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Big Brothers Big Sisters Benefit TONIGHT (2/20) at Front Porch

February 20, 2009

bigbrothersbigsistersDave Harp (owner High Strung Music and local musician) is hosting a benefit for Big Brothers Big Sisters at The Front Porch (S. Street and McDaniel in Springfield, MO). He’s got a really good lineup and might be looking for some extra talent to bring some butts in the door for a good cause. Want to help? You should.


UPDATED: The “green” in “green room” is NOT for envy

December 14, 2008

***UPDATE: John Paul’s guitar was found at Gold Digger Pawn on West Kearney Street earlier today. For musicians reading this, take note: It is EXTREMELY important to report stolen equipment to the police immediately, as police reports are faxed to every pawn shop in the city.***

Add this to the list of stupid things that happen at shows and shouldn’t: John Paul Chapman’s Taylor guitar (the acoustic he played onstage during the show) was stolen from the green room at the Outland Ballroom Friday night following Greene Coast’s CD release party. If anyone has any leads as to the guitar’s whereabouts, please contact the band here or here with information.

We post this not so much as a service–we want to help, naturally, but posting every stolen-equipment event would get out of hand–but to point out the prevalence and absurdity of the problem.