short Histories of Powerful Nations had a tongue-in-cheek doppelganger, it would have to be Knife*Death. While the former flies in the face of metal convention with revisionist-historian lyrics and walking-megaphone intensity, neither of which fit the genre’s mold, the latter band slaps convention in the back of the head and runs away laughing. Knife*Death is, in spirit, a sort of modern-day local-metal Spinal Tap-meets-Primus, mocking and undermining metal cliches while wearing its way-too-serious face on The Phallic Malice EP. It’s a tough line they’re walking, underpinning the six songs here with tight, clever playing and juxtaposing it with a healthy, if at times boyish, sense of humor.


The Show Report, 7/29: So You Think You Can–nothing. Less dancing, more rocking.

July 29, 2009
Shut up, Mary Murphy. Local music is hijacking your audience tonight. You're riding The Hot Tamale Train solo.

Shut up, Mary Murphy. Local music is hijacking your audience tonight. You're riding The Hot Tamale Train solo.

Let’s level for a minute. We don’t often speak in such tones, but damnit, it’s Wednesday night in the middle of summer and anyone who stays home to watch television instead of hitting up at least one of tonight’s shows ought to be smacked straight out of their barcalounger. Done entirely on the low, Wednesday night has become the go-to night for some of The Springfield Scene’s best talent to corner the market on nightlife. Seriously; give ’em a top hat and a monocle, cuz it’s a Monopoly and they’re taking over like it’s Park Place up in here. You know that night of the week when you can walk into your favorite bar and it’s just you and the other regulars hanging out? Tonight is the night for local music’s regulars, and they’re in rare form, perhaps as rare as they’ve ever been at mid-week. We can’t even begin to tell you here; you’re just gonna have to read after the break. And for God’s sake, TiVo So You Think You Can Dance tonight. We don’t wanna have to get feisty.


The Short Histories of Powerful Nations: Invading a music club near you

July 29, 2009

the-short-histories-of-powerful-nations-the-underground-42509-by-thefourfourcom-springfields-music-blogBolstered by the release of its long-awaited album A Brief Treatise On Land Ownership Vol 1, The Short Histories of Powerful Nations (pause for breath) is booking shows like we’ve never seen the progressive-intellectual-rock band do before. Lest you think we’re kidding, take a look at this schedule:


Rock Talk 7/26 with HeartPunch, The Seed, Washington Irving and Knife*Death

July 27, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1We’re calling this episode an instant classic. Consider: HeartPunch, the local “supergroup” comprised of members of Fuller’s Earth, The Skeletons and The Domino Kings leads off with acoustic performances and some healthy discussion of their show this Friday; The Seed dropped by ahead of their second CD release party of the year, happening Friday at The Outland Ballroom; we were finally able to have Washington Irving come by the studio and discuss its August 1 show and why it has to be a farewell; and to finish the night Knife*Death flipped the whole show on its ear with an insanely funny “interview” and played tracks from the new Phallic Malice EP coming out Wednesday night. It’s a show bursting at the seams with awesome, and it begins after the break.


The Show Report, 6/27: UNITY!

June 27, 2009

Tonight is the night the Springfield Music Scene brings together a wide variety of genres under one roof (Remmington’s Downtown) for the sake of, well, just showing it can be done. Roots Of Mankind, Queen City Saints,  Jam Room, The Spacetones, Falcon Punch, We Voyagers and Only the Brave will all grace the stage tonight, with an added plus: The show also marks the release party for Roots Of Mankind’s new album, Pangaea. While we can’t definitively say a show such as this has never happened before, we can say having this many music styles (as many as six, by our count) under one roof for one show has never happened in our memory. Watch for a gi-normous crowd–hopefully staying through the whole show–and a positive, even festive mood throughout the room.

Ah, but if you’re like us, you like to travel around a bit. Well, have we got a lineup for you:


Stimulate THIS: Scarswillfade reunite–for a low-dough show!

June 17, 2009

LowDoughFlierThe Fliermakers are calling it The Economic Stimulus Show, and it’s hard to disagree. Consider: Not only is Scarswillfade getting back together after a long break away from a stage, but the band’s first show back is headlining at Nathan P. Murphy’s June 27 with Assembly Line Gods, The Final Piece, Knife*Death and Change Today for–get this–a $2 cover. Scarswillfade also says it’s working on all-new material and, as they put it, “saying goodbye to all the old songs.” A show full of never-heard-before stuff?! It could be a reality. Find out June 27; hell, it will only cost you $2 anyway.

Ready for more Homegrown? March 28 w/Super String Theory, Assembly Line Gods, Knife*Death

March 24, 2009

homegrownQ102 is on a roll. The last Homegrown concert with Levee, Berlin Drop and Bender drew a raucous crowd to Nathan P. Murphy’s to rock out like it was 1976. To keep the momentum going, the station is taking its monthly rock show in another direction: free-range prog rock. Let’s get experimental, shall we? Super String Theory headlines this month’s edition of Homegrown, along with metal up-and-comers Assembly Line Gods and the barely controlled madness known as Knife*Death. They’ll all pile into the Outland Ballroom High Life Live Martini Lounge Saturday night (March 28) under the sweet lighting and audio system. Trip-the-light fantastic? Quite possibly.

Rock Talk (2/15) with Dirty Old Towne & Knife Death; cameos by J.R. Top and Sweethearts candies

February 16, 2009

kzrqrocktalklogo1So Dirty Old Towne, Knife*Death and our legendary sometime co-host/full-time woodsman J.R. Top dropped by the studio the night after Valentine’s Day for Rock Talk on Z 106.7, which can only lead to three things:

1. Hilarious conversation about everything from candy hearts to Jean-Claude Van Damme teaming with Shriners to save the world.

2. Wildly entertaining music was played, all of which you can drink to.

3. There were more beards in the room than in a Band Of Horses video.

We promise that’s not all, either. Listen after the break and revel in the chaos.


Happy New Year? Ground Xero to close 1/1/09

December 5, 2008

gxWe heard from the boys in Knife*Death about this last night, and after checking on it with manager Zac Oxford it turns out to be true: Ground Xero, Commercial Street’s last active music venue, will close January 1 of next year. The bar’s last night will be its New Year’s Eve party. Ground Xero’s show calendar still lists the New Year’s Eve show performers at “TBA,” so expect details to come soon on that. In the meantime, we’re just given more evidence that Commercial Street, as an entertainment (and particularly live music) destination, is dead.