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Get Your Vest On: Han Trio returns September 18

August 28, 2009
Wait a minute... I'm a TRIO now?! Have I been cloned or something? This had better not be another one of George's CGI "masterpieces." Chewie, quit humping my leg.

Wait a minute... I'm a TRIO now?! Have I been cloned or something? This had better not be another one of George's CGI "masterpieces." Chewie, quit humping my leg. You too, Skywalker.

Alright, all dorkdom aside, let’s be real for a minute: There are few characters in the history of motion pictures as badass as Han Solo from the Star Wars trilogy. No one combined John Wayne’s brash machismo, Errol Flynn’s swashbuckler grace and James T. Kirk’s ability to convincingly shoot toy pistols quite as effectively, and just about every guy has wished he could be at least one of those three at one time or another.

There was only one Han, but three men–Shawn Eckels and Reed Herron of Speakeasy, along with John Anderson of The Sociables and Super String Theory on drums–donned the black vest and way-underbottoned white shirt combo to pay tribute while covering songs from famous musical trios. The result was a High Life Live Martini Lounge in a tizzy and wanting more.

Now they’ll get it. The group, known as Han Trio, has agreed to return to The High Life for another show Friday, September 18, knocking out tune after tune from three-member groups (think Nirvana, The Police, Jimi Hendrix Experience, etc.) starting around 10 p.m. Five dollars gets you in the door for the badassness. Princess Laya impersonators are likely welcome, as well.

…And the local opening for Korn will be… [updated with final tally]

May 11, 2009

The Battle of the Bands on Saturday was a phenomenal success for the local rock and metal scene in the area. Around 600 people showed, paid and voted. The bands worked together and all put on great shows and even help each other out. For example when Brand of Freak’s drummer was injured in an accident at work, local drummer extraordinaire John Anderson stepped in (in addition to his gig earlier that night). Well, turns out he and his wife had a baby Saturday afternoon. He was going to cancel, but Six Shots Till Dawn offered to swap with them so B.O.F. could play last to allow John enough time to take care of biz with the fam before doing what he does best. Very cool stuff. Congrats on the baby boy Johnny!

Overall the turnout was great and the vibe was awesome. We don’t have the official tally numbers on hand but Troy was the winner and will be opening for Korn on May 29th at the Shrine Mosque. If you’re hitting up that show, get there early and support your local!

Click through for the final vote tally…


Bring on the subs!

May 7, 2009
We mean substitute musicians. But this IS making us hungry.

We mean substitute musicians, though bands may need these by the end of Saturday night, too.

The Battle for Korn show at Remmingtons Downtown, pitting seven local hard-rock acts against one another to open for the pseudo-metal icons, is two days away, and the anticipation ratchets up another notch with each passing day. Apparently, so does the intrigue. First comes word that All Kills Aside will bring back its original bassist, Clancy Leakey, who left the group for personal reasons in January. Next comes the news that Brand Of Freak‘s drummer was seriously injured in an accident (not life-threatening) and will be replaced for that band’s set by local drumming do-it-all John Anderson. These bands aren’t playing around, people. When the prize is raising the curtain on the biggest rock show Springfield has seen in years, we honestly wouldn’t expect anything less. Our only question is, what will the next 48 hours hold?

Shotgun Brothers Band to have a brief hiatus (we hope)

February 11, 2009

shotgunbrothersvalentinesWell, seems to be The Shotgun Brothers Band will be having a bit of a hiatus coming up, but they’re going to fit in one more show in before it all goes down. Find out what’s up…


John Anderson is a drummin’ foo. A DRUMMIN’ FOO I TELL YOU!

September 22, 2008

John Anderson is Springfield’s busiest drummer. He’s also one of the best. If you don’t believe me, you suck because you haven’t seen him live. If you did, you’d agree.

He’s toured and recorded for more bands than I can remember but here’s a try; Pillbox, Paper Sun, The Osmond Brothers, Dust For Life, Rags to Riches, the Sociables, the Platinum Social Club, The Collective and literally a crap ton more. He’s also toured the world having music take him to places all over the United States as well as to Canada, London, England, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and throughout the Caribbean. Not bad for a drummer out of Springfield, MO.

We recently noticed his rediculously packed schedule and asked him, “John, what the heck?! You’re the busiest mother f***er in Springfield. What is all this?” Read what he’s up to after the jump. It is tasty.